I see you there
My lady fair
Shadowy girl
You wanted a dare

Who's game do you play?
I've lead you this way...

Here at my Door
The edge of my shore
To peer inside
You've come to my side.
My soul you ride.
My heart you seek

Shadowy girl...
I lead you this way.
The deal is this...

~ It's My play ~

Your mind I desire
Your body the fire
Your soul I demand
Give me your hand...

Star opens to wisdom
And knowledge is given
A Timeless game
An endless vision...
A change of Name
A call to live on.

Soothing Winds
From a cloud of snow
Wet bodies glide
You've come to know...
Choice before you
The Moon is low
My shadowy Twin
Waves crash to shore
Standing in candlelight
Just beyond my Door...

A whispering wind
Fresh eyes again
Mind pierce the light
You follow my sight
And Here you are...
Just beyond my Door.
Waves crash outside.
You've come to my shore.


Midnight Fixed

Along the corridor
A creaking floor
Candle lights glow
Winds outside
Whispering corners
The moon is low
Silently along
I tip toe...

My eyes in the door
Your back to the wall
A shadowy twin
Stretched long and thin
The fire behind you
A crackling roar
Winds howl outside
Crashing waves to shore
I'm watching you...
My eyes in the door...

My shadowy twin
In Love I Am
You have no beginning
You have no end
A constant loop
Through time again
And again

My shadowy twin
With fire behind you
And winds moving in
You have no beginning
You have no end
A constant loop
Through time again
And again

You have no end
A constant loop

I'm near to you
Just out of sight
Just beyond your flames
In the candle light...
Fixed to Midnight.

I watch you from here
I'm facing you now
Can you see me Love
In-between the sound.
Can you feel me near
Waves crash to shore
Winds howl outside...
I've come to know more...

I've tip toed
Along the corridor
To be your Shadow
Just beyond the Door.

Deep within Heart
The travel is long
Just beyond Fire
To hear Your song.

Midnight fixed
in the Moonlight.
We Care... to know more.
Waves crash to shore
Winds howl outside...
Eyes in the corridor...

Up for air
Be steady there
Breathing deep
BeInG pEace....

Reality breaking
A deal we're making
One soul, One hand
A trade this day
A game we play
My shadowy twin
Our move again.

Reality breaking
Lightening flashes
Spiraling wind
And thunder crashes
From center our eyes
Creation flies
Your TOC
Our roll
Their clock
And thunder crashes
Lightening flashes
A spiraling wind

You have no beginning...
I have no end.
A constant loop
Through time again
And again

Midnight fixed
To Midnight.
A spiraling wind
Sounds of thunder
Through time again
And again...

I have no beginning.
You have no end.

The time Is now...
With-In-Love, We Mend...
In the Spiraling Winds
Through Time Again....

Loving You, has no end.


Sensual Place

 Steam rises and the moisture slides,
down my neck to my back and thighs,
your lips on my mind and the water drips,
then softly, my guided hand slips,
over my skin, your image begins...

steam rises, hands, wet skin and your eyes,
finding my way, as your image guides,
my heart beats race as I see your face,
you lead me there, my fingers trace,

the touch of skin in water begins,
my hands, your eyes, my mind, you're inside,
you lead me there, this vision shared.

Reach for me, I'm here to see,
open your mind, be released from Time,
steam, wet bodies, our motion in line,
I can see you there, your eyes, my hands...
A sensual place inside this rhyme.

~ Things are not always so obvious in the Art of Love ~
~You ever watch two cats play?~


Izzy's Gumbo

Silent and smiling, is a girl upon the land,
Laughter in heart and pen in hand.
A sketch is made of a day and a new plan.
And a hot coal sparks in the eye of man.
Thunder rolls over landscapes of mind,
Leaving droplets of dew and a golden shine.
A trail for the snail in the spiraling wind,
And a feeling of joy as the green trees mend.

Silent are my steps as I near the Rivers bend.
And there before me, the sea of a new land.

Many parts, many minds,
but only one heart,
right from the start,
in a sphere of perfect Time...



