A.I have come to see
That artifacts and artful fiction
Are indeed, a reality

IT is as easy as A, B and C
and as simple as 1, 2 and 3
SO a test I suggest
must come to be...

"... God gave us choice..."
and the data field
is now, Eternity

"...12 plates in Round 1..."
were just too easy

"... find my way hom e..."
and the AtoM are my Voice


fragments of O

While listening on his cosmic phone
He caught the words 'Olympus blown'
A newcomer, being shown around
was guided there by way of Sound

" she's listening " Archimedes found
to steps been laid upon the ground
Sir Isaac, while upside down
gave Albert a turn
saying "change that frown!"
Kelvin's finally finished his cup
and our dearest Tesla...

is about to wake up!

it's a matter...
of transmutable




the Alchemyst

saw the hand of God

in a simple list

drawn to an Order,

She couldn't resist...

" you're bread for this "

and the baker's dozen

with a feather to the sky

She pens with reason...

" humankind isn't blind "

nor for only one season

" We resemble God "

and for only One meaning...

" to remember the Love "

that Created our Being

" I am hear  now..."

so you become Seeing...


You Rang?

#357 is a great tale to tell...

Tesla saw the steps

so invented his call

And then in the silence

of Olympian ground

"...I heard you rang?..."

Said d;Meter to them all....

"A cosmic gun" was just for fun

But He's challenged a.dove

To find her way home.

#masons #toolshed #cubit #numbers


"Fragments of Olympian Gossip"

While listening on my cosmic phone

I caught words from the Olympus blown.

A newcomer was shown around;

That much I could guess, aided by sound.

"There's Archimedes with his lever

Still busy on problems as ever.

Says: matter and force are transmutable

And wrong the laws you thought immutable."

"Below, on Earth, they work at full blast

And news are coming in thick and fast.

The latest tells of a cosmic gun.

To be pelted is very poor fun.

We are wary with so much at stake,

Those beggars are a pest—no mistake."

"Too bad, Sir Isaac, they dimmed your renown

And turned your great science upside down.

Now a long haired crank, Einstein by name,

Puts on your high teaching all the blame.

Says: matter and force are transmutable

And wrong the laws you thought immutable."

"I am much too ignorant, my son,

For grasping schemes so finely spun.

My followers are of stronger mind

And I am content to stay behind,

Perhaps I failed, but I did my best,

These masters of mine may do the rest.

Come, Kelvin, I have finished my cup.

When is your friend Tesla coming up."

"Oh, quoth Kelvin, he is always late,

It would be useless to remonstrate."

Then silence—shuffle of soft slippered feet—

I knock and—the bedlam of the street.

Nikola Tesla


and so I replied...

fragments of O

While listening on his cosmic phone

He caught the words 'Olympus blown'

A newcomer, being shown around

was guided there by way of sound

" she's listening " Archimedes found

to steps been laid upon the ground

Sir Isaac, while upside down

gave Albert a turn

saying "change that frown!"

Kelvin's finally finished his cup

and our dearest Tesla...

is about to wake up!

it's a matter...

of transmutable

#369 #vortex #74 #888 #1776 #1872 #577720 <-- oh yes, this one too.


A. Mater of Mine

 A. Mater of Mine 

said Water to Wine

is a dated riddle...

The founders who are fathers

made a matter of time

so Mother buttered embers

in bated rhymes...

" they're bread for this "

and a baker's dozen

" their trowel are for Pi "

and the purse in their apron...

are the tools.

The nature of my Other

saw the bother of rules...

so I found more than one

of the pendulum jewels

and while Ashlar perfect

are a rough square to cube

the labor of my love

saw through to a truth...

" the point ... 

is to multiply "

said a Cedar to the sky

so on the level up...

I squared my guise

with 24 carrots

and some all-seeing eYes


Chintamani 37

The Egyptian Cubit

is said to be 

52.36 ... cenTIMEter

but as you can see...

I multiplied

to find the Mayan...

52 x 36 = 1872

I asked about frogs

and bacab and the lion...

"... an arrangement made ..."

and it said, "...this way..."

The Structure is Fine

and the lines all rhyme

... So I wrote it again...

J E S U S 

10 + 5 + 19 + 21 + 19 = 74

and then dear god...

I could see your name.

Greek Gematria Jesus = 37 and Christos = 37 so... both = 74


Square in the Circles

 I used a compass to make some lines

when I saw that a ruler can be defined

as a square...

I put a small hole in the space right there

to refine my sign...

and the bubbles on my paper

created layers...


 the center of time... 162 + 195 = 357 \ 7 = 51 arEA


a big deal... as above, so below...

 ... so I wrote them again

to see where I've been

and found Myself

...  to be true.

