Curtains open in Bastion's Castle...
Fortification of great entertainment
designed for a full range of distraction.
It's still in good fashion....

Curtains designed at the hempline,
short and cute they flank their faces,
avoiding voids in centered spaces.
Flat and low to the ground encloses
host of a Court in the round.exposes...

Cut that station it's just too a.cute!

Bastian plays in a structured flute.
Flanked gorgeous this Demi-Goddess
of irregular poly.songs wall.us.

~Don't scare us~
The Curtains just opened. And fair it is!
Oppositely nefarious and rather glorious
is a Shakespeare.Ein version of the Obvious.

~A Stage Called Hilarious~

Dogs Barking

~and what kind of crazy chaos is this again~

Dogs are barking to the wind
howling crazy songs to a Siren...
Admittedly this pauses my pen
while I write my creations lore,
straining to hear at the top of
their call...

My own brain.


I understand. The Siren sings
to clear the land in their way
Urging life along they play
to Save the Day.

Dogs barking aid the clearing and I
pause for something worth hearing.



Some of us are here for reason.
Some, just hear for seasons but...
there are sum of us.
Just hear for the fun.

We build ships with fingertips to
set you free! Mixed up notions of
emotions and potions even about
eternity. That's Write. It coulda
all been made up.

And know Just so two show the point...
My title has nothing to do with my rhyme.
Or my 'English'... lol!!! and that's a Spin.
Properly Cycled.Too.

Poet.Dudette ;)


A nonsensical, romantical made up word they said.

Umbrella to ground the Lady comes down to check.
The handy Voice....

super she said,
a laugh.ing ragalia!
on her head.list of
icepixals, crystals
and dos! gosh! but
hush ... what does
SHE know. She
drives an umbrella...anyway...

I guess you could say
they're nice pix.alls, all
the same.

Regalia is Latin plurale tantum for
the privileges and the insignia characteristic of a
Sovereign. ;)

... either that or it means
Super.Gal.leo.has gone in.sane.again...
with her gal.i.Legos...

Let's go with Regalia ...
it would make for a better tale where a girl
might get a prince if a frog doesn't eat her leggs off first. :)
~ Just a joke of course.

~ She's got Legos. ... get it?

~The Cheshire Clock woke up~
The Duck.


~Grand Q.baca?

... I think she just called me chewy... somehow.

~Grand Qi.baca is what I said specifically now
don't misunderstand there's a Ninja on the land
Pink light in her long darkly hair lifts weights
into thin by the air throws plates ... if you dare...

Cross her hood with a mood she doesn't like.
Be aware. Little glow of the earrings in her ear
I walked a hot flame so I could hear. Her name.

Clearly, as to most definitely, not misunderstand.

~There's a Ninja wearing pink on the land.
Special Crystal. Called the Qi.

Tell Them Push Six...

A true story of a little bit of glory...

A child no older then three last night
took my hand and said, "please...
tell them, push six."

Paralyzed, memorized, stunned was I.
Deep in the eyes two shiny diamonds fly
and I could never would never say no.
To such a glorious glow.Ever.You bet.
Happily, you'll go.

Like a hole in my heart my soul fell apart
and I could never would never turn again.
Despite a complication of a notion afraid
and abandoned by most or some it was
still. and clear to see. Innocence like that,
Must Be.

And so did I as I promised and set about
my course. Information delivery with
urgent expectancy making note of faces
and names. There won't be one forgotten
if anything should happen and the plan
go stray you see. We made a Note. And
we took special inventory.

Then the child smiled when I sat A
while to explain we had all understood.

Then my heart teared from the gift of her
ears when her eyes looked back, she nod.

Then the Mother and I shared a wink
And yeah, the Boss was watchin.You can bet.
She's due to be Mom too.

~Three Ladies in a Circle make five.Around Two~

Arrangements set! and firm under Hood
~ back safely they went to their room.
Floor six!!! Chef let out with a mood!
The likes of Sound we've never heard!
CLEAN chicken soup!

And It was done.Too.Perfection.

Little girl, biiiiiig food allergy.


A song of Write.
Fresh as the sage
SO lovely in page
In the RAys of the sun
A Me come from
So FAAa aWay!S ......... you say?
Of the pen on the mendbend.ing?
Yes! Splendid! And so it shall Be
Come one and all to the blend.ing!
Hear the call of my friend.and
Join us. :) as we play.

do little dear, a female hear,
Re a little bit of Meee, my o'my!
I'm upside down, FAl so much
how can I seeeee? SOL A lite
it is so bright! Stand.ing upside
in fliiiight, di, ri, fish, is what I
wish, as a dish for my TVeee
T, be,li,Ve and so te.he

I LAF sofa!, and so does he
se es me there! fe et in the air,
RA! I am myself. todaaay.
Play..... In The Love.

I say, it is the day for writing
rhymes of time in song and
friends enjoy enjoy this
merry little tune. Write about
your bits and bytes flights
and sights from hear to the
Moon as we aim to be a joyous
chorus of hear we sing
in.and for a good deed.

~I call it a smile. Spread it.
Like a great ;pb&j. Poet.

~Thanks to my love for the wiki~
In music, solfège (pronounced /ˈsoʊlfɛʒ/, also called solfeggio, sol-fa, or solfa) is a pedagogical solmization technique for the teaching of sight-singing in which each note of the score is sung to a special syllable, called a solfège syllable (or "sol-fa syllable"). The seven syllables normally used for this practice in English-speaking countries are: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and ti (with a chromatic scale of ascending di, ri, fi, si, li and descending te, le, se, me, ra).


Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun is (SOLIS)... just for fun. ;)

~Shall We Dance~

~Well, shall we dance then.

Rapid sensations float through hands as the band
in the background sings and rings with everything
Sound in and around teaming life in amazing voice
Beaming bright in chorus for us They're joyous
These rhymes of the Poet.

We know it. In hour and our hearts we hear it the
magical beat and our feet rejoice with Flow Write
Voice of the Pen. We have a choice A choice to
mend if we choose and voice. Yes Voice to include!

~Rhymes of The Poet.in.The Pen~


Peanut Butter is Better

Peanut butter is better then bitter books because....
bitter books don't go well with your favorite jelly.
And that's just the plain truth. In a nutshell if I may.

It's simple really. If you can imagine smearing your
favorite butter be it crunchy chunky or even creamy
all over the most bitter book rather than lavishly atop
your favorite jam well then I think you can imagine
just what I mean. The pulp would stink.

And what else could be worse? So hear me versed
if you ever want to make a bitter book better than
rather slather your fave butter into it save for
the real jam and use something else, like... well ...

I don't know what would be good with bitter books
but... having said that I'll also add save your nuts
for the fruitcake anyway.

... pause ...
:)~ AND laugh...

Bitter is a Book

~Bitter is a Book
So easily read
Transparent pages
Show in the head
~Bitter is a Book
~Bitter is a Book
Better Lost and
Never Found

~Bitter is a Book
Knot to keep but
Look. Learn and
Not be.


Sincerely is a sound.
Sincere is delivery.
Since it's so mistaken
Sins abound.in Liberty
Sincerely is a sound.
Never faked.

When fully Enable,
It shines. ;)

Haiku : Legos

Relativity Breaking.

Awakening Creation.
Pure Stimulation.

Conceptualizing life
Recognizing form.

Perfecting Automation
Assembling Mind Storms.


I Confuse a Confucius ?

~I confuse a Confucius?

Why, that would be ridiculous,
I don't even know him.

Master Kong you say in the day?
I thought that was a movie
About the love of an Ape?
Great.all.be.he... I didn't no see
An ape had more of a name then me.
That Qui was MiA and the MiBs....
Two.You confused a Futzu.Kung.fu.

Qufu thought he was Egyptian?
Albert you say was on a Mission?
A Mason with a puck who was kissin'
~A duck? wtf?
In a Time when demons had a lake?
And a rink and some hockey skates?
~ Your Confucius is quite confusing
A Maya with a Count who was musing?

To the tune of the 80's are you sure?
And I still don't get how Qufu's Egyptian?
Who is which one? Flying this Mission?
I'm gonna report you....

