Theory of Us... Part 6... Carbon

666 they put a dare for us to look
"on your hands" so said the Book...

So, let's take that look... shall we?

Cupids came from the sky one day,
flying head down to the land in play,
arrows poised to find their Way.
To the Heart.

"On the One" so said the SOL.King...
"Two beats in a heart" make ready,
arrow poised. Find the Many.

666 = 18 you see, a laugh in a staff
wrote in a Gail.of.a.wind in deed!

~What Time is IT~ dear?

OneTwo square makes a count.
Add to the clock on the wall we mount.

12 square = 144 there. Are cubits too.
Inches in your feet do they call to you?

~What time is it dear~?

Add 6 on the clock and make it square.

666 and 6 = 24 golden hours right there.

Every sixth One.come a circle you see.
360 minutes on a quarter to be.unlock.ed
Only A quarter. from the Great Clock.

Afraid yet? Carbon? Two. ;)
PeAce.Made IT.

The rest isn't 'poetry'.... at least to most, but it is to me. :)

144 is 12 squared.

12 'inches' is also 1 'foot', but we have two feet normally... well, with slight
variations of human.oid, we're normally with two feet. ;)

Makes sense as 12 in hours would only be half a day too...


24 hours = 2 'feet' = two feet is normally attached to One, 'Human', lets say.
12 hours = 1 'foot'

So we need 'four limbs'...

12 hours x 60 minutes an hour = 720 minutes in half a day
12 hours x 60 more minutes = 720 minutes in the other half a day.


6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 minutes in 1 quarter day.
6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 in quarter 2
6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 in quarter 3
6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 in quarter 4

~ yet we are afraid of '666' and apparently a 6 we don't even think about. Yet those also
make up our clock, each quarter is on a 'six hours'...

Oh look! one more six....
Carbon Atomic Number 6 is what we call OurSelves. CAN.you see that?
Now what do we know? When someone says you 'cant'.... tell them you CAN SO!

And we have to count ourselves because otherwise, we wouldn't have time... or better said,
Time, wouldn't have us. <~ emit, it, you Love a good day! ;)

That would make four of them so 4 x 6 = 24 and if hours, One day and if Gold, then
'Solid'. at 99.0% and 24 Karats

There, now we see sixes and we know we see them all the Time.
Nuttin' to fear. Shall we move on then?

To Be, Continued... Again.

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