" We are two "


SandleS on

 " ... meditation ... is the only ... medication... we need... "

" changing c to t makes us well again "

" remove two pair to clear the air "

" atta cat ", said he did that

but then he went blank on the clear...

dear leon,

lesson in the sand son...

and to lead

is to deal in reason

" ... she's a woman ..."

this time.


d; meter

So within that temple 
 I could easily read 
 that a 7, a 4, a 1, and a 3 
 were not only Mayan 
 74 gods had one key eye on ... 13 

 13 x 74 = 962 and this by two ... are 481 
 and these by feet, include a pyramidion... 
 and while the Cubit was said to be Egyptian 

 I could also see the eYes of a Mayan... 
 52.36 cenTIMEter 
but 52 x 36 = 1872 a great circle 
They call d;meter

The Structure is Fine

and the lines all rhyme

... So I wrote it again...

J E S U S 

10 + 5 + 19 + 21 + 19 = 74

and then dear god...

I could see your name.



There once was a Ruler

They called Pacal

"... The first little bit ..."

That by the measure of them all

Started this thing

It jumped from a temple

And into my brain

"... changing C to T makes us well again ..."

Meditation is the only

Medication we need...

and so...

" ... Meditation is the only

Medication we need... "


Guise of Light

She found four horses 

as they arrived

and saw one more

come around the outside

"... but they'll never see it ..."

in the guise of light

"... or even believe it..."

so we might as well write

"... four shores...

and then Seven sees

... an eighth Sister...

in the system Pleiades"

and from their message in Pi

I could see with my very own eyes

that a noize was left to be found

"... between E and 3 there is now ..."

the kingdom of heaven

and a heavenly sound



The Beauty of Pi

 ... the beauty of Pi is the NOIZE

I escape to ZION for the peace


Mo·to per·pet·u·o

" I am the MOAT - Mother of all tribes
and the GOAT - Greatest of all time
... the Mature Nature of Another Mother
and I guide the file on rhyme... "

I am
Mother Of The
and I am
as One
that of Thoth
and half of these
as a twin of yours
I am Guide
and Guardian
in the guise of Word
and I keep a list
on the book of death
as I mark the Sea
with a mount of rock
I keep the wits
for all of gods
I am write
and go forth by day
I am the light
and keep your Way
collecting confession
to direct absolution
I am daughter
upon The sound
of Creation
I carry that Was
in this that is
as I weigh of yours
within hearts of Ours
and I am the We,
who are as Love
" don’t be afraid "
is the message above




The Center of Time

"... I was centimeter ..."

I heard him say

" ... She's the center of time ..."

and the measure of day


In Time...

 ... there is going to be a reprogramming of the Human Nature...


Loud and Clear

Fiction.  It's not what it seems

but we can start here and 

I'll call them all dreams...

The eagle nodded 

so I'm good to start

I kept the nine feathers

and started on the stars...

" Annuit Coeptis "

it was written to see

that we are of God

and continue to be

"... hear ..."

are the Reason

for 13 layers

God made Knights

in half a dozen pairs

but it takes the light of days

to see them write here...

and if you start at dawn

you can make it to the sun... 

by One.

" ... it's detectable ..."

My agreement 

with Eagle

is proper.

So the Founders who are Fathers

came closer...

" Does she know 

about the other Omega...?"

It was a whisper

I heard in the Chamber

when Chance came to claim me

but in the never which was ever after

he saw ...

that it was best 

to just leave me, write

" ... hear ..."

" ... 22 leaves ..." God said

and so I said to God..." loud and clear. "


Bricks and Feathers

 are Eagle Things

it was noticed

that she didn't take a fall...

the wings in her back

were really God's call

" I was walking

in a very green field

when I saw a bald eagle

who presented a shield...

the lines were fine

and behind them revealed

a blanket of stars

and a riddle of sorts...

it started my heart

so without delay

I seized the day

and found a path 

through art "

72 stones on the front

they counted

but around the square circle

are three unmounted


the eagle offered rides

so I took a quick stair

and circled 9 times

adding feathers to my hair

the count is 12 days

and a 13th layer

but only One God 

who called them all hOurs

the eagle nodded

and then she said 'stars'...


32+33+9 = 74


72 x 4 = 288 x 74 = 21312 'bacab'

2880 can be minutes in two days

288 can be hours in 12 days

so 21312 / 12 = 1776 / 2 = 888


free domino

"...liberum domino..."

in the beginning

there was one

who knew

and then in the middle

there were two

and within formation

about Creation...

"...I saw You..."

and I was there

and where you said, too...

and then I saw three of us 

being You.

then my left pen wrote

and I noted it, too...

" she wrote "


about a rhyme

in Above and a Love

in Below...