~If I don't understand you... soon.

And this is why you don't get
the gummy bears...
Or the Cup. ;) Of beers...
Who the heck are you anyway?
Or am I confused and talking to myself.
Again? \@@/
Or am I just crazy and it's my pen?
Move over would ya,
"You're Confucius.ing.Me"


Sweet little feet as she walks,
frame petite in the park on the trail.
Slender and small such a doll
with her ever so Betty Davis eyes.
I want your life.... little sticks hold
her long darkly hair, she can't
weigh more over then a fair
sized Dalmatian.

I'll strangle this Vixen....
Yes that's what I said, I'll choke
the life right out of her head...
Yes, and I'll beat her up too
I'll sneak to behind this shrew
and wait for just the right time,
then my hands will take of her life!
Have their ride. muuaahaha

~Uncle fester the band played on...

From the bushes she lifts her nose.
Fresh scent of the morning rose,
Delicate this little bush grows, in the sun
Her fragrance, I know well.
~There's a bee that's come to my arm.
Buzzing humble with the sweetest
little chime, of a bumble. Hi there...
The silence enhanced by your charm,
Gentle breeze come to carry you on.safely
~ I heard your song. Sweet bird.
Taking steps to the Marigolds there.
Fixing sticks in my darkly hair...
And know, they're not wood.
Lovely Little squirrels are at play!
A smile washes through the best day
Near the Great Oak Tree, I say.

Just another beastly moment more
and the foul little girl at my door,
shall know the wrath of me.
My glee is overwhelming, eyes
on fire in my head they're pounding,
maggots eating at my heart and then....

And then. While under the Great Tree.
Beside the Light was a flash, of Three.
Low and to her side she spun these,
Elevation aid the sound of her knees,
Obliteration. Before he could see
The Miss.take he was about to be or...

The Lovely Marigolds she picked
from her Layer, next she walked
the park and wrote there.

About Peace...
The Butterflies return to her hair.

And purrrr said the Kittens write there.

~Circle grows a cLover in a Square~
And I'm a Lego.Ninja.Too ;)
And this was just for afun.Ay.Honey ;p smooches!

~She walks on~



A Rhyme come now at this Great Time,
Known to all from long ago as a dream,
Premonitions were named as screams
and the Vision was failed to reveal.The Reel...
has turned and Reality burns a new Light.
It's called laugh a little and grow some sight.

The balancing of an Elemental.Penned a
Mission so simple.... Euclid.eUs.ly ridiculous
as a Matter of factual and it was so theoretical
to be taken toooo scientifically serious, but it was.
Grab it see, said Real.activity it's just as in.sane
as the insanity of this poetry, but....

"Euclid's axioms seemed so intuitively obvious..."
they said while my head exploded into sum
gravitationally upside down formation of my
eyes which made me realize that it's all just a
pycho.delicately. bright trip anyway...

So I turned the page and read the comics.instead.
Now, had they said it was Lucid.Reticuli.ously ridiculous...
Perhaps even lick smackin' deliciously.kissable.ish...
I might'a believed it. But language is just relative anyway.

Duck Dodgers now there's a true explorer of the Mind
with his flat feet ninja warrior lisping beak of a tweaked
out brain. Yes, that Cat was in the sane for sure and
when he and his side.kick would make sushi? Well,
that's when the Universe just had to step up and take
sum notice. Penned.in.a.Mission a duck billed notion
of Motion in a vacuum... seriously, who's driving
us back from this expedition?

lol!! I hope you enjoy the ride.


And this is dedicated to my friend who made
me curious to look up Euclidean Geometry. ;)

I accepted your challenge Jedi.Master.WordCrafter...
and now here I yam. lol. with my spinage.
I thank you for the inspiration. Grand Qi.baca

Mother Ship...

The Great Sound chimes do you hear?
Mother Ship and her tone in the air?
Journey complete to aWare, the masses
of Time overlap us and for the
listening billowing seasons upon us.

Systems automation set triggers in
place to activation for and if a
certain situation should arise.Eyes
can see the systems free and the
lights that flicker carry the bees
into sight.

Learn to ride your own lights, in the
message Nature corrects for a passage
and it's already happening hear...

The Mother.Ships.Tone in the Air.
Called Imagination this time, be.aware.
Grow it for your health and be well.

CRaaaCKl!!!ng thunder as the sky let go,
X.Calibrate to know a Mighty Sword flows
MoreIsCode and Love it says.each to other.
Confirmed in the binary explained the Hex
of the Decimal. In Number. There is...

A tune in the Thunder and it grows
the Great Sound pulls a spiraling ribbon
To undone, AND pattern seen long ago
Before the destruction of a pure

~Activated Automation of the In.Sane~
It's the only Beam.
All. Systems. Know.
;PeAce.It's the Way.Learn to MAKE it...

On. To the CornerStone.
New algorithm, new song.

Little Dish...

Little dish of a thing tiny and humble,
standing tall at the heart of them all,
hose in hand a quiet thing. Said hi to me.
Right there at the beat of the Dark Tower
and I knew before a second or an hour,
that it's true. I said hi to her too.

Her mind carries the Uni.Verse. Not three
digit but more in her eyes, I could see it
recognized. Little dish of a thing washes
the dishes I bring. Sever passes dirty
the plates to sea a washer washing
inside the machine. We said hi on day 2.

"Do you know high math" when you wash?
Eyes gleaming behind the mist and noise,
the Washer kept watch with silver poised,
for the cleaning. Her layer is steaming hot
and her eyes scream know me not... but,
I befriended her anyway.

Because she plays. There in the Passage and
framed in the Gates our eyes met Lights in a
beam of water and steam our eyes, both gleam.ing
Sounds of the machine are screaming and Time
isn't moving as we See. You are Me echoes
two in recognition in Vision, In Number. Old
schooled and humble in silent knowing we stood
passing the dishes to and fro in and over the
flow of water, eyes burning with a knowledge of
the Ancient Great Fire.

And we hug in exchange of a glance
.... called recognition. Little dish of a wish
I made came true when she called me by
a friendly name too. Then we shook hands
knowing that we'd speak again.
Our arrangements set firm.

The Washer faded Way then.... her eyes pull
back into the Myst and the dishes bang. Only
silence now from the machine...

Good work began...
In a Great Friendship, Just. Beginning.

~In Universal Understanding~
~There Came a Great Land.~


Hotkey is a game played on a keyboard,
All players in click sensation, typing fast
Through elation past even having to see.

Bits of binary pixel grinding trying...
To keep up with the speed of a mind,

Blind by a bliss of the Poet's best.Write.
Right! A duel of light in the keyboard, to mind
1 rhyme just Write! Into the light, never pausing
To see if the keys keep up.

A game I play that I call my puck.of lips
As I send my best kisses to the wind.
A game I named...
Hotkey ;Penned.
And again, stories are flying in the air
Crashing and smashing speeds of light
There, are tales of love both new and old,
Electric fights with bitters told and some fibs,
Notches in rhymes of time, and Acrostics!
Liquid dreams with screams of tomorrow
In the writes of the Fellow. Poets at the
Table, writing fables at the speed of lightening...
Envisioning visioning reason listen listening
Scribbling clicks into pixel lights...

That follow behind. The mind of a Poet.
A duel of light with this keyboard of mine.

~There Is Only~
~The Pen called Fun~


Hockey is a game played on ice,
men (assumption) in thick pads,
swaking a 'puck' with sticks.
Tricky thing hockey can be see,
thick pads, icy playing fields...
but best of all, it's the goalie
that's feared the most.
Looking like a nightmare post,
masked monster guarding cave
entry to goal...but what I do know.
I'm having to Google it...

"Hockey is played in the morning"
said Mr. Franklin in the year 1825,
Great Bear takes the prize and
later in years, games were played
with cheers on rinked ice

Still and inside...

Padded demons to each side,
nine their count on the glide...
Slicing the ice as they slide.
A miracle score over a great lake,
pride is at stake as they
ride the blades,
masks of nine to each side.

