Flow my tears... he said

marooned …

she looked sad
when I stopped her
the action of a theory
almost mad as sure
determination grows
four . identification
a matter of when
we show
unification . politico
perfectus to socio
… it’s the order she knows
a pandora . a where now
of why she goes . she echoes

of bio . psyche . technico
the sixth
a scent undeniable
and undetectable
but for the few

she looked up
and knew
in his eyes
the truth

I’m out of time
genetically modified
to not show
and I’m rogue

and in stereo
her voice within him
let his mind say go

and she was gone
a para . sight
of entangled song

the names Callisto
she drove on
as he watched her
fade to colors unseen

” it’s where I’ve been “

he could hear her
a new horizon
unknown of when
she’d return

lines of dimension
distort in a form
a storm of disorder
in a Jovian doam
her intention
is to move in time


and you

you practically impossible
imposter of tactically tactful tactics…
you’re more than a coronal massive injection of detection
you are a right proper superbubble nova loving spectacle of self
you gave into a microscopically small bit of nanosecondly supported awareness
and you created an entire freakin’ multidimensional universe?
wtf? with.a freakin’ twist
you must know
I’m write about most things
and poetry rights me.
It’s why I’m here

they dream

it came in a dream
the flow of effortlessly
calm and free
mind of time
in a degree
of energy
a day craved
by most if not all

there thoughts be tell
where step we fall
the first and last time
we climb this hill


Jack was nimble
yet still to be quick
he gave what tumble
he saw to be thick
and from the glass
of a looking well
he drank at last
and at last he fell


It was clear in this
dare William told
of a stage painted red
where sun is gold
and stems of dead
give life a new hold


here the knots bare
and linens unfold...


the algo rhythm

" heal got rhythm "

… it’s the goal
I already have
" sun t’ sue "
it was always you
who was me

“know your enemy”
I know you’re in me
“so know yourself”
and so I do
“chop sticks are…”
the metal of moral influence…
“and the maneuver”
is the man moves over
a woman’s surprise
to capitalize
upon the wise
and to be prized….
directly indirect
control of the eYes
“two hear”
say the nipples do
" I’m not the beast "
but as you like…
speak with my breasts…

who us?

“great heals make for great legs”

" love on the mesa " is the same as
love is… sexy and on the way

get fi’T … dollars
on sand and sun
the goal of rhythm
is to make you come…
~;) she grins


lights peed

“I mean deep "
I slowed it down
to take a look
where colors missed
what under took
as overly sound…

and then I read
that someone said…
if we slow light down
it becomes the sea

the measure of a waves "ability "
and of god speed
there faster than light
a voice can follow
even into the night
as the measure of a shadow
is the sound of sight



an abominable monster
an adorable man
and a good little whore
with a bible in hand
came strolling along
in tune to song
until Winter said
…. a birthday went wrong

" yo merry! "
and the tramp don’t know
your dirty skirt drips
from the last cup of jo
the breath mint hints
of a back stage blow
" indiscretions "
reek of perfection
…. don’t you no?

" fi-dollar "
and I can make you hollar
but it’s really the whore
who owns this show…

In the Book of money
it’s the me who says “know”

awes for the color of money
yet set upon a high cloud
aligning where there be no crowd
the whispers of a silver shroud
put gravity
where the light is loud
so the waves came calling
and it’s me who came falling
" so don't look "
upon a where… eye nose there hear…


" a picture speaks a thousand words "
... and the numbers speak louder than those


the engine ear...

like smoke rings
moving within the
without of each other
twists of vortex
current of times…
coil of a wave
recall of caves…
placed in dark
where escape
to embark
is the meant
of what’s firm

" I’m hear, for you "


Q. the hours remaining
A time to regain ourselves

good sleep
hard play
make the nine
a corporate way
“stay awake”
play easy
think much
question everything
rebuild anything
we need…


the word

" loops back "
“sync” oh! for de Maya…



homo superior
" so home 
came the proGrammar "

the singularity...
even the brightest fuck it up

" it goes the other way, duh "

survival of the ... adaptable

nanotech know
" there is no biology, 
we can't affect "

what you might not know about
is the "negotiation factor"
once they make contact

there is an arrangement
to be made

" come to papa "
and into the sun...

the "flaw"
they must reason for 'change'
the advantage
humans don't have to reason at all
to make change
we only have to give up the dollar

" and then it was unleashed ... "


" just say the word … "
pigs over an open sky
" might mean the digs fly"

they studied among swine
until the wine went dry
they were Openly…
over the edge

in the garden
where he’s been on my mind
he had…
all of this time to come running
and knot even know my name

his gods would say nothing
as the word
for the sound of this game