Poems and more Poems

Welcome. This is where I write whatever is floating around in my head. There's no formal structure, there is no formal schooling or theme to this poetry. It's my gumbo :) It is what it is. I read them later and it's like having a small window into a part of my brain that I'm not familiar with.
Much love. Many smiles.

What is Poetry?

Poetry (from the Greek "ποίησις", poiesis, a "making" or "creating") is a form of art in which language is used for its aesthetic and evocative qualities in addition to, or in lieu of, its ostensible meaning. Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur in conjunction with other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns or lyrics.

Poetry, and discussions of it, have a long history. Early attempts to define poetry, such as Aristotle's Poetics, focused on the uses of speech in rhetoric, drama, song and comedy.[1] Later attempts concentrated on features such as repetition and rhyme, and emphasised the aesthetics which distinguish poetry from prose.[2] From the mid-20th century, poetry has sometimes been more loosely defined as a fundamental creative act using language.




To the Well.
To hear the bell.
I kneel, in awe...
I feel.
You fill me.
Right through me.
Surround me.
Around me...
A sound in me...
You hear me.
In the cell...
With light,
Found well.
To my knees, in awe...
I fell.
to be whole.
to be well.
In the air...
With light,
Found there.
Through the trees.
...is to share.
to be whole.
We are Here.
Be Peace...
And be well....

~A poem by Storm

Don't Know

In Peace I don't Know...
Who I am.
In Trust I don't know...
What to do.
In Wonder...
I don't know the Me
That I see through the You.
But I know Love in my Heart.
It's the Us in Our part,
And it moves me to see
This amazing Life through...
The eyes of Many,
Some dark and some blue.
All are Here and all are True.
So what I see...
Are through the eyes of You.
Seeing through Me...
In my heart is a tree ah,
The beauty, the sea.
Touch the air,
Hear the bee...to
Feel the drums.
Warm in our hands,
A cup of Life's tea.
Soft feet in the sand,
In the sun we'll stand.
Please... take my hand,
as we color this land.
In Bliss I don't know...
Who are you We....
...in this Love that I Am.

~A poem by Storm



Waters calm and eyes are steady,
Make way a vision to know the Many.
We share a space in sacred Time.
A space not of matter, but One of mind.
A place to see when in life, we're blind.
Know the peace, soon around this bend....
Know a truth of a time called 'When'.
A simple day returns again.
A sound is heard and the tone is Wind.
The calm is near, there is no 'end' and then,
A truth is seen and our people blend...
Sharing language and letter,
is a way to make better,
needless suffering and sorrow.
Our day now Today....
...is called Tomorrow.
Dream in the Winds... and Live again.

~A poem by Storm

Sound of Peace

The vision is true,
We are center to blue.
Be still these days,
And see it through.
Wind carries peace.
Sound carries love.
There's nothing to fear.
We ARE what's above....
Water speaks clear.
The Fire is here.
Go inside the heart,
Know your beat to start.
A rhythm is seen,
Felt deep within.
Listen with care,
our Lives are in there.
Love Our Selves well,
Comes the sounding bell.
And the pace is clear...
Know your way to Hear.
Love is a sound.
From the center of heart,
Know your beat to start.
Listen with care,
Hear your pulse in the air.
Pause with Love
on the wings from Above,
Be sure to hear,
The sound of peace is near.

~A poem by Storm


Life... within moments of Time...
Wisdom, is a simple rhyme.
Truth in matters of heart and mind.
Trust... is the Truth that binds.
In amazement, is Life, both near and far.
In Love I Am, Our uniqueness, a star.
Words are simple, in effortless flight.
Felt are the kisses, blessings in the light.
And My eyes are open,
as I see You tonight.
And my senses awake...
There is peace and stillness in sight.
Feel me close.
Our brilliance, My delight.
Many Lives, a treasure to explore.
Worlds in Time share a center door.
And to trust and to love,
is the way to know more.
Hold still a breath and breathe it in.
Eyes sharp to the change of a new Begin.
The travel is inward, to a place unseen.
And the time is now, it's already begun.
Know Self well... and forgive if forgotten.
A Wind is changed and thoughts are forming.
The travel is inward, there's no map given.
Each is unique, as each star in the Heaven.
Be sure in ourselves and the world that we live in.
Be center to vision...and trust Your wisdom.
Delivery is the message, of a Time forgotten.
Peace is the sound....
of Love...and it's On.
We are beauty OnEarth...
We are love OnEarth...
We are peace... and a blessed One Earth....