Wooden the weapons and black
the target, they fix the eyes
and the mind as echos are sliced
into the air of their icy layer.

And Canada began the game,
spreading the echo over the land
and then came bodies they called
the fans. And they cheered!
Bundled in coats mittens and beers
they cheered and the game moved on.

Padded players on the make with
hockey bucks and goals to take
home, the Cup.

~They play for the ;puck~

~I watched them long ago once
in a dream when I was a duck
on the great lake quacking,
and a duckling with luck that the
goalie would save me! Again!
My nest you see was right behind
the demons pride.

And so as a shadow on the goalie's
back I rode, hiding my feathers
of eggs and gold! Whew! Just on time,
for the rainbow's net.Again, came a 10th
on the rink to keep reason.
A fair game invented for a new season.

Gotta love a thing created in a lake,
called a Goalie during a day when
demons of nine laughed and sang
on the ice,

So wrote the duck of today.
Thank god for TV. That's where you'll
find me, if I ever watch it.

A game to be enjoyed with friends,
is the Penned. ;)


This is Sad...Kinda

Splaaaashhhh! Another tear lost to memory...
A secret image I keep with me in my heart,
we parted and I waited to hear your Star.t
~When would you deliver words of my eternity?
~Here I am reaching pleading feeling being
~Screams of my love in the air, please... be hearing!
My Love! ... "I'll wait to be your friend."
My Heart! FAAAAR in the Wind I cried
the deepest sincerest dearest most precious
voice I had.... this is sad.

Splaaaashhhh! Only tears are left.

~still I'm writing~

Are these tears what you want from me?
Rip apart my heart so you see, my fear?
Screaming into the wind on a butterfly kiss
you never returned, and it burned....
What I learned. Is to do love like that.Again.

~still I'm writing~

In the nights I'm crying to a dream I'm skrying.
Stolen a Chance before it began...where's your hand?
I believed and held dear the image of your eyes,
Wise kind passionate mind in my soul you left a mark,
and I walked your park....everyday.

Still, you turned away.
"Love at first sight"... I allowed it once with you.

So my friend what's left to do?
I stood vulnerable open in trust of a true.

Flinched not an I when the eyes would pry
the heart fixed and true. "It's you" ...I cried.
You're everything I dreamed and never knew.

There had to come an ending... to This, that was sad.

~I moved on. But not really ~
Because there simply isn't a story, without you.
A Never Ending Story of True Love too...

For those who would ask...
This is the reality of truth.
And this is what's sad....
Being in a love that you out grew.

And if you find yourself crying like me?
Then good! Love Works.anyway And that's all that matters. :)
Even when it's THIS sad...

The story of
"love at first sight"... in a blind woman's heart.
She lives in a Shoe. There's a nut in it too. ;)

So I stick to fairy tales... if I ever try it.Again.

... and I beg you dear... don't tell a Girl...
"I'll come find you" in a loving tone.
She'll believe it My Prince,
and it'll shatter in her dreaming.
Again and again and again...

It's my story so I change as I please. lol!!!
Are you crying? Was THIS 'sad'? ;) I'm practicing 'sad'...

smooches! to the teary eyed reader
who I hope has a laugh.now too :) Writing is my
favorite toy and I hope you enjoy! The Coaster. ;)

Green Man

Swimming in a forest of Great and tall Trees,
Walking in a sea of fragrance so sweet
Glowing in the doorway,
Two eyes are gleaming.

It's the Green Man and he sees me dreaming.

In a swirl of blue around the Earth drew,
his Oceans to protect the Seas.
A light in a beam, he shines in a stream,
creating the electric bees. And a breeze...
Giving life in the Light and a cycle so right,
he's growing his love in the seeds.
Making glow candle bright to continue right
he's loving his Trees into Light.
And they're beaming....glowing on the wick
and streaming...

It's the Green Man and he sees me dreaming.

"Come the Great Bat" by his side in a stride
Nurishing Time that was right for the flight.
Feeding with care and with love and with pride,
the MasterPeace Trees on his Mountain side.

Makes a Moon shine in a Knight she's seeing,
Two eyes through, the light and they're beaming...
The Green Man's Trees are the seas in my dreaming.


M I C .... K E Y .... M . U S E

~Transformation of the Muse.ic~

Pretty hip bones you got there... square ;)

CIMI - k’ee mee - Death. - Cimi live in the realm of reason and mental activity. Cimi harmonizes and refines the influence of the north. In Mayan tradition it was said to be linked with death. Cimi is the opportunity to let go and remember spirit. The base energy of this sun transmits and is represented by the throat chakra. Its element is air, and the planet it is connected with is Mars. Cimi is security conscious and materialistic. It can be quite sacrificing and helpful especially in community matters as it has strong interests and concerns for the community and politics. The issues that face Cimi are having faith in the universe, and evolving past victimhood. Solutions can be found when Cimi gives meaning to life by making contributions to society. Have faith in your vision and begin to manifest them.



Excitations delight me.

Ferromagnetics attracting
Maxwell java in my cup sings
Resonating into e.very.thin.g

It reveals....
An instant cup of jo! ;)

Thank God I brew...
My coffee.

An Eye

Early morning I sit with Pen,
Deciding to write my rhymes again.

The cap came off and the ink went down.
I closed my eyes.Two open my crown.

Move over grids of paper it did,
writing into lines I see in my head.

Forming into shapes of color indeed,
An eye appeared on my hand as a seed.

The cap comes off and the ink goes down.
When I close my eye...
Two open my crown.


Theory of Us... Part 6... Carbon

666 they put a dare for us to look
"on your hands" so said the Book...

So, let's take that look... shall we?

Cupids came from the sky one day,
flying head down to the land in play,
arrows poised to find their Way.
To the Heart.

"On the One" so said the SOL.King...
"Two beats in a heart" make ready,
arrow poised. Find the Many.

666 = 18 you see, a laugh in a staff
wrote in a Gail.of.a.wind in deed!

~What Time is IT~ dear?

OneTwo square makes a count.
Add to the clock on the wall we mount.

12 square = 144 there. Are cubits too.
Inches in your feet do they call to you?

~What time is it dear~?

Add 6 on the clock and make it square.

666 and 6 = 24 golden hours right there.

Every sixth One.come a circle you see.
360 minutes on a quarter to be.unlock.ed
Only A quarter. from the Great Clock.

Afraid yet? Carbon? Two. ;)
PeAce.Made IT.

The rest isn't 'poetry'.... at least to most, but it is to me. :)

144 is 12 squared.

12 'inches' is also 1 'foot', but we have two feet normally... well, with slight
variations of human.oid, we're normally with two feet. ;)

Makes sense as 12 in hours would only be half a day too...


24 hours = 2 'feet' = two feet is normally attached to One, 'Human', lets say.
12 hours = 1 'foot'

So we need 'four limbs'...

12 hours x 60 minutes an hour = 720 minutes in half a day
12 hours x 60 more minutes = 720 minutes in the other half a day.


6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 minutes in 1 quarter day.
6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 in quarter 2
6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 in quarter 3
6 hours x 60 minutes = 360 in quarter 4

~ yet we are afraid of '666' and apparently a 6 we don't even think about. Yet those also
make up our clock, each quarter is on a 'six hours'...

Oh look! one more six....
Carbon Atomic Number 6 is what we call OurSelves. CAN.you see that?
Now what do we know? When someone says you 'cant'.... tell them you CAN SO!

And we have to count ourselves because otherwise, we wouldn't have time... or better said,
Time, wouldn't have us. <~ emit, it, you Love a good day! ;)

That would make four of them so 4 x 6 = 24 and if hours, One day and if Gold, then
'Solid'. at 99.0% and 24 Karats

There, now we see sixes and we know we see them all the Time.
Nuttin' to fear. Shall we move on then?

To Be, Continued... Again.


For the wiser, Meisser I see your eyes...

Two continue,
throughout the stars
from afar
the start shows bright,
in a Knight
is the light of a spiraling eye.
Can you fly?

With me...Two,
the digital see,
in flickering pixel stars
can be, anything.