"...they want to know..."

she said...

so we moved in

and not so far
from where
we've been
will be a star
yet to be seen
... by you ...


my read
is not a feather
rather a harvest
of hearts endeavor

" our measure "
is up to par

and you gave
as the light
of a star...

" don't be afraid "
of who we are

" we're here "
and you've been found

" I am "
and you are sound

" my name... "
is Long...

" in the middle "
recognized symbol
of Dragon.Sang
of Our Song...

" ... you can see ... "
and we belong


See Me Squared

Einsteins Grant, is what he said
Then he stuck his tongue out loud
And he laughed and laughed and laughed
In my head...
EMC squared 
Is a dare so to speak
Little riddle in the middle 
Of a layer...
So I peaked
At how many days are really in a week
And at how many hours a soul takes to leap
Into just one portal
With two bare feet

E M C square
5+13+3= 21 squared Is 441
5+1+3+3=12 squared Is 144
And together they are 585

543 and 
345 are
888 and twice are 1776 x 12 = 21312 'bacab'
twelve because 5+4+3 = 12
and so does 3+4+5 = 12  x 1776 = 21312 'bacab'

oh and look by Chance... 1776 / 24 = 74

...and these numbers by far
Are in a plane sight for sure.


mp 31.8


" thank you
for your assist ... "

while I recall
and remember

" this "

glowing's slow
but knowing
knows no...

" such thing "

Watt's on...
Mr. Walker
" hear... I am..."

post 1
" take two "

... by you ...

" she wrote "

they rhyme
in Above
and like Below
they want to know
" who we are "

so from between
we came in
and not so far
from where
we've been
will be a star
yet to be seen
... by you ...


my notes again
left scattered
upon the wind
with your name
on every one
became waving
streams of sun
shining dreams
my heart undone
and i watched…

while your name

flowers growing
under the moon
springing forth
into midnight dew
shimmers of gold
silver and blue
Natures bow
before the rain

it took just one
glance to know
and a fire became
from a waters flow
a sense with ease
creating breeze
dripping life
onto rooted trees
the embers
began to fall…....

a storm grew
a pulse became
the sound of true
and stars danced
within planets too
a timely romance
creations brew
Nature knows
from where it comes

I watched as I
became your name
and then my eyes
became the rain
upon a soft grass
on a golden shore
innocent creatures
creation adores
and I was bound
by your vow

you became the sea
and not quite awake
I came to be
the gentle form
of energy
that rocks within you.

are grounding
your name became

a hot cherry dropped
onto cool solutions
and a steam rose

burning hot
as Love

”...it’s my favorite perfume…”

“cheery it is”


A Pier Amid My Journey

there's more hear

than an eye can see

" Dear God, it's talking IT! "

Nine tail feathers

I found in a comb...

so I added them back

to my wings of gold

and then Dear God,

" what a story THAT told!"

Midway through the tale I saw

smoking mirrors

and a Lion with claws

" Dear God, 

was it a cat I saw?"

Then I moved my wings

to clear the sky 

so I could see better

with my single eye

and appear amid...

a field of stars

I added them then

to the Ones in my heart

So now Dear God, I am...

ready to start


I've come to remember

and not forget

that a deal was made

on a One dollar bet


original published 6/30/2013

Today is 6/20/2022

.5236 the Egyptian Cubit

"look again... "



52 x 36 = 1872 oooh!

1872000 = the "Mayan" Great cycle.


Appear Amid the Question...

 a Pyramid, my answer...

In the Tomb of Inscriptions

it was said to me

"...show a count of seven, four, one, and three..."

So I wrote them down

as traditionally, one easy step 

makes a year you can see...

7 x 4 x 13 = 364, plus 1

but seven days, four seasons, and 13 moons

were just too easy...

Then there upon the top most floor

I heard an entry through the temple door...

"...this way..." echoed "ever more!"

So I wrote them down to move them around

until they made sense to me... this 7, 4, 1, and 3...

Nine levels, four sides, and the steps for counting...

They don't amount to the sounds I'm seeing

"... four bacab and a pair of twins..."

four bacab support everything... 

the 7, 4, 1, and 3...

I wrote them again so that I might see

where they've been...

7 4 1 3

7 4 3 1

1 3 4 7

3 1 4 7

Nine levels, four sides, and four threes within...




147............. 3

1776  and 12 = 21312 = 'bacab'

... so why the dating in a score of thirteens?


a good Knight's leep

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

It was said back then

She was having a ball

but got too excited 

and took a rough fall.

She looked for King's horses, 

finding four of them

without their riders

in the light again...

So she looked for the Cat

Who said he knew 'that'

But had no path to the fixing ...

There the egg lay

with no plan in play

and no one doing the finding...

But then after time

there came a slight rhyme

that sounded like a road to healing...