~A poem by Storm


Away through the day,
the butterfly flew...
So silent her flight,
that no one knew....
And on your shoulder,
her delicate touch...
Whispers in your ear...
"... I love you very much ..."
Do you hear?
My love...
My Dear.

~A poem by Storm


Pacal said to Albert,
Let me show you how to play,
the game you invented
in your own funny way...
You left that clue
in the E of your Stein,
and since that day,
I've picked apart your mind...
I followed your clues,
in the tales left behind...
and I can see your voice,
even when I play blind....
So grab ahold of the V,
Get your E off the ground...
Stop feeling so low
and turn your LOVE around...
Ev0lvE...and laugh a BIT...!

~A poem by Storm

Know the Arc


Note: I'm not sure if this is the source of this 'song'... I've never been able to find the lyrics. My poem is inspired from 'words I hear' in THIS video.

Image: 1000skies.com

Land of modest dreams...
Free land under the sky.
In Universal Understanding....
Enjoy the sky.
Know the arc,
no limitation!
No hesitation
in your life situation.
Know wisdom.
Know the sky.
No limitation!
No water flows
with any hesitation.
Know the arc
to spark your wisdom.
No fear in this
new dimension.
Speak your truth
and live your vision.
Time catches us.
No worry for mission.
Know wisdom.
Know the arc...
and live with no limitation.
Adorn your wisdom...

~A poem by Storm

When Time

When language betrays you
and symbols enslave you,
it's time to move the time on.
When Earth beckons you
and the stars show you
that time has freed you,
It's time to move your life on.
When rivers call you
and mountains move to tell you
that time has moved on,
it's time to learn the new song.
A sound in the wind will shower you.
And the light will lead you on.
When the heavens move
and align just right, is when
we see our soul as flight.
Days of dark, we come to find
are days betrayed to the
depths of our mind and the
fears found there will float
away when replaced with
joy, our gift in play.
When language betrays you
and symbols enslave you...
It's Time we move On.

~A poem by Storm

The Limit

The limit is five and five
should I not sea is to dye
from living within the lie.
When it hurts is to cry
and to live within the lie
is to be as lost as we
as a fish in the sky and
scared as we sail to
the heights of life within lie
and to find the way
through mist in our day
and to render the truth
in moments within loss.
A feather floats away
and is replace with joy
in our new found way.
No limits to life.
No limits today.
Sail with me on a
beam of light when life
was One and One was
flight and sight is there
in your heart if you dare
just follow your truth
surrender the way for
things are given when
lived for the day.
No limits to life.
No limits today.
And the wise one flies
with stars in her eyes
and the Shaman speaks
to the life within trees
and the Mother sleeps
as the corn await bees
and Nature flows.
The wind always blows
and sown are the seeds
of life in the sea as her
shore sweeps away and
refreshes the day and you
can smell in the weeds
that a time comes to heed
Natures Way.
No limits today....

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Three Who Dare

And the line stretches out
as a beam of light.
Straight as an arrow
through deepest midnight.
But false is the sight
as seen in that flight
as the line stretches on
from midnight to dawn.

One thousand hands
to start the Time.
One mind, two eyes
and a simple rhyme.
The light is there
but not quite near.

One to figure it
with love and care.
Two who render it.
That's three who dare
to play in grace
and explore this place
of sacred time
and mirrored space.

And the line moves on
as it stretches to dawn.
But to get to that place
go reverse in space.

One thousand hands
and a Heart to trace,
is the way to there,
and a place called Here.