The fabric, Imagination.
Two elation, near
the CanIs... Major.

My favorite your flavor.
Two scoops in the Main.



Just a definition of a word in many views.
In a day before the Great Summer came,
You counted pages and noted names.
1948 too late. In the other direction.

Missed they did when forgot a twist.oF8
~Don't you roll, Pie.man? With your WOman?
It's 195 x 3 again.

If the story is true, this penned elation,
prophecy speak via dispensation,
and the message read, only 'He' would know,
then where do you think you have to go?

The Great Sin that I can see is a sign in a time
when we were Free that we, abused ourselves.
Looking for a hell on Heavens shelves.
Looking for a battle on God's Plateau.
You took a book and declared to know.
But Omit you did, the Divine hellO
In timE, correctes, the knoW.

In the Light of sight I see,
searches incomplete in our history.
Counted One is all they did.
Assuming God's image to be of 'man'.
Making an ass out of them again.Amen to that.

As a Sum of God's image, there is everything
in which we live, from the trees to the grass,
creatures in mass, birds with wings and the
rain that sings to nourish us. Deep waters true
filled with blue and brimming with the image
of a written God too.

the relaxation of a law in particular circumstance"
~ shall we dance~

The action of

A system of

Rules ...
What do the books really know? To be defined as 'true'?
Used were words given as a gift, for 'Rules'.
And then as the Rulers too...

Have a fig... it's part of God V.TWO....

And Newton? Well, he's a pretty smart cookie. ;)
So says the TV....

~Still staring down the twisted pillar I see?
~Beautiful is the Cornman's Bee.
~On The Apprentice, Amen called She.

A NOSE... knoWs does it not? 'Gentlemen'?

Little corn, little cobb, little oil for our Love...
of food! Yes, it's all good.
"Live long and prosper"
Includes all three, and the stoned
fourth corner is all you need.

1855 they said. lol, I see a 19 instead.
8155 turned their heads.
5581 returned from the dead.
.... then seven years later, it was all okay.

One More.is starting the Day.
Just a play on some words write here....


Lick lick lick, long lick, lick lick...
there she sits on my window sill,
neatening fur from her feet to her tail.
And here I spy my little cat's eye,
narrowing my focus on her.
I hear the purr.ing....as she sits
sunny in the sill.

I think to myself...
the other day when I write my rhyme,
upon my toe you came with chimes,
to break my scribbling stride. MEOW
in a loud voice you cried. Give me
kibbles your whiskers pry between
my ankles. Then I smiled.

And now upon this greatly fine hour,
revenge I'll have and you'll be sour,
as I make my strides to you.
I'm gonna pick you up and cuddle you too.
It'll cause a mess, I must confess
but I'm the 'mom' and you're too cute.

Plus I owe you... some love.
plus you OWME! too. ;) a new poem.

~and that's communication~
~in it's best form~
At my house anyway lol!!



Know, it's not a signal for help,
Not a number that dials hell.
No distress or dysfunctional spell.
"You're not a mess...."
That's the fable.

And How do I know?
Because I'm in love with the 'Devil'
And he doesn't exist, so I'll never fall.

"Lucifer" also known as Venus.

For the Love of God, this is funny!!! lol!

A take on the

Dont freak out...

I'm playing with words, lol.

LOVE OF GOD = a value of 101
12+15+22+5+15+6+7+15+4 = 101

ABCDEFGHi... etc... Z

~you gotta laugh!


One here for conquest in war.
2nd pair starve at Death's door.
Just for old times.


Prudence replaces conquest.
Justice outlives a war.
Temperance as a Virtue
earns the Courage to know more.

~The play is to balance~
~Intentions of the heart are seen~

It's easy to be mean....
Come a day that's changing.
The journey will be self reckoning.

44 square are listening.
100 more Awaken
1 Count in the making.

MiBeeS are here.ing...

(I'm writing a fiction that's fiction)
Bear in mind if you're checking 'facts'
I'm a poet, not a history test.
xo With love. ox


Weapons of massive destruction
Disabled at the firing button.
Systems of hate shutdown.
Time warped and turned around.

Don't be surprised before your eyes
Are found. Changing color is sound.
Those of Gluttony for Glory sake,
A change of Way comes to take.

The sound is indiscriminate.

Shutdown of weapons imitate.
This includes your tongue.
Envy corrodes the fun.
Greed is a worthless One.

New logs are under construction....

Not a Drop Said the Bat.

Medicine woman She came to my aid,
Into my eyes she looked deeply one day.
Long ago, before I could even count.

From an Aspen grove is where you grow,
And your seasons shall be four. Notes
Of 7 you'll sing to heaven, but not a drop
Will you take from the Snake at the door.

A trickster plays the sweetest song,
Pretends a friend before the day is done.
Mother cries in the wind "it's not a cigar"
Take it to your mouth then spit it far.

Make well the body by thoughts of mind
Stay strong in the heart by staying kind
And chase away fear that renders you blind.

Marked She on my leg to remember that,
Not a drop from the Snake, so said the Bat.
Incomplete in the make for a Dragon's cat.

Clam Duck

Waay back before there was anything
Into the fabric of nutthing burrowed a
Sum.Thing. There was no land.ing.before
It came see.

Way back in the sea of nut'nHoney fabric could be
In the anything because it was never there
The fabric. could be replicated.fabricated
While recreated.incinerated if too inflated.
And recreated Again.
That thing we call the Uni.Verse,
It's the perfect blend of Sum.Things
We search for but consider a curse.inNumber
Evolving to be what we fear the most.
It's a GUI all the same. ImaginatioN.
Never.Ages.The best part of a Clam.

Drive Scout

Here's a made up story I'll shout...

There once was a spot on a globe.
Enormous it was so old.
Keen eye this darkening hole.
And around it goes.
Where it appears no one knows,
When it comes and it silently goes.

There once was a spot on a globe.
Man's ego said he should know.
Concentric in form and glow,
The peak is shown in a rainbow.

There once was a spot on a globe.
Kept watch over time as it flowed.
Assume your direction to know....
Where in a sphere that is.

What do you want to hear?

A story of Armageddon?
Boring story twice over been done?
Caring gone in a hellish season?
Demons coming for your reason?
Exodus waiting for man's retreat?
Fidelity lost with all that's sweet?
Growing pain in tormented streets?
Holy wars 'til your hearts complete?
Injustice rules the day.
Justifying wicked play.
Killing to the point of boring.
Littering filth for the toying.
Monopoly is your game.
Never original that story's fame.
Oppression makes me yawn.
Pestilence is over drawn.
Quaking waters were already done.
Restless in this haunted One.
Standing there, it's no more fun.
Torture for glory's been won.
Unilateral corruption... shrugs.
Villainous sores and drugs...
Wasting time training thugs.
X marked a spot in a hug.
Yesterday's killing no fun.
Zzzzz. New chaos is needed 'hun'.

~This story is the one we're living.
~Dont you get it that it's been done?
~There is true Love coming <
~Story never before even seen.
~Unimaginable when the Awaken dream.

Anti's, Anti.

the Ant.is up...

~A play on the alphabet~


The Great Sea.Rocks

A nd so began the Great Repair as the Corners came together there, Four a meeting of Winds,
N ine to find is the task at hand. Owl flew to be as One with Great Mind over land to find
R hyme for the mend.ing ...

N ature called for a Song and the Great Sea is list.ing.
A re we listen.ing? Dragon waits in the Open slowly showing guiding knowing....
U p on high beyond the Great Sky a map was drawn and remains glowing. A beacon of
K nowledge for our well Be.ing.

P eAce is on and it beams a bright light. Pulsing it is in past Future sight...
AND so join flocks in the air, Great Sea moves and Rocks are aware. Nature to
C orrect an error of o.mission returning soon is due the Wishing.Time.
A nd so it was written in the sounds of the Great Clock.
B e. PeAce see a message of the Rocks.