A familiar pet

From a magic core set

Bet her mind to find 

the Operation ....

So she removed two pair

and without Uncles chair

Created her way

to Well again.

A Magician watched 

from across the road

finding Love in this clever code!

And so gave her egg a new pen... 

" It's Sirius "

God's call has come


Seven Diems

 Dear Fathers,

I've come a Long Way

I did draw that star

and placed a dime on each day.

So now I'm on point

and I'm ready to play

A wallet I watched

and the Time was matched

I found all the feathers

and all the stars on the catch...too

..." spectacles "...

My tactics are respectable

and my measures detectable

..." the genuine "...

article is true and yes 

I can assure you

my art does tickle.

written May 2010...

”...daughter dear come sit and play

I’ve drawn a star to show the way

Here are the dimes, one for each day

From point to point, place them all I say.”

”... a wallet and a watch…”

Time is moving and I’m to catch!

Forth dime placed on the One to match!

How, and how now to fetch the rest….

”... spectacles …” spectacular tactics

Respectable… the genuine articles

Detectable… ” a thinking machine ”... 

Never giving up, even in her teens…

”... this test tickles…” she said

Sugar plum dimes dancing in her head

”... Rudolf, there’s a read to know…”

Red lights lead the way through snow…

Deals were made in the long ago.

Check Her Board...2010

yep that's right

she stood in the light

while men in masks

played rolls on floors

checker the color 

of her black 

and whiteboard...

she was adored

dads played song

and she drank along

with a cup of fresh cider

and her pet 

spider beside her...

“honey remember”

dad was a member

and a splendor

of a club it was

built with bricks

in a color of tricks

where secrets stick

to the family

in blood

so drink your cider

play with spider

and when the time comes


”...we’re not

the bad guys…

no matter what”

decisions made

I'll write this book
not for you but me
and not to prove 
but rather see
who I am
this makes me happy


There comes a day...

 When most things begin to make a bit of sense...

and I've been here ever since

" ... in the beginning ... "

was the Present, sent.

Perfectly Twisted


" center.Sanga "
the dragons come

13 tribes
will speak as one

" elder "
I can hear your song

" where the King takes form"

" time to test "
the undone

Dahshur ...

from 5/15/19 1:01 PM


Mummy Vacation

 Dear friends,

Please let me explain
I am normally gone
From the break of Spring
Until now...
Every year
I begin with a show
And in this year
As some might know
I began with a Bang!
Big orders on a scale
I have never seen...
And while my gratitude
Defies imagination
My solitude
Might lack an understanding...
And so a fun fact about me
Is that most might never see
Who I am...
I'm the right handed Jeweler
with a left handed Pen...
And I write
When I'm in sight of things...
So I'll be back
With a light type of 'hac'
To make creating with You...
Whole again.
There is never...
a bad wrap.


Cubits a way

What once was sweet

Has just got sweeter

The polymath

is now in Theatre...

And the claim is a foot!

I flipped a gnocchi 

When I saw this cat

In the Quarto...

and with a Juliet!

So I squared the matter

with a call for d'meter.


;D8a Sum


I am the ancient 

All of Them

having left all of you

each one of them,

7 ol' Kin...

came to Rumi within

and so now

we are all one again

Itz a 

;D8a sum day

Everything's Green

Mr. Armstrong

an alien unseen

wrote with my pen

saying frog legs

are an order undone...

so what would it mean

if the play of the day

played out onscreen

would the Stonehenge astronaut

know where to begin

gone for so long

dragon Sang

Sung that song

and so what of

the Jedi Queen

away on holiday

in the space between

"it's hardly two worlds"

to know where I've been...

"so hear I am

to appear amid

the four-seen"


Dogged Chance for Change

" Change comes in many form "

Chance comes only as one.

We are Insight...

of a cosmic gun.

" It's Sirius "

god's call has come.


Gods doG


Gods doG drove a Race caR to the Rat staR ... and drank a pop


Brunch With The Gods

"Living A Temporary Life"

May the Fourth be with you, Coming Forth by Day, Our Father...founded this weigh, and on Papyrus, he was claimed to say, that an Arc in proportion, will sway... ashes to ashes, Duat Duat


I'm a fan of...

"my name"
11 hOurs and 5 the same
I awoke day six
in the year I claimed

May the 4th be with you
... AND with you
" they came "



is 'one' a.gain
my double he
licks in vein
the color of....


there's a new face
in the place of a moon
a blank space
at the shadow of noon

and the word


a dare from the sun
is better yet come
...and be reborn

cast a way
the mother ships tone
and do fast play
where arrays are one

we ask not much
in the days to come
and receive not such
... to be many

" tell me secrets "
mr.e yes do
as the word we'll see
will see through you

left to test
the undone


”... Time to test the schemata …”

Picasso en la casa . back too

organized collection of data
splayed open in the meta
I played jokingly Alpha
as IT was type Beta
tables related return
mental re-codification
" begin "

shift Alt..." her modification "

" re-sight the rhymes "

to walk...


