Pacal said to Albert,
Let me show you how to play,
the game you invented
in your own funny way...
You left that clue
in the E of your Stein,
and since that day,
I've picked apart your mind...
I followed your clues,
in the TALES left behind...
and I can see your voice,
even when I play blind....
So grab ahold of the V,
Get your E off the ground...
Stop feeling so low
and turn your LOVE around...
Ev0lvE...and laugh a BIT...!



"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty was having a ball!
Got too excited and took a bad fall.
So all the Kings horses and all the Kings men,
considered scrambled eggs for breakfast again...

But suddenly, from across the Way,
Chicken came running and shouted HEY!
Stop you crazy men there,
that's my Uncle's empty chair!
What kind of non-sense is in the air?

You can't have eggs scrambled,
you can't have eggs green,
my Uncle isn't breakfast!
Where HAS your mind been?

No show! Said the Cat, who seconds that!
Running behind almost losing his Hat...
Where have you been? This is really obscene.
I insist that Humpty be fixed by Bat!

Brilliant said the Egg, who returned to the road.
I'll hail the CAB, you gather the load...
A fix is all that's needed right here...
Bat will mend Uncle, said Chicken's cheer.

Meanwhile and back at the Wall,
where Humpty lay, shattered by the fall...
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men,
gave thought to themselves and a time back when
they cared enough to try again..."

And the Magician watched from across the road,
Her heart broken from the spill of that load.
The help was on and the spectators cheerful...
But the Kings men almost seem tearful.

"They've forgotten their Way...
and with light in their eyes,
it was clear as day."


The cane came down across His Hat...
Just in case, She second that...
Humpty's reconstruction an important Act.
A tough road for that Chick & Cat...
The CAB enroute, brings Humpty a Bat.


"Cat in the Hat... came for a TAHC <<< " ... Both of them. ;)~ "Batz in Catz, second that.."


"...indicates a sleep mode or low power state. The switch does not fully disconnect the device from its power supply...Wiki"



Repeat the Song

Hello Darkness, my old friend
My arms out stretched
I'm here again
Inside my dream I walked alone
Inside the night I roamed.
Reaching out to all who hear
Reaching out through silent tears
But no one hears and no one came
My dream repeats this silent song

A song my voice longs to share
A song of flight I sang, I dared
A song of light in colored sight
Reaching out to all those Here
Singing out through silent tears
But no one hears and no one came
My dream repeats this silent song

Through my eyes, my heart, my tears
I sing a song that Darkness fears.
But no one hears...
A song my voice longs to share
This song I sing, a vision dared

Hello Darkness my old friend
Your story told in this dream again
And in the piercing light I saw
Your eyes on me...
and your eyes are raw
Your time has passed
Your shadow dim
Here we stand, at the gates again.
Voices silent in a time called When
A bend this day...
Through spiraling winds.

And in this piercing light I saw
Your eyes on me
and your eyes are raw...

Hello Darkness my old friend
My arms out stretched,
I'm here again...

Your eyes,
My hand,
Your mind,
My pen
Our voices silent
In a time called When
My dream repeats this song again.