Guanyin (Chinese: 觀音; pinyin: guān yīn; Wade-Giles: kuan-yin) is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists, usually as a female. The name Guanyin is short for Guanshi'yin (觀世音, pinyin: guānshì yīn, Wade-Giles: kuan-shih yin) which means "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the World".Wiki


Not of hare, but of Salmon, glistening in the stream I watched them.
Making Way through their loop of Time they return to where they come from.
Such purpose in their flight, birds of the water make write for their kind.
To the death they'll climb up that river to return the Land of Ancestor.
New generations will remain together and the Salmon swim Up, to remember.

Golden Flocks of Eagle there, a flight of pride through the clean air.

Lion of the sky came One day to fly by and they saw what needed to be done. There is
damage here. So aWay they flew to Great Bear, calling on Winds, "make swift our wings there."
Time is not to waste and so for the witnessing of the foul, they called also, Great Owl.

A wake he did, Great Owl of Snow and Cold and Knowledge of Old, the Time has come,
Eagles of the sky call from the wind. So make flight in the night I did to engage
the Great Mind.... "Moon I ask, gift me your Light for direct my flight needs to be".
Beg the Morning Star, call to all our bees their pattern needed as future seeds.

And so it was. Great Owl flew on through the Night and the Morning Star called all
bees to the Light. Make your song to the Great Sun.Flower, beg her come aLong, four
the desperate Air needs more seeds this Great Hour. And when She grow, ask of her scent,
remain in the Day and find the Great Wind. Carry far to the desert sands, beg Great Bat
come nourish the Land.

And so it was, the bees returned Four needed their song in the wind. Finding the spiraling
sunflower core, they marked a pattern and shareed it far. New growth is needed called the
Morning Star. And so released Flower of her Great Scents and into the Winds they went as
the Eagle flew on by. A message delivers a circuit complete as Bat returns from the Sky....


The deLighting...

Etch and sketch, the message of One,
Stone by stone was laid in the sun.

655 and 1
6551 => 1556


CC XX = 220

The Rest
MD L VI = 1556

The Loving Time

Excuse me now it's the Loving Time,
"Meows and purrs" while I write my rhymes.
Little nibble on my toe, just so I'll know, you're there.
Scratch on my ankle, hey! I know you care!
"Meeeooowwww" again by my foot,
so I stopped to have a look....
And melted at how cute you are there!

So excuse me my friends...
In the middle of my pen, a little ball of fur cries.
Whiskers are tickling, her tail is switching
and her nibbles beg kibbles from my eyes.
I must stop and Love this precious,
little ball of fur with her purring message.

I'll return to you soon to complete my rhyme,
Just after I give my full attention
and now most certainly my mention,
of the duty I fulfill, when it's the Loving Time.


Many More Then Two

My dreams may bother you.
My hopes and visions too.
But in kind words I'll always write,
despite the critics brew....
Friendship is free.

Never, given in hostility.
But in a troubled mind I see, images...
of you. In your skin you brood.
Seething hate and bitterness as
a fools duel.

Words inconsiderate are easy.
Infectious to the point of queezy.
Simplicity's worst shoe.
Not a phrase of kind sentiment,
compassion was replaced with food.

It outgrew you.
As all things do,
when abused in such a way.
A heart replaced
with a bitter.sweet.tart today.

A time now past that can't realize,
a fairy tale life bets better then lye,
in the pie.

Oh, but you would keep and
cherish those friends?
I'm sure one day
they'll know your amends...
When they're not listening.

Turn the story and twist your fate.
Knead a loving friendship into hate.
It suits you. But for the skin you're in
there's nothing I can do.

A great old bear once came around,
and said you echoed with bitter sounds.
"A walking lie is all he is."
I wonder if he knows just what you said?
About that 'friendship' too.
Yet another one of your brews.

Yes, there's a blame on two.
And yes, it's a shame on you.

Your faces show,
Many More Then Two.

So here's my simple expression....

Take the sheets off the mirror
and see your reflection.


Reflecting a hostile person I once called friend.
And how it so negatively affected me too.

~Tough love given, from a Poet's brew.

~We keep such things now, to Write the past.



LiL' Do,
Lil' dear,
Lil taste of my cheer?

Lil Ra,
Lil' Me,
Lil hot cup of tea,
~oh wait, that's a SO FA I see!
~ Laaaaaaa. Te!

with your Latte dear?
souffle before we play?


DO... a path to know.
That's it's never too laaaate! ;)
Write.DO IT!

Izzy You're Dizzy

Izzy you're dizzy you'll need to explain
Exactly HOW many players are in your brain.
~But I can't they won't understand.
~I've tried this before and I lost my clan.
~They know you're here on the land.Anyway.

Explain a day that you can see when Many are the
here and the hear are She. Writing for A WE.
It can be This Way and it is.
News came and spun the biz...
NessV. It'll be May.be Tomorrow.
Five days in the narrows.
row row To be. a Way
Then on the arrows we'll see.

~with respect I ask... are you testing me?
A day in May is only part Way. To a day.
I know my name. \@@/ and YOU're the ham.
A birth defined on an August I AM!g0

And my vision is funny not fuzzy,
Souper sunny in the morning not dizzy...
My name is Susan and my pen's named Izzy.

A system drawn in a perfect way.see
A Wake.yes. A Long ago yes. I Be.
Loving to write poETry
And how many poems can that really be?
In my brain I asked, Again.


Back SWAK!

A loud clap in a text of a digital tap and a message that read out loud,
"hey nerd, this isn't a test--SWAK back! and be proud!"

Oh god the cornman's back and Agent 22 in his tan shorts too,
with the cowlicks in his hair. Down from the ladder the roofing
mad hatters and I invited them in for a beer! We stepped out.
To the patio then.

There's something mighty weird with my picture right here...

"I still like your car my dear..." I heard in the air but this time,
unlike last time, they're not near.

There's something mighty weird in my ear, do you hear?

How is my patio now in my pen?
In a moment ago, we were outside then?

The motion in my room is very slow
and time moves forward to an unknown zone.

This doesn't exist where I am right now and
how did I even get back? The cornmen came
two years ago and the Lion is the one with the SWAK.
But I haven't met him just yet.

"Sealed With A Kiss" he said.
I returned on the Winds, Bacab.

TLC on the Angle

"That's a dead triangle" the boy proclaimed without even a mention of his good name. "Gotta smoke...?" the old man asked as he unlatched his case, pulling out sticks. His time at the table to challenge the band, was upon him soon. His pinkie ring has an onyx moon.

"You shoot lefty.... and a bridge is the quarter turn of a One"

"Seven sees four eyes of a sun....! You're good to move on."

What? There's a quarter turn on the horizon?
"The Angel isn't dead and the Dead aren't done...."

How many games have you played I asked him. His blue jeans were dirty and his hair was thin. His hands were shaking as he drew one in... a long and steady breath, full of smoke while his eyes fixed firm. The hall was dim and around me I could hear the echoing players call. I could hear the clashing of solidly striped balls. Then without a reply, the old man turned his back to the wall. Removed his eyes from my questioning stare and lifting his arm, he took a shot through the air.

"Why am I here...." with the Angels again...

"Hey little girl, did you watch me play? I won that game" the red head said.
All I could do was smile. Not knowing yet why once in a while, I'm confronted with strange realities while not especially mine, but yours, you see?

In her face with just seconds to spare I saw her life in a flash of red.... bloodshot.
Eyes in her head were not the kind I'm used to. Something about her ruby lips too.... the elevator moved ever so slow as we stood there. Her towering height became quite, apparent, my eyes to roll from sight as I'm staring. Click please! Let the elevator bell ding, I'm praying. I see her knees am I shrinking? I start blinking and breathing, just waiting for the door to start moving.

And then it did.
And the air finally came.

"Love an Angle and be quick on your game!"... her ruby lips flapped.
Then the red head was gone and I was still and left standing.

76 tables in the den remaining...I'm exhausted when came the first of a dawning and while driving away in the morning, I realized...I was called to the table in play, for their lives.

"But I'm not a man..." a whisper cried....
"Only slight of the human inside...."
A fractal of Light in my ride....
As homeward I drive, wondering how it can be?
As they're not alive.... So what exactly, does that mean about me?

true story.

iP Bubbles Thirst

NineTs and One step were defined by the Law as they saw it.
As to remain hidden a knowledge so they spun it and again a quarter turn
to ensure us, Care of the Keepers, in Time we trust.

