it's golden...


drifting into sleep last night
my lids became sight
and so with eyes closed
I approached the light

" it's golden "
then in my hand
the message written
" see there "
in the smokey open
" we came "

a whisper was spoken

... they know my name ...

the tunnels turning
a swirling flame
and I was burning
yet the beauty was pain

formations formed
a formless form
and I was taken
again, to the dawn...

the journey went on
with roses growing
in the sun

" see, hear
the color of one
contains them all "

my eyes became
the formless form
and it's from ... hear ...
that we've come


A Dawn Is...

a rose as this...

immortal love
in the hand
as a kiss
where angels sing
in a sea of Qi (Chi)
is where
I could finally see

" the elixir "
is the center
of everything...

" an arc angles "
and the burning
of a bush is...
" under the pose "

" sub rosa "
I suppose
might be secret
but to me...

light comes
before the day

and in the end
it was only a bend
that made it
appear this way

A. firmamentum...
is a volt
in the vault
of God's heart


Q. is the answer



AND... some simple direction

Dear God...

the human condition
needed to include
proper direction
" for use "
SueZ and ZeuS


the long way

how did the ancients know
that the earth is round

"because the light
embraces ground
as it awakens
as the dawn"

and how
did the ancients know
the shape of round

"because dewdrops glisten
and they listened
to the sound"

" Albert... "
took the long way around
just to say
" are you my, relative? "