Like This...

A light and gentle breeze...
The best fragrance.
Something so delicous...
Everything becomes slow.

A lovers hand on your cheek.
Soft haze in your eyes.
A tingle that starts from deep inside.
Like anticipation...

Spontaneous grinning
A flirtatious blush....

A butterfly kiss.
A flutter in the stomach.
A quick inward breath...
Like a moment before a first touch.
Silent whispers...

Just your lovers lips against your ear
Words you don't hear
You only feel them in the breath.
Eyes closed and just....



You held the time, the Time thru Sand.
Now you're charged to release that hand.
Search your heart Ben find the truth.
Eyes inside of us... see right through.

You know it's you.

Time to play called the Diamond way.
I know you see the Time at bay.
Find your heart and honor the charge.
Spirit sees, a soul at large...

Tomorrow comes, the crescent bend
Time to hear, the Time called When.

Ben turn the Hand, to begin again...

and up she goes, uncaps the Pen.


Face Me

Crashing wave, the Darkness lies
A neon light burst though my eyes
My hands on your body...
Your body my ride.

Spiraling Dragon in the Midnight wind
Passion burns in your eyes again
A blinding light where the echo bends
Circling bodies in a liquid lens
Eternal is the dance that's now begun

Waves in motion between my thighs
A wet tone calls from promising eyes
Feel my body with your mind inside...
My hands your mirror
Your body my ride.

Midnight Wind in Draco Song
Hear it blow from tales long gone