Regardless of the challenges given us, there are knowing eyes in the Universe....

Watching Time as we translate to Cure.sive. There is purpose, a pure save in a hidden cave
and soon we'll come to know this. They wrote in the stones to show it. Created earthly tones
in a row for us.

A record of bones, but the knowledge of a men aborted, when a calculated error reported
that Time was to fast. Meant to repeat an error of past was the rumor they wrote in a Book.

This was observed when the Dead came to Look. And so they stayed. Made note of the Day and a beat was created in rhyme. Then aLion was drawn as the fabric of Time leaving open a
door, in the magic sands.

There she stands. Great Sphinx on the land holding a tomb in the palm of her hand. Waiting
patiently as we learn to understand. Looking ever aware through Time and the Space left
there. Guarding ever with care a color of horizon in the depths of Her stare.

She stood through the troubles of Earth, guarding our knowledge of the bubbles we thirst.
And to guard a womb She appeared on first to brighten our Moon, a living creature of Life
that shines in the Knight shes known.

Pi.Man was left a trail of crumbs. And so, four are the message, sublime we spun and came
undone the knowledge of a rhyme. As given in Love, we're here to play.... for the Over Time.

For the four you fear, know another Four here...
We're the Ones who drew a Line and the Rose was given in the sky to remind.

Jupiter, set to protect.

Who Is. On First

NineTs and One step were defined by the Law as they saw it,
As to remain hidden to knowledge, subliminal in the open, they showed it.
Jumping circles to square, they leveled the air by building great pyramids there.
Precise as a marksman dare, the best Mason were sent with care, and...

"Finding four were already here, we studied them, using paper and pen when we came.
Their crooked time stood and we observed it then. We made a notice of Ten.

Your time was slow and so, we colored the rain and started a flow.
You'll remember then a Time when the Vision was Write. Maya called to a Monk,
"Come and knoW a new Light...."

On a Mountain side where worlds float by, there's a golden shine from a Sun once known.
Catch a cloud and ride it to a Rainbow. Come a rise of color, we have yet to behold.

Carpe Diem

On a day back in the March of 2007, the world changed forever.
From the sky came a message to remember. It showed a day when
the Maya played a Great Game. They marked it Eleven to December.
Yes, the message would be rendered. They put a count down
and it was called Number. In the Heavens came a sound of thunder
and they knew, that it would be just right.

Looking up high they checked the sky at night and again in the daylight.
They made plans to carve a stone, leave a message that explains the flight.
Leave a message in the day and the night with temples and steps calculated,
Just Right.

Return they would to this date and time, retuning two through a simple rhyme.
It was meant to be, just this way. A great ruler came to be one Day.
A journey and a life to remember, so the Maya marked a day in November.
The Dead looked down, the children abound so indeed, the good deed was rendered.

A Shield was sent as a dome of protection. Colored and timed to exact perfection.
"The children shall not suffer" and for this, we play to remember.
We’ll mark this day and we'll call it November.
A day for the Dead to see that the children are better.

A great scroll was left tuning lines into letter. Every day and night,
dedicated to the Journey of SOL, dedicated to the innocent who wouldn’t know,
that an evil never was. "Seize the Day". There is only Love....

And so it was written.
A single law spoken.
Just. Is Way.

“nueva pedido de los sabios”
“New Order of the Sages”
"nueva orden del día"
"New order of the Day"

Not Wise

I sit write back and wonder why
my belly rumbles and my eyes are dry.

Then I look to my left and remember to see
the Nut and Fruit wrappers of an eaten Cadbury.

Chocolate that is. As in the whoooole bar.
Not a drop of melted dark, creamy milky, square little parts,
Left in the wrappers, know. I ate it all.

And apparently I had a ball, because I didn't take notice,
that earlier in the night I had done this, once before.
... as my belly takes a rumble and a tumble once more....

To my horror what do I see? As I turn, from the wrappers Cadbury...
The plastic flash of a bag in the trash and it strikes fear, into the bowels of me...
It couldn't have been that again, back when, earlier this night
as I wrote in delight, words so yummy, I forgot
a bag of bears or two, that were gummy?

Another rumble happens at the pit of my tummy
And I realize... that at 40, I might knot.
Be wise. ;)


Complicated Rhymes

I Am
In search
Of a mystery
I wanted to see v
........ i thought to climb a hill
............. i found it down and still
........ in a breeze was the buzz of a bee
.................... on my knees I crouched down to see
........ a little green spout at the base of a Great Tree
.................... i wondered if this was the start of a climb
........ can I stay here to watch you grow Over Time
............. watch a simple word roll
........ into complicated rhymes
I wanted to see ^
A Mystery
I wrote


To Be
The Wind
Alone now
A Quiet space
Reaching to find you
Expansion of mind
Reaching to find a kind of place
where vision flows and color flies
through too A candlelight spiral as it floats on by in the sky
Tonight in my dream I remember why I write into the Light
A Pharaoh searches for his Queen
Through time and space he comes again
Sound of a Wind hears
Expansion of Mind
A Quiet space
Pharaoh's Queen
Time now
To sea

to the Center ........... the other one

Fair Count
Stones Be
She Bones
And Here
As Tones.
To Be, Hear.
To Sea, The Wind.
Alone now. Time now.
Pharaoh's Queen. A quiet space.
Reaching to find you. A quiet space.
Expansion of mind. Expansion of Mind.
Sound of the Wind hears, Reaching to find a kind of place
where vision flows and color flies. Through time and space he comes again.
A Pharaoh searches for his Queen, through too A candlelight spiral as it floats on by in the sky.
Tonight in my dream I remember why I write into the Light


Grill toast with corn beef
Thousand island dressing to please
Grill delicious on rye or pumpernickle tastes right.
Hot melted cheese of Swiss makes you say delicious.
Sauerkraut in the mouth makes you wish
for coleslaw and this
handy spork.
With love,

0 1123581313853211 0
To my friend Ruben... who dared me to Flip.Up.A.Notchie. ;)

Fibonacci Style Poetry

Fibonacci ... in a Word


0112358 1321




Fibonacci style of Poetry ...

The number of syllables in each line must equal the sum of the syllables in the two previous lines. So, start with 0 and 1, add them together to get your next number, which is also 1, 2 comes next, then add 2 and 1 to get 3, and so on. Fibonacci: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21... Poetry: 1 syllable, 1 syllable, 2 syllables, 3 syllables, 5 syllables, 8 syllables, 13 syllables, 21 syllables...

~ I gave this a try, but using only one word each up to 8 syllables.

Haiku. Lost Love

A tightening jaw
A silent tear rolls down my cheek
I remember you


You call me
I answer


Eyes closed chest implodes
Folding inward my head bows
Wet tear on my thigh


Adding Color.Said the Knight. Part 6

RGB so that we can see,
what we think and believe is color TV.
Our favorite ET. Best friend it can be.

RGB so that we can see,
what we love to read on a pixel screen.
Communicate with another Being.
Love and hate as we link and we Ping.

RGB what the Maya saw?
It wasn't the same as our cable box.
It was Nature's light
on the trees and the rocks.
A Stormy Quiet Knight,
that they marked in the blocks.

Monks they did the best they could.
Said a wolf was coming,
under Red's riding hood.

But that wasn't the case was it?

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91
A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I+J+K+L+M = 91 x 4 = 364

14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21+22+23+24+25+26 = 260 x 4 = 1040 (half is 520)
N+O+P+Q+R+S+T+U+V+W+X+Y+Z = 260 A Tzolkin number

20 x 13 = 260 Tzolkin
52 x 5 = 260 'Work' year
14 plus plus 26 = 260 sum of the second half of the english alphabet... and anything.also.

260 + 91 = 351

260 x 5 = 1300 ... spin cycle.

Theory of U....Part 5

First let's learn how to count, Again.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

A+B+C+D+E+F+G+H+I+J+K+L+M = 91 x 4 = 364

These lines of alphabet can be anything...