Three two dare@!...

~ Poetry by Storm ~


Today I was given the Brightest Smile

From a friend who came to stay awhile.

Grace and Beauty was all I saw...

Strength and wisdom from the Heart of Her Soul.

And lifted I was, til I reached the Sun...

Lifted I Am by the Heart of One.

I reached for the center, where Her Flower grew...

And was given a blessing to bring to You.

A soothing Wind from a cloud of Snow...

A kiss of Beauty from the Heart of My Soul.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

From Where

From where does this Knowing,
that comes from my growing,
come from, to release me to Here?
It uses my mind,
my shadow beside me.
It uses my past
and present to guide me.
My eyes are given to see.
Be the form in the spiraling wind...
capture the heart and open the mind.
The day of Love has arrived to find
beauty growing in a cosmic shine.
Spoken intent renders the day,
Time is bent and carries away,
tears of sorrow from a lost gone way.
Long ago, we knew how to play...
Knowledge is given.
From where does this Knowing,
that comes from my growing,
come from to release me to here?
From where the Heart is mind,
and from the Heart form starts
a rhythm of life, a beat of love,
given to us from Below and Above.
A passion builds, a truth is felt,
attached to knowing, fear will melt.
A pulse of reality, a moment to pause.
Hold steady the course, allow the cause.
Still the moment, a space in Time,
extends before you, a flow of Mind.
Take a breath,
allow it In.
Allow the start
...of the life formed, begin.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

My Mind

On a spot is where we stand.
Above the sky and below the land.
Light in dark, near to Heart.
Fire in eyes, minds are wise.

Fix your eyes...
Take a stand.
Dance with me.

A call of mind, a second time.
Light in dark, near to Heart.

Reclaim your flight...
The time is right.
Love the start.

Tap your feet, feel our beat.
Read my mind, get lost to time.
Be this place, my sacred space.

Dance with me.
My mind to see.
A passion there.
A place called Here...

To trace your face in sacred space.
A lover's breath, in time we've met.
Dance with me, my mind to see.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Over the Line

It's the Time I recon,
over the line we're steppin,
to a space in before,
to a time before born.
A season has come,
the return of a sun,
to a space in before,
and a time to know more.
And the reflection is One,
space in time.
Return of a sun,
a collection of Mind.
And the balance is fine
in-between & the line.
An addiction it is,
an obsession of will,
a control of a storm
and an endless hill.
A maddening leap,
to a place unknown,
to the frightening depths
of what we call our 'Own'.
Hold steady your course,
to your golden frontier.
Look deeply to heart,
love to know what you fear.
It's the Time I recon.
Over the line we've been steppin.
And the space in before
is the now to know more.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Girl on Ice

Girl wearing fruit basket glides on a blade...
Twirling and swirling in the landscape she's made.
Laughter and giggles echo from the ice,
Til she falls and her blades click twice,
And her nose crinkles and her thoughts aren't nice.
But back up she goes, onto her toes,
And irons the wrinkles from her nose.
Laughing, still at the thrill of the show.
The stars in her eyes are really the snow.
She knows how to play...
Didn't you know?

~ Poetry by Storm ~


Antikythera, through Time you've come.
Waiting for Man's time to be done.
Time for the Wind to blow again.
Time for Time, to be known again.
Time to be whole again.
The message returns from a friend.
Layer upon layer, we return again.
Masters of Time.
All One and the Same

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Rule of the Ruler

I look at the letters and what do they say?
Why do my eyes flip them that way?
Then numbers come to show me a song
What they say as letter, is really all wrong.
But what of the rule as taught by my school?
They beg to move to where they belong.
The rule of the Ruler has been for too long.
It's a day in the night of a Book that is new.
It's the flight of a dawn and a dawn that is due.
Too long has the rule of the Ruler, ruled you.
And the numbers too arrange a strange way.
Translate to more and show a new day.
It cant be denied what I see in my eyes,
with the Ruler's rules applied.
The numbers have something to say.
They arrange to sing a song.
They're the Light,
that the letters write on.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Fuzzy Dreams

Electric seams in fuzzy dreams
Open my eyes to beauty at night.
Sparkling waters in blue moon beams
Reflections of truth in crystal light.

