Tumbelina was all.in.
all thumbs
Trying to be friends
in a church of One
planted when barely
a young and tender seed
the switch made magic
so the Lady could conceive
”...lay this here…”
so the child can receive
”...and keep this clear…”
into make believe.

silent in the cradle
and peaceful in her sleep
the walnut rocks
to a timeless beat
then out of shadow
and into the mist
an old toad came
stealing Lady’s wish
the tiny maiden fair
was to Spoon, the Dish
she was saved
by the butterfly
a slightly coy fish
she drifted on a lily
making new a wish
through a field of cush
the May bug flew
crying Tumble!
I’ve seen ya!
It’s true! It’s true!
”... it’s in her new name…”
but discard her he did
when his friends cried “shame!”

she was desperate now
through Winter’s cold claim
taking shelter with Mice
no understanding her way
”...be kind to the neighbor
marry the Mole…” he’d say
and repulsed at the thought
swallowing hard one day
she escaped the dark night
and she ran herself aWay

”... I like your crazy pants…”

hidden in the roses
a fairy Prince enchants
”... you’re just my size…”
he said
and so began
their bit of romance.

He kissed her on the eyes
...Maia…) he whispered
it’s been a sureprize!

”... and all became fair
in their living true lives…”