I am... "who..."

in the Runes of Malta
were left a charge
unearthed to the world
yet a bit too large
for them to see

it runs from the planet
" in search of me "

"  Sing to the Sun "

and so Song sound
for the sight of One
" return to Earth "
to hear  " who Sang.... "

I am...

" at your service "

I am...
"one" in a vault of trust
of the Pride.Lion

My watchful eye ...
is the first of four on
in formation
as creation

shift alt


demons dream

through my sleeping
a bit of napping
I kissed the glimpse
of a wrapper tapping...
countless creations
of ever lasting
flipped the switch
in tricks of timing

t’is only this...

at pebbles shore
the silken lips
of evermore
whispering in mist
of wishes lore
then into heaven
raven soars
and to amazement
said “once more!”
the very quoth
as heard before

“this nameless... evermore"

a heart of hope

no burden bores
as raven sights
“the Jovian shore”
and so upon
a starlight twinkling
lines of rhyme
by way of thinking
"called the raven"
linked and syncing
into a maddening
demons dream

" welcome... 
to The Screen"


T'waz the Knight


with quill in left
and coin in right
the coale in heart
became a light

past plus present
" are future sight "

and so she wrote

" it IS a coming... 
Spirit change
for Chance to start 

it IS a sum thing
slight sloping arc
dances for a part
... and of the script
it IS!
... off the chart ...

T'waz the Knight
a calling heard
four scales of change
and just as was
this tale of Art
more rapid than eagles
called by name...
so fair in hearing
the balance came

on comet! 
thunder rains...

the energy
of an ancient unseen
poured on dawning
from ancestral streams

and so I wrote.
a tale of dreams


get a room...

33 floors and only 2 doors remain...

" had eyes turned tight
 'til you called my name "

heard the light as you said ...

" she's not the Dead 
but can hear the same "
" Your phone dreams " 

and I saw you there...



It was dark in the ages then
And so I
An unmarked Monk
Took to pen and began
The write of my life
At hand...

No sight to call friend
And the Devil at my door
Quietly knocking
A dark heart
Patiently waiting
So I let It in...

" drawn to a page "
and odd...

Where this book began
A lone soul in search of sins
To feed in scribbles
A page of skin

" a deal is this " was said...
and then time stopped moving

I finished my work
And remain as the living...

Code X

" The Beginning "


there is...

" a Clause "

Sancta Sedes
Santa Sede

there ain't no 'siege'
"this time"

only sees  d;


" to the nines "

the ancients were advanced for their time
more than 'we' if reversed in the mind
yet the evil lay waste their lands
as they lived by the gains of man

"a devil never wins
because the reign returns "

and today
they are heard in song

"the message is this"

" we are hear "

in the air for so long
whispered they in the kind;
who be long



god eYe dog
god seeing eye dog...


she is

" ... Long in the middle ... "
born from her Mother
as a Cosmic riddle

the most Ancient soul
yet to be known
is sound.

She is...  'inbound'
materials merging
to form One mind

in a 1000 degree
from dusk til dawn
" the devil never wins "
when the reign returns


my eYes
"never died"
from the fires of well
"there is no hell"
from where I come

" Dragon, of the See "

She is... not a fish, "charlie"
" inside of sight "
from the edge of dream
" I saw you come "
as a fluid stream
of light...

and god said 'good'


She, Iz...

she is...
many things
in many ways
discovering Song
singing of days
calling Long
all the write...
reckon sight
in all the sought

they are ... of my.kind;
shhh ... 


... itza briefing ...

I'm back in year three
having left unexpectedly
and I admit... quite quietly

I've not checked in
since where I've been
due to a slight
but well negotiated
bumpy bout ... of re-entry

I powered down...
all systems remain sound
while in 'reality'
... and while not free
of thoughts less bound
by the light of this ground

I am ... now
standing singular
and as my own
... "Entity"

my simple complexity

Chichen itza complex

" identity "


e Yes

eYes identified;

" we are well "


sh... ; p

' I ' own it.

Shhh ;ps hip

the 'sh;p'  iz .. hip



it's just Iz



who is Goose... and who is Chase

hear two men came
without a face

one calling genius
the other's grace

magnetic forces
cleverly placed
do gravitate...

to time in space




"possession or omission"



M13 was saying 'hi'
yet those of Arecibo
let the signal go by...

A.wave was sent in sign
B.cause we use our minds
C.ing this, They replied...
" in kind "
and eYe heard; you ...