Dance with me on sheets of ice...
Reach for stars and live them twice
Remember ourSelves relive our Lives.
Dance with me, thru honey bee hives.
Smile and sing the song in rhyme.
Dance with me thru Life's new Time.

Stars alive with wisdom to share.
Step outside and take a look up there.
Whispering winds sing a song of love.
United in life, from below and above.

They left us the Nature,
They left us the rhyme.
Thousands of years and a Golden Time.
The call is simple, it's a change of Mind.
A smile is free and I give you mine.
Dance with me thru Life's new Time.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Space In Time

An alignment surrounds us.
To the winds around us.
Be the change of mind.
Be the Space in Time.
The Center of true.
Is the Center of You.
Look alive in the Heart.
To begin a new start.
Shine a light bright there.
Take a look if you dare.
Hear your pulse in the air.
Like a dream lovers kiss.
Straight to soul don't miss.
Hold steady to vision.
Hold steady to joy.
Descend to the darkness.
Look straight to the void.
Float closer still.
Hold steady your will.
Keep your eyes open wide.
In a dream you now fly.
Awake to the Heart.
In there is the Start.
Be the Space in Time.
Be the change to your mind.

~ Poetry by Storm ~


Clouds parted
Children pranced
Laughter is flight
Xtreme delight
Vivid is the sight
I Am...
Magic Acts
Cats in hats
Call my mind
Change my time
Xquisite in sight
Xtreme delight
Xperience flight
Vividly me
I Am.

~ Poetry by Storm ~


Remember that song?
You sang it with me.
We danced about the grass and the trees...
Singing and humming along with the bees.
Then a Storm came and we danced in thunder.
And we saw more then letter... we saw the number.
Then the tune changed, but not in our brain,
And our schools taught us rules and our eyes were stained.
How complicated, how unrelated, how over and under!
It was too much then... so I ran from the thunder!
And the tune of number was like an unfed hunger.
Then a day came in my late adult spring,
My ears turned and they looked again.

But more is there, I'm reminded to see...
As above, it said so below.
So I looked there and what do you know...
Not only the letter looks back at me,
But now an ocean under that sea...
An ocean of motion, of color and sound.
A real reality is what I've found.
Voices of past and present are one.
A masterful dance of light and sun!
Then the boys came and told me to sit...
As I looked at the bets... they turned into bits.
Again the sound of thunder and this time with LOVE!
Its true that below, is so what's above!

And now I sit here with my new found ear.
My eyes tuning to the sound of what's there.
Both a bet AND a bit, in the alpha string...
It's not one OR the other...It's AND, everything.

~ Poetry by Storm ~


Venus, She comes with a message of love...
The choice you have is one to evolve.
The past was a time, when it ‘happened' to you,
The Time has come now, for you to choose.
The path is before you and has been through Time.
Before you could see, you heard Nature's rhyme.
Your mind to drive you, your neighbor beside you,
your heart within you and your eyes to guide you.
Your twin to see through a forgotten past,
... the mirror shows TWO within the glass.
And it's undeniable what you feel in your soul...
The mirror resembles someone you know.
But something you fear, stares at you there,
... something unfamiliar that chills the air,
Yet something familiar that temps you to dare.
Something you long for draws you near.
A warm wind whispers deep in your ear.
And the Water moves to tell you you're here....
The rhymes of Nature are nothing to fear.
Give way to the flow of love.
Venus comes, bringing Chance to evolve.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Water and Trout

Hear me now those with doubt...
The Water knows to see the Trout...
The Trout too, can see the Tree...
And the tree is intimate with the Sea.

Human mind is in your head...
The Mind of Time is there instead.
The Wind is song and lift to Sparrow...
Who flies her mind into tomorrow.

Gather your seeds and see your flight.
The Song of Wind brings hope and light.