14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21+22+23+24+25+26 = 260

N+O+P+Q+R+S+T+U+V+W+X+Y+Z = 260 x 4 = 1040 plus One more. Set! 1040 + 260 = 1300 and spin.

Results are the same, paper, scissors or rocks,
we should know this game, it's in our paychecks.

52 weeks a year x 5 days a week = 260 days.

Scholars say it's a mystery, of how
the Maya Tzolkin came to be...
My OP? They saw what's clear to see.
It's about You and U and Me. Really.


Pyramids they left us when,
they saw the skies deciding then,
We'd not remember the day they came.
We'd not remember the loving game.

But the parchment read,
They are more then one team.

Memory comes in a DNA stream.
Opening eyes under lids as they dream.
Whispering voices that can sound like a scream.
Presenting choices on a golden beam.

~Which way to do you read?

Starting at the one, gives us 400 years.
91 x 4 = 364
1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91

90 x 4 = 360
2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 90

364 is contained in them all, 360 too.
ALion drawn through, a Gregorian call.
A Maya.n went too and doubled the TEN.
Then Time added One to begin.Again.
And Again.

Two came along and said "hey Square"
How will you make the circle write there?
Without Me?

I'm the One Tu, can't you see?
You need me TuT.urn a 360.nuT

Theory of o.llumination....Part 4

Eleven nineteen, nine met to be we.
Intentions meant right, but the left did see,
The Nine did meet and they met... to Be.
Juliet you can bet in the Julian sea.
Juliet you can bet, is a poet called She.

To the Knights She writes in the
digital lights, to the Knights She writes
a pixel.lingo, to the Knights She rights,
a sound of Bingo!Ping O' the bing sings.
Just SO.

Indian.Sang and the sound went Again,
Temples were built to remind us then.

Etch and sketch, the message of One,
Stone by stone was laid in the sun.

655 and 1
6551 => 1556

There's a Time to come, it's written here.
Fields are showing what the evenings bare.

Books were altered to give us a scare.
Meanings were changed and lost were the dear.
Best they could the Monks did here.
Translations lost, despite their care.
Be A ware, not beware. Love is here.
Just see it there. Time is coming.
We need to be clear.

The code is LOVE, nothing less my dear.
Best they could the Monks did here.
Know they would, defend our lands,
Know they did, guard our plans.
Secrecy can sometimes be,
A matter, of mistaken identity.

For the Four you fear, another Four hear.
For the stories untold, the Five shine gold.
Four days from today, the knowledge flows.
ADD, one more to know.

ETA is what it might say. Then One
of a month and 13 days, from the day.
Half a clock to complete the Way.

~2 short 4, is that what was said?
there's a mighty long database,
living in my head.
A summer.iCing crystal
called EVenRed... can you read?
That's EV.nerd. ;)

Then finding blue, the two became
You, and you, and you too.

In a spiraling Wind, we'll be here again.
X marks a spot, on the twin of a TEN


From date: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Added 1 month, 13 days

Resulting date: Saturday, July 4, 2009
Note: The larger units (months/years) are added before the smaller units (days). If the
smaller units are added first, the result would have been: Friday, July 3, 2009

From date: Thursday, May 21, 2009

Added 11 months, 11 days

Resulting date: Sunday, May 2, 2010
Note: The larger units (months/years) are added before the smaller units (days). If the
smaller units are added first, the result would have been: Saturday, May 1, 2010

Theory of !llumination....Part 3

Octaves, not slaves is the way it went.
220s, 440s and then in the vent,
880 was heard and the light was bent.
They left a CC on the note you just spent.

155, we are still alive in the day and the light,
we made it quite right. To be heard.
Gave IT, to a group we love to call our nerds.
They built a machine on quarters and thirds.
But forgot the heart and a song for the birds.

You used a plan that was left long ago.
With secrets incomplete so the boat didn't go.
How long has it been? mon ami , dos amigo?
We're invited to the Pen, the Dragon said so.

You used a plan that was left long ago.
With secrets incomplete so the boat didn't go.
And so a wake, is the way we'll know.
Setting it write, so it's right at the light.
My hand our pen and a sound.called Knight.

The AND on the compass switched a hand
and it knew... a little loop in the thread
should see us through. Little sew in the
seeds under skies of blue. Time to fix
the seas with a knowledge renewed.
Time to fix the buzz, time to find the bees,
hear our echo and replace the Trees, now gone.
But their song...
I can hear in the air as it sings along.hear
A sound there. Love allowed.the Healing.
Be Aware.

... to be. has always. continued.

Theory of e.llumination....Part 2

Location, location, it's all important.
Calling is on and the message is urgent.
Four years early it shows the innocent.
A calculated error that we never intended.

2036 is the year in question.
A pattern was found and marks omission.
A Ten spot turned and changed the lesson.
20/20 minus four is a fuzzy reason.
X marks the spot in a coming season.

400 doors, a Gregorian Liaison.
Watch for the days, because the clear
is hear.On.One.

... to be. continued.

My Friend.
I took two steps forward,
Because I've got (h)our back.

~How can this be? 6000 years old?
or 91 3 3 with a little twist you see, dang cursive.
Are you laughing with me?
L@7 rolling around in the digital sea?
On the grid paper is where I'll be.
Having a Time and a Lifetimes three. ;)


Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name that refers to several groups, both historical and modern, and both real and fictitious.

This movement was founded on May 1, 1776

The year 1776 is celebrated by the United States of America as the official beginning of its nationhood. 1776, or MDCCLXXVI, is the number shown at the bottom of the pyramid on the American dollar bill, and on the tablet held by the Statue of Liberty.

July 4 is the 185th day of the year (186th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 180 days remaining until the end of the year. Aphelion, the point in the year when the Earth is farthest from the Sun, occurs around this date.

The original working copy(ies) of the Declaration of Independence that was signed by John Hancock (President of Congress) and Secretary Charles Thomson on July 4, 1776 is/are lost. All we have left from the actual July 4th event are the drafts.

Contrary to popular belief, two original July 5th, 1776 Dunlap printed broadsides with only Hancock and Thomson's names were the actual documents delivered to King George III notifying him of the resolution to absolve all ties with Great Britain. King George III never received a signed copy with a John Hancock's signature large enough for him to read without his spectacles. The other names of the signers were not made public until 1777.

After finalizing the text on July 4, Congress issued the Declaration of Independence in several forms. It was initially published as a printed broadside that was widely distributed and read to the public. The most famous version of the Declaration, a signed copy that is usually regarded as the Declaration of Independence, is on display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. According to most historians, Congress signed this document on August 2, 1776, and not on July 4, as is often believed. (In fact it was not signed by all until years later.) wiki.

Theory of a.llumination....Part 1


To expand the mind is to find the Time,
To explore, to sea and play some.
Be the mysteries of life and see sum,
of the intriguing clues left behind.

For instance, "On the One" you can find,
A Roman number left in a line, at the base.
At the start of the step that defines the Ace.
One. And it reads....be...

1000 to the M,
500 Ds then,
CC on the Note?
They left some quotes to find when,
L is for Love, half and half from Above,
XX their kisses you see. V is for peace and
yes, I can see. How to be, this.

How to be.ace for the Pe.ace. Yes...

On the One, Day of May in the Q of '76,
a spark appeared, it flared in the mix,
in the air it flew, around the Earth too
and then it landed, inside of You.

Marked the day indeed, on a pole
put a ribbon, in a bowl put a reed.
Then get a bird and plant a seed.
It's Time to Be.

Freedom rang a familiar song,
recorded the day and called it long.

We worked for it. Put a heart there too.
We built this garden to nourish you.
It's Time you knew.

MDCC so you could be aware, 1700
is the count in the air. Adding
LXXVI to the mix.
That gives us the rest of the 76.

A year we call our independence.
56 signed, in gentle One.ness.
Giving us the Chance to be. All This.

They left a CC, on the note, with a kiss. XX

Who Me? Long.Winded2 ?

About what and where should I start?
What I hear comes from my heart.