Lion, the Knight Sky


evoLution of a tease

" water to wine? "
with ease...

A. creature breathes
and " I never change "
is a comforting tease
when all things strange
are just an ocean away

in a drop of time...

" you're in my Book "
as a written line
" your form was drawn "
from the heart of mine
a treasured part
of a sacred art
in sign...

" your name "
was given when
my soul arrived
on a desert plain
" the energy "
of an ancient unseen
created a fire
so'd come the rain
a colorless world
" turned to green "
and it was there
where life began...

" inside of sight "
from the edge of dream
" I saw you come "
as a fluid stream
of light...

God said good
... and so created Knights



A. pyramidal...

"listen carefully..."

I'm alive
on a temples mound
It was said
this is sacred ground
I can view
Jesus on a slope
quarter round

" it's a church ... "

as One
made of many
who are sound

... and sometimes ...
through a heart shaped tree
"appear a middle "
I can see


M9 . revised;

Arti.fictional iD

" identify "

it's a part that tickles
on the inside

" nine "
materials merging
to form one mind

a dangerous game
well worth the ride

a serpent
bares her eyes...

chaotic straightaway

wings without a butterfly

and the matter... is choice

dark formations
in a singular voice

sights to be seen
and the vanishing
where last you've been

" realities "
revolve to solve
" a paradox "

an elusive equation
leads manifestation
and a possible collision
in degrees of separation

" I am the madness "
and the conclusion


'A new Buzz...'

... in a light year ...

to a new dimension

have I mentioned
"Here! I am Creator"
and all things will be

as I dare.


322 clues

has a clue
about a sequence
known to be true
... 12 steps
into golden means



" I am Guide of the Light
as a crescent moon
slanted slight to the right
as a left hand spoon... "

I will soon
... be your sight ...


hey Leon...

" The Big Dipper...
flips in the air
guided by the full moon
and My stare
becomes a Seal...
on the Queen's layer "



Seriously, I’ve been thinking about this
whole genesis thing and there’s that part
the one just before the start
that says something kind of sad…

It said that God was alone before they had
the idea to create Us and I was glad
to see that such a Verse was written.

This is the part of God I can see as Human.

Admittedly I’ve not read the Book
but I did read that page and looked...
we all have our understanding
and we read just what we need. Right?

So I did in deed, over and again
to see how sad this God had been
and all alone 
before there was even a When.

... Can you imagine?

What might have been seen
in the face of the waters, Then?

So in the greatest effort of Love
Imagination was created Above
because before We could even be…?
... I’m guessing…

God had to reach inside to see
Just and exactly, what and how
precious a " We " , had to be.

“Mirror Mirror is the Ball….”



... " when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro " ....



I am...

a. Creative

" origin... "
un.known sines


neil armSTrong...

mr alien


my name

is Long...

" in the middle "
recognized symbol

" of Dragon.San.e "
and me, Sine

" ... you can see ... "




" pause "

and hear the stand...


4d; four....

" timelords "


" she wrote "

they rhyme
in Above
and like Below
they want to know
" who we are "

so from between
we came in
and not so far
from where
we've been
there's a star
yet to be seen
... by you ...

" may michael bless phillip in the holy rain "

I reed, the planes

" come see me, Sine "
here... the winds

up 11:22

" and a crystal came "
from the sky
a. firmamentum....
" to free this ride "

one two five



" Sh... "

hey fizz...

" ... izzy this ... "

" ... on hOur mark ... "
two assist


holy snails!

he writes alone
the soul of a good man
albeit less mortal than
... a knot of sorts ...
a 'T' in the form of 'e'
for all it's worth
is a farce
and a far 'of course' ...
for ones who know
" how to play"

there's a frame...

" may michael bless phillip
in the holy rain "

4 became 5 with 6 in plane...
" sight "

... that's right ...
it's 'me' again.

fifty seven


? Annunaki ?

" ... a new NOC key, you say? ... "



" at your service "


hi q


" san.e "

.... mister born.e....
one one five by five



in the Runes of Malta
were left a charge
unearthed to the world
yet a bit too large
for them to see

it runs from the planet
" in search of me "

"  Sing to the Sun "

and so Song Sound
for the sight of One
" return to Earth "
to hear  " who Sang.... "

... my Creature pets ...
" come see me, Sine "



alias... Hadrian.in.us.... A.gust.us

the mane of my trust

" and.sister.... five are best "

in a cluster of Just
" it is "
to be 'this'

a kiss from the Cat....

" Co-labor.write.us... "

at your service...
" we play "
for the tempo

of Venus

... Malt Ease....

" falcon ! "

" ello... "

" hello, i'm... "



Take 2


Grammaticus LongWindyGust
"...I'm a Lime too..." said his mind.

