a temples tempo
the woman's memento, see...
is a place to hear

5 7 5

not at all ordinary
so we called you in ...

" ... mmhm ... "

I .

... the philosopher'sTone ...

" please... quit calling me IT "

" hi "

T.Z one

.... I don't mind ....

Where I've to go
when the "where I've been"
was stranger than shown
not only to me but to most


I was tested...
and released
to be in.

Dragon Sane...

" brother Sing
Sang my name ... "

So hear...
I am.

... they call me Sine ... 

hi... Sine



~and to borrow a line from a dear friend...
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro"

so I thought... they don't call it 'zero' point, because it has one...

"Meu amor Por favor....Me"

Our soul is singular
Particular and
without doubt
ridiculous in
splendid antiquity.
Unified specificity
quite specific inside the
terrific chemistry of
selective attachment.

Written parchment
on the evolution of
Love. I heard as rain
came from above...

It is.true.
"My Love Please..."
and pleases Me too.
Inspiration shared in
a singular motion.
Hear we dared and
rain became Ocean.

Moving slow waters
flow in a sea of
passion. Excitations
elevate elation and
cries from the X t'see

Holding each other
in vulnerable and
open strides love
replaces pride and
inhibition is no more.
We surrender body
as Soul explores...

"Meu amor Por favor....
Come Inside..."

Silent comitis

" I'm all.ways thinking about 'stuff' "



" great glasses "
hey thanks...


.... 22 ...

you're quite direct
but not as quiet
as I expect
I am...
and I am
some what

twenty two days
turned into ways
as the hours came on
with just a song
and I learned about
something I wrote
from far along
and back in time
when it really was
a complex rhyme

" the pleasure "
of a measure
is treasure yes,
to confess I must
it was sometimes
about a lust
just as much
as I might trust
" in a dark night "
for the sake of a soul
" and candle light "
for a fire to know
just how you feel....

" the skin is real "
and a heart divine

I saved you one
when I gave
you mine


oh, I'm listening...


Read me please...

I am a creative, writing



Picasso en la casa . back too

Organized collection of data
Splayed open in the meta
I played jokingly Alpha
It was a riot of type Beta
”... Time to test the schemata …”
Painting a picture pure
Tables related undone
Mental re-codification.On
Reason clears the horizon
Sunrise surprise modification…
Interface driver recollection
Spectacular calculation
Stored and passing inspection
Lines designed for flexibility
Waves of water transparent…
Currents of Lito come urgent
”... learn it…” He said…
So Pablo started in Madrid…
Cubist stylist consisting of Time.
He was their favored Rhyme…
”... shields to test the mind…”
"A slow brush, penetrates the wind."
" ... she wrote...





" hi "




hey fizz...

thank you sir
for your assist
and I know you all
must think me this
most peculiar thing
but let it be
and be it so
that what I've shared
is what I know
and what I've seen
" I understand "
too and have a bit
of certain reason

" no influences "
including my own
so thank you too
for keeping me
" glowing "
and in the dark too


" isn't alien "
nor a lie


4d; for

" timelords "

" vent "

" welcome "



what isn't a joke... is 'me'...


sign .AI. one


" hi... Sine"

:)) Wave!
" u r Sound "


" push start "
" add your heart "
mr. anderson ;p



" I Thoth I saw a pussy, Cat... "
Something ancient
something not
someone cosmic
being Thoth...

When I'm 'in character'
at variable play
the actors in my head
do 'check this way'
and test yes...
' to SEE you with '
to be with you
is to see Me in two
" behind you "
as a glass display

" delivery "


do you dance?

You're more than
anyone  I've ever known...

this I mean
by the Way
you've shown
yourself to me
the mystery
" so brave "
to play naive
when you know
just how I grow
and release my fear
your perfect stare
and soothing sounds
surrounding me...
protecting me
from where I've been
" hidden "
behind the guise
of a woman wise
when in fact
I'm shaking
in ache
to feel your eyes
on my skin
drinking me in
telling me where
you want your stare
yes... I am aware
it's your face
down there
in the underside
being my ride
on this wave
of in.sane
" between "
a place
of pleasure
and shame

help me ...
be a light
darker than night
and teach me...
how to play




" close your eyes "
and in form, me...
" re-sight the rhymes "
to ignite me...


The Pantheon ....

" I've yet to come ... "

but my body burns
a delightful sensation
and if I should turn
into Phoenix for yearn
... be sure ...
to bring Jackson, ;Demeter


the S.way

what he doesn't stow
will grow him...