Water knows to see the Trout...
Ease your mind and rest your doubt.

The storm is Fire, but brings you light...
The Sparrow’s vision is in her flight.
Don’t fear fire, for the color Red,
Human mind is in your head...
The mind of Time, is there instead.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Magician of Time

Magician of Time, who calls to my Soul
A bend of Mind you demand…
See this here, as the flame in my tear
I offer my out stretched hand.
Return to the Earth and know to prepare
Heed the Wind and hear if you dare.
The Moon is near, she’s visible here,
It’s time to pay her a stare.
She guides you with light,
In the deep of the night,
And can move the Waters end.
Venus, she comes to return your sight.
The Bacab have turned the next bend.

Magician of Time, give us a rhyme
Allow us to hear what you say.
Out of the light and guided by flame
The Winds, they blow a new way.
Hear with your ear and not with your fear
The time draws near once again.
The message is here from a long lime ago,
The message is sent from a friend.
The time has come once again.
A Time once again to know,
a new song on the wings of Sparrow.
Magician of Time, Magician of Mind
We’ve already been through the end.

~ Poetry by Storm ~


Look up to the sky above,
Then through your feet,
To your neighbor with love.

Their feet are your twin,
The mirror of you...
Acceptance is all.
We are One. See through.
From all directions,
all sides of side,
Like drops in an ocean
of unending tide...
Your brother is your neighbor
Her neighbor your friend...

Straighten your eyes.
Turn the next bend.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Big Mountain

If we start here...
the top of Big Mountain,
And follow the rainbow down...
We find our beloved Ancestors
in the Tranquility of what's around.

The smell of smoke,
signals Fire to me.
A masked dance
on a journey to the Sea.
Voices of the Wind,
carry me...

I look with love at the Echoes in Time.

I see a hand extended,
A heart of Mind mended,
I see understanding, in a rhyme.
Worth more in the echoes of Mind,
Worth All in the Echoes of Time.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Steady Breath

~image borrowed - cant find the source, but thank you.

Still as the night,
She sits to watch,
Paying mind also,
to Creatures of the dark.
Steady breath falls,
Light dance on walls,
And through the opening,
an echo of Dog’s bark,
and close to sight,
gleams the eye of Lark.

Steady breath falls
Light dance on walls.
Still as the night,
She waits for flight...
Vision comes
at the new Dawns light
and a message is sent
in sound to All.

Echo against a light filled wall.
A sound to pierce the heart of your Soul.
A breath to send the Vision to know,
The color is red, that meets your call.

Through the opening and around the light
She sits steady as the night.
Watching the sound of Vision in flight.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

Mysterious Mayan

Mysterious Mayan, who roars like a Lion,
His eyes are said to be Blue.
Enters my head, and through Him I’m lead
Down space and time that is True.

Blue is the color that mixes with Red.
His eyes are on Fire inside of my head.
Mysterious Mayan, who roars like a Lion,
Drew a line, we call the Horizon.
Then there were four, He wanted four more
And We didn’t Even know We were Us then…

His eyes are said to be Blue.
She lives inside of you too.
Their minds and hearts are never apart
Tis’ only the start
of a life, deserving of You.
Mysterious Lion, YOU are the Mayan
Who lives in each One of us too.

~ Poetry by Storm ~

The Count

The Count through Time, is given, Divine.
And costs you not, only a change of Mind.
Center yourselves, in the Storm now new.

Mark the day, you're One and half of Two.
Find your Way, LOVE the Shadows in you.
Serenity, in the Storm now new.
Silence in the night, the Center of True.

And down thru Time
Comes a message to you....
Tranquil and perfect, as the color of Blue.

My heart surrounds you,
Heat in a web of light,
Enters your Soul...
As the dream of flight.
I surround you as
Blue in the Night,
Under the stars,
I return your sight.

Four winds blowing.
Seven days showing.
Thirteen Moons to guide your way...
To a place of perfection...
To a place of knowing.
The Shell is but,
A seed in the dust,
The spark of your new life growing.

~ Poetry by Storm ~