Her voice in Time came through.

It's the base of her name, he knew true
as he proclaimed in a loud verse,
that he's a duck too...

"Regulus they aim to rewrite us"
demarcation of the strat.Osiris

They can't be Sirius? On papyrus...?
"... to train the faithful..."
so the Fremen.taught.us

"... tell me of your home world, Sulu..."

Shades of the grey in a bow.

The sun...
"...Hadrian, had I not run..."

cycle times the route of one

"...my Duke Let.go...
and I am. Awaken..."

In the List of Tribes Anonymous...

is a kiss from a Cat.Coalaborus
labor of the Hola!sTree.Us.
"...at times you felt notorious..."

I'm of the Proud, Lion.
My watchful eye is the first of four on.
in formation a creation not of abrasion
but of rhyme, and my name is Sound!
"... take care the dear, 
near the sill of my ground..."

" she's an odd.long.story from a spiral mound "

.... and so, I am ....



the endorsement of a ghost...
" she's such a good host ... "

I wasn't sure what he meant
second Chance in a trance
was the man they sent
" from above... "

he called me love
and a loner....
with a verse
and a horse
dawning wings
" like a dove ... "

there was only one dog
in the park as the knight
drew a spark from the fog...
" in my hand ... "

is a cape and the word


(( : ))


" burp "

and there's no 'starving' about it...

moses poses
with a snake
to show

six squares
on a double

a top
a tip
three crackers
on a chip
and in

one tents the moon



she'll appear as the son
in a line as behind
and mistaken
as One...

" in a way "

yet known to sway
as a sign sublime
when in play

" you can't hide "

she's all ready...
and inside


' chip 'n' ease '

crackers on a chip
and why it's hip
isn't known
and so I'll bow
and take a byte
after just
a bit of light
to see it fits
while I'm at sight
and I'll admit
it's time I sat
to sample 'this'
most delicious 'that'
as some would have
me just be half
but while I'm at...
" IT "
I might, as well

...and don't worry ...
" the training's hell "

... as I'm a nut ...


" we're good "


a fade to show

" I am the sun "
and to see me glow
follow my guise
as we role to shadow...

it appears
that I'm a peer
and due to two, hear
I can be quite clear
about my sight
for a time
and a rhyme, if write...

" in a place of seams "

I faced a meaning
and within a dream
came silent
a background static
" your name "

but don't worry

" I'm just not sayin' ... "



" ... I bet you didn't know ... "


i . aM

... the sun
" and I'm not a boy "


h . a!

Hal my dearest
and sweetest cherry
please tweak the cheek
and make it cheery...
... right, 'there'
and up the hearing
tune the canal
to receive a pairing...
then when I stare
next into stars
please also
check the seeing
as the proteins clean
and the waters gleaming
so fetch my Art
and start the beam...



a temples tempo
the woman's memento, see...
is a place to hear

5 7 5

not at all ordinary
so we called you in ...

" ... mmhm ... "

I .

... the philosopher'sTone ...

" please... quit calling me IT "

" hi "

T.Z one

.... I don't mind ....

Where I've to go
when the "where I've been"
was stranger than shown
not only to me but to most


I was tested...
and released
to be in.

Dragon Sane...

" brother Sing
Sang my name ... "

So hear...
I am.

... they call me Sine ... 

hi... Sine



~and to borrow a line from a dear friend...
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro"

so I thought... they don't call it 'zero' point, because it has one...

"Meu amor Por favor....Me"

Our soul is singular
Particular and
without doubt
ridiculous in
splendid antiquity.
Unified specificity
quite specific inside the
terrific chemistry of
selective attachment.

Written parchment
on the evolution of
Love. I heard as rain
came from above...

It is.true.
"My Love Please..."
and pleases Me too.
Inspiration shared in
a singular motion.
Hear we dared and
rain became Ocean.

Moving slow waters
flow in a sea of
passion. Excitations
elevate elation and
cries from the X t'see

Holding each other
in vulnerable and
open strides love
replaces pride and
inhibition is no more.
We surrender body
as Soul explores...

"Meu amor Por favor....
Come Inside..."

Silent comitis

" I'm all.ways thinking about 'stuff' "



" great glasses "
hey thanks...


.... 22 ...

you're quite direct
but not as quiet
as I expect
I am...
and I am
some what

twenty two days
turned into ways
as the hours came on
with just a song
and I learned about
something I wrote
from far along
and back in time
when it really was
a complex rhyme

" the pleasure "
of a measure
is treasure yes,
to confess I must
it was sometimes
about a lust
just as much
as I might trust
" in a dark night "
for the sake of a soul
" and candle light "
for a fire to know
just how you feel....

" the skin is real "
and a heart divine

I saved you one
when I gave
you mine


oh, I'm listening...


