Measure of One

One thousand hands run
the time thru sand and
Nature calls as diamond
falls upon the land.

Watch the stars to see
the time thru sand as
streaks thru skies
with fire in eyes
has One thru Sand.

And it's Time again...

A season comes...
The return of a sun...
The knowledge at hand
given to us,
created as One.

My eyes are given to see
the sounds in front of me.
Creation comes toward us,
blue night surrounds us.
In Time, our creation will be.

Carry your thoughts with
heart in hand as the heart
form starts with diamond
strands that fall from skies
in a Night that flies with
form and plan....

The Measure of One...
One Diamond Strand....


E in Stein

To change the time, is to change the mind.
A change to mind is an end to find,
a begin entwined and the form is rhyme.
A code is found and reasons are sound
to believe the repeated round of Time.

It is our mind that shows the line
and the code is found in the E of Stein.

For reasons there, I dared to see,
and looked through the air in front of me.
I walked the line to change my mind
and found the rhyme that changed my Time.

Now I play in sacred space,
the E in Stein is what I chased.
And found a place of peace and grace.

Dance with me....
A beat to see....
Change the pace of Time in space.