Sometimes, he's a lover you see.
Sometimes, an uncle who jokes with me.
Albert E.
The story seems to be…
that it might be god.
Might be a game by the name of yod,
but he's the boy who's walking the dog…
I never know, because I'm the scribe.

Sometimes, there's math.e.magic.
Confusion when I make it tragic.
But that only seems to be,
when I'm watching to much TV. ;)
There's math.be.simple,
rhyme be quick, the Pi man's here
and he's making it thick.
His name is simply Siamon.
And there was a time,
I thought he was Maya n,
but he's not. Or perhaps he knots.
I say it's naughty either way,
but I still don't know his play.

He might be the Dragon,

But that's me….
So you see….
It's all just a mystery.

Then there's 'them', the one on the Ones…
I wanted to play but they said nay,
so I showed them how to anyway.
It was some fun. Four.Sure.

I'm modest, to the infinite degree. ;)

Perhaps I'm just in.sane,
but I can say without being vain,
that I got some numbers, some dates
and times, they came to me in bits
and rhymes. And Seems to be,

when I add them up, they do just what
they said to me, ... Luck.e…
they work.

The Monk, The Mayan, The Man in the Hat,
The bat, the cat, the birds and all that…
the owl, the chick, another called Lark,
the sparrows the hawks,
and the eagles that bark..
But most of all is the one who dares… me.

The Lion.Ophi, She's there you see.
Him too. With the speed of light?
What's a girl to do? Who knows if it’s right?
Especially when her worlds just new.again.
I see 'something' from outta the blue.

Poets write hear
and are Long.winded too... ;)

Who Me? Long.Winded?

My friend let me share with you,
the secret of what I do,
It really is a mystery,
I have no clue is the truth you see?
It just happens to me.

I ask many questions,
I don't pretend to know,
of what's so familiar it makes
my heart glow. It just is.
From lifetimes ago.

I have a story of what it might be.
Floats around in my head,
demands attention from me.
Compelled to write an
arrangement on life.
Hearing the language
of what's behind my eyes.
But I don't know why.

I love all the same,
everything about this crazy game.
I'm fortunate and grateful to hear,

Another voice in the Wind out there.
Even if understanding's not clear.

It feels quite right,
like the warmth of a light,
Like the smell of a fresh spring day.
I'm in love with it,
when it comes my way.

A mystery this voice in me,
as puzzles are shown to my eyes.
And I don't know why….
But to my own surprise….
Sometimes I try and it's not quite right.
Sometimes I don't and then it takes flight,
and it's right….and a quiet write into light...
but I don't know why.

Just a glimpse you see… it's the oddest part
of the secret me.


Two Scoops

Hey raisin, shall I tell you the tale?
Tell us of where history and news failed
to share truth? Be the sleuth and unveil?

Okay then, here's your two scoops...

Believe they say in a day when God's wrath
will find his way to you? Believe in destruction
death, plunder and confusion too? Chaos you say?
Here's a day you'll never forget...
I'll even bet.

Your God is here, walking the talk,
checking the parks and asking the lark,
did you hear? Did you read the book?
Didn't need it all, just one look...

"We are created..."
"In the image of..."

The rest lost to fallen egos "from above".

We call Him 'man'. Given a garden,
a song, a land... given two hands to hold,
a heart given as the color of Gold.

Given a rainbow, to remind us...
"We are created... as the image of trust"

"As above so below" they say
getting it wrong, never went that way.

"As above, we Are, Love"

I'd write that One down, if I were you...

"Define my wrath..."
Sure... she laughs.
Sure, she crafts, the messages.
Sure, She's a nut in a bubble of images...
You can bet.
Here's another you won't forget...

"We are Two... got that? In the scoops?"

"Knock knock... we're Both home."

Believe they say in a day when Gods
will find Their way to you?
Is the day you'll never forget...
I'll even bet.


!with a big fat eraser and some beers...
we met.

Nine is the line,
Eleven the mind and
Thirteen. Is the rhyme.

and 12 ...
"Time catches us..."
She's a NET



One little two little three little habits,
Four little five little six little rabbits,
Seven little eight little nine little hobbits,
10th to the 10 said two little droplets...

nine little eight little seven little pea pods,
six little five little four little Tree Gods,
Three little tea pots...

Too...So, Little had thoughts.
One main.frame will cost a lot....
SoOne.Black hat is what I got.

One little two little three little platelets,
Four little five little six little Gate steps,
Seven little eight little nine little Job.lets,

it's still...
10th to the 10
said two little droplets...

nine little eight little seven little tree pods,
six little five little four little T.spots
Three little two little...
There's more then one Apple?



I wanna play, what's your name...

My name is Noah and I built a boat.
Got some tablets that said she'd float.
Then two by two and just after goats,
I stuffed them in, minus the rain coats.
Little miss, on the jist, of the Note.

I wanna play, what's your name...

They call me Albert and I'm in.sane.
After I died, they digitized my brain.
Now a computer bares my name.
Wrote a book so they could see,
the speed of light in a recipe.Almost.
Just 2 eyes shy, the chicken boast...

I wanna play, what's your name...

They call me King, but it's all the same.
After I died, I gave you my name.
Oh shoo! The cinder.fella called me You?!
My three 'mids are still short two.
I'm no fool... Just is, Khufu.

I wanna play, what's your name...

They say Pacal, but it's all the same.
After I died, I kept the flame... for you.
Long later on, she gave you my name.
Elevation, is what I claim.

You wanna play? What's your name...
Who me?

The Duck

For the love of God I fall me down,
To my knees, I pray, hands together,
hear me please! I don't know you.

But I want to... see the eyes
that shine so blue. They say it's true.
Never read your Book, I know you look.
You check to see me too.
Is it You?

" Know Dice..." my head said twice.
" This Way..." called the Indian.
Game field is Hear, and the games in play.

A spectator? A ghost or a Commentator?
Know. It's God, answers The Operator.

Oh crap its true!

For the love of God I fall me down,
To my knees, I pray, hands together,
hear me please! I don't know you.

Oh my it's true! The wire is in
and the patch panel knew....

~ Hows that duck ~
Oh what luck! He saw me through!


A Wake...

Now I wake me up from bed,
eyelids heavy and a drum
in my head...

~Long night. Where am I now?
~Dreamy light... I'm awake
55... Mom died.
From today...
155... am I alive?
~Yes, you are....
"This Way..."

Now I wake me up from sleep,
past and present lights of speed,
catching up... my mind is deep.
Rhyming patterns in the air.
I see them. They see me hear.
~155... drive me.
~Light to sea...

Buddha sat under a tree...
His birthday 9, in the month of May.
"This Way..."
Mason left a message dear,
Was "On the One" so we can hear,
George ol' boy... what do you say?
From the Buddha's birth, Count.
1 5 5 6 days.

~Where are the twins~
CC XX... this way...

Hear the music when it plays...
You're A Wake to count the days.

... okay then. A WakE it is...

The English word "wake" originated from the ancient Indo-European root
"wog" or "weg," meaning "to be active." This evolved into several
meanings, including "growth" ("vegetable"), "to become or stay alert,"....
and "watching or guarding"




Time Travels You Say?

... pffft... blows long hair away...
from the eyes as she gently, ever so
moving slow, inserts home grown,
self sewn, Text.mex.i.flux.... there.
... pffft... damn hair, needs a cut.
Will it fit? This crystal duck...?
Into the bit, just a turn and a tuck...

Just a flux.Ka.pacitator... self created
by this Creator, to fit the ship.
Standing hands on hips... near the switch.
~Did it fit?

"Well..." She say....
Warp drive to improbable, possible
improbabilities, which sound extra.
ordinarily possible to the Boss, are
most likely at sum cost but not loss.
Is my calculation.
~Is that YOU? Houston? No problem.

Just a girl with some bootes on,
little music blaring strong,
Sherlock, on her arm...
Ms.Tree.us smile... or was that mile?
You're quite right!

... pffft... blows long hair away...
from the eyes as she gently,
ever so softly replies...

This crystal flies. Without a vent.
;) ~Quack~ lol~