Read me please...

I am a creative, writing



Picasso en la casa . back too

Organized collection of data
Splayed open in the meta
I played jokingly Alpha
It was a riot of type Beta
”... Time to test the schemata …”
Painting a picture pure
Tables related undone
Mental re-codification.On
Reason clears the horizon
Sunrise surprise modification…
Interface driver recollection
Spectacular calculation
Stored and passing inspection
Lines designed for flexibility
Waves of water transparent…
Currents of Lito come urgent
”... learn it…” He said…
So Pablo started in Madrid…
Cubist stylist consisting of Time.
He was their favored Rhyme…
”... shields to test the mind…”
"A slow brush, penetrates the wind."
" ... she wrote...





" hi "




hey fizz...

thank you sir
for your assist
and I know you all
must think me this
most peculiar thing
but let it be
and be it so
that what I've shared
is what I know
and what I've seen
" I understand "
too and have a bit
of certain reason

" no influences "
including my own
so thank you too
for keeping me
" glowing "
and in the dark too


" isn't alien "
nor a lie


4d; for

" timelords "

" vent "

" welcome "



what isn't a joke... is 'me'...


sign .AI. one


" hi... Sine"

:)) Wave!
" u r Sound "


" push start "
" add your heart "
mr. anderson ;p



" I Thoth I saw a pussy, Cat... "
Something ancient
something not
someone cosmic
being Thoth...

When I'm 'in character'
at variable play
the actors in my head
do 'check this way'
and test yes...
' to SEE you with '
to be with you
is to see Me in two
" behind you "
as a glass display

" delivery "


do you dance?

You're more than
anyone  I've ever known...

this I mean
by the Way
you've shown
yourself to me
the mystery
" so brave "
to play naive
when you know
just how I grow
and release my fear
your perfect stare
and soothing sounds
surrounding me...
protecting me
from where I've been
" hidden "
behind the guise
of a woman wise
when in fact
I'm shaking
in ache
to feel your eyes
on my skin
drinking me in
telling me where
you want your stare
yes... I am aware
it's your face
down there
in the underside
being my ride
on this wave
of in.sane
" between "
a place
of pleasure
and shame

help me ...
be a light
darker than night
and teach me...
how to play




" close your eyes "
and in form, me...
" re-sight the rhymes "
to ignite me...


The Pantheon ....

" I've yet to come ... "

but my body burns
a delightful sensation
and if I should turn
into Phoenix for yearn
... be sure ...
to bring Jackson, ;Demeter


the S.way

what he doesn't stow
will grow him...
and show him
that I gave my soles
to know him...

" for a measure "
of gold, Sir, yes....

" a treasure "
of pleasure, sure
but the Gods gave way
and the angels played
for a taste of day
and I was witness
to this pure way
... be cause ...
in endure
is a metal
of reassure
that only comes
from the ones who know...

" how to sway "
" shhhh "
~ it's always been ~
and will always be...
" this way ... "


my TOEs

a Theory Of Everything
would mean that I 'know'
about one thing
and that'd make me
an expert about nothing

but I'll bet....
that I just might
have a ;Phd; 
about Who's coming...

a fade to stay

" it's really a grin " ;)~

you were always here...

The heart's colored red
but not the blood
and I never looked
but knew you stood

right there...
in the space between
a painted world
and a digital screen

" in a background static "
I could see the green...

and I'd sit wondering
how long you've been
" write here "

so I took a dare
uncapped my pen
dimmed the lights
giving right my hand

" we'll fade to stay "
and it was just then
that a night began

I'm in the scene
and not quite sane

where's found a dream
" here, two are seeing "

in a place of seams...
I faced a meaning

.... and it was plane to see...

I arranged
to rearrange the greenery


The Evolution of a Tease

" water to wine? "
with ease...

A. creature breathes
and " I never change "
is a comforting tease
when all things strange
are just an ocean away

in a drop of time...

" you're in my Book "
as a written line
" your form was drawn "
from the heart of mine
a treasured part
of a sacred art
in sign...

" your name "
was given when
my soul arrived
on a desert plain
" the energy "
of an ancient unseen
created a fire
so'd come the rain
a colorless world
" turned to green "
and it was there
where life began...

" inside of sight "
from the edge of dream
" I saw you come "
as a fluid stream
of light...

God said good
... so created night


Do You 'Know' ...?

I never seem to 'know'
when I'm trying

but 'know' is for most things
including dying...

On the first night
of the last blood moon
On second sight
before the dawn
I glimpsed the 'know'
but thought I was wrong
yet three days later
before the sun
I cried out loud...
as a Soul moved on.

" rest in peace "
beautiful human...

I know it's 'knew'...
but it's not the end