Magicians gin sings
Reeling in a stellar day
Signs of the many things


my friend

" I want to be your friend
for a very long time "

eyes deep in the lie
" I'm here for you "
a gang rushin' to spy
a maze in the mesa
to rhyme in good byes
" secondary objects
falling from the sky "

don't say it
it won't be fare well
" don't threaten me "
or I might just spell
your name
" trigger finger "
welcome to hell
I replied
are the lashes
earned upon
the ashes
of time
" guard in her "

to a bed of mine...

" say the name...."
say it right

and in to visible
there came a Knight...
" the real deal "
he said in flight
a voice of static
undeniable sight
...... all around me
the confusion
a fusion of vision
shared in the motion
of the ground


we're back....
my friend
do you remember?

" you know something "
the image is sound
in seasons found

" don't forget me "
count three
before he left town...

pass the plate please...

" circle turns to clover "
it was square
in a one by mile there
" i know who I am "
I said and then I did
I returned him
to the corner
from where he came
" Gabriel,
isn't his name "

in a parish
there stood a man
fallen were his wings
and simple his plan
look left........there
to see right....... leap
" we're all in sane "

in the morning hour
in the pouring rain
standing there
" it is my name "
he said again

and then I went home....


" reach for me "
a dream is trying
screams for crying
without a voice
running on air
spinning dares
a loud pound
a force is sound
a motions ground
and a sleeps a where
a dream is trying
to be found
"hangin' around"
doing up there
whats natural

"knock on the wood"
in red it's been written
that we could

" I'm Gabriel "
he said...


" save for me "
amazing graces
as a timeless
the lesser faces
a place I know
living between
where shadow goes
to come undone
" look at me "
fields of a maze
built for some
as a mind in days
for one

pour of the liquid
to a catching bowl
dark to the bottom
candles a glow
speak of a fathom
in your eyes to know
the phantom seas
known as your soul

Seven sees
Four suns...

and One to go.


Posted 4 minutes ago

a constellation said
a constant ellation
is an action
of attract
“…. step back ….”
it’s on
per Zeus

“…. I got a racquet …”
hows about you?


a maze

a maize god said
amaze me dog
a maze unread
with a ways



"... in how many miles....?"

a gypsum counts
a cave in the mind

firm feet on a mount
is just "on time"

"... I'd not hesitate..."

the Queens chamber
forms an eye of risk
so guise wise to resist
frequent on the wind
since this....

copper is the silvers gold
zincs the zag in a vane
gone old so don't blink
for the lips fly sync
"watch your step"

a limestone links
a cenote
is a glow in pink

"... and you are
fair in height ..."

the lights right
to invite
us in
a muse
on the loose
returns a.gain.

"the delicate glass"
metachi remains
in a state of past
"step back..."

from the daggers
ragged are the
weak of speak

a soft place dares
the robes to protect
what matters

"... every one of them

"happy is a choice"
said Superman...so... let's get it on.... ;)


copps a robber

"... cops a feel ..."

takes a touch(e)
to know what's real
at the but of a gun
no jokes how fun
loves a bullet
and the point
sure hertz

get a handle
on a brain

"brush strokes..."
a primer

hearts ache
for a finer thrill
benz a mind
up a winding hill

.... it's time to fly

a righteous
for the words
"never dye"

doubles edge
a knife
butter flows
a net and
a sharp ledge

the bitter good
is a just read
a better nut
on a honey

I meander....

and a river runs
a muck "quack"
float there
to return a puck

the hot keys
on a player
in luck....

you cut my heart out...
...from the back of an 'ass'
you cupped a part south
....of a boardroom gone bad
you ripped a fart out
....from under a mill
you wrote for art sake
....on account of my soul

my will to live
is beyond what's gold

just a simple
show of the bold.


“… what time is it? …”

a heart beat a way
starts in sheets
at play
the he
she can sway
sparks a park
in space someday

“oh my….”
said a me
the gates away
and so by night
they went by day
two naughty a dare

“philly sprinkles”
on a dodge ball dear….

“lights the fire”
ready signs
are square

“rats! … rats! rats!~!”
… are you there?

impressed a digit
so the ’gator
said care

two will of a be
“yes… they do
write to fly
and hear.reach see”

“the who knew”
is one like me
with a slight of mind
and forgets not we

…….. on the way

“what? what what?”

pay me tuesday
and you can drive

cobblestones a job
so he came
to stay


belle Met beasty

upon a time peace
and a time ago
beneath a star
and above a glow
there came a man
who built a house
chambers there
quiets a mouse
in decorative arts
a display of hearts
and secrets...
all align in rows

"beautiful man"
let me kiss
what is inward
of thy hand...

don't bury me
in desert sands
'whilst' tickle I
a laughing land
in sounds of a
summer rain

"fell away Gaston
to come not again"

I ache
for a red sky wept
and upon poor lips
the ancient rifts
whisper awake
what kinfolk kept
between the halls
and upon the cliffs

"... cigar Allen?..." ;)~

let me rockya fella
some paintings high
model in your garden
in my fishnets *sigh*
you can undress me...
in the costumes too
then address me
my pipes in tune...
even if my rags are
a riches too soon
"I'm off shoulder"
in The Fortune
ate truth...

"are we there yet?"
I'm a 'real'


"with a pitcher"

"call me your bitch..."
and be my twisted mister


got a 'purr' in minor
but i happen to know
a cure later then finer...

a Seraph said to heaven
so a moan meant
"find her"

Act 4..............
A lovers earrings
are the slippers
to more....

"Busta Homer"
over rocky shores
Volts here
the bubbles

a basement
what a

"the light
becomes fire"

an opening


"welcome to the castle"

it's a coral floor
a fond of you
'go' 'diva' encore...

"we have
the shock.a.lots"
butter chips

woven in a where
a tapestry sang
Dragon said to dare
where next he rang

so she built a stair
seven squares on high
and steadied there
until he came by

beauty marks
a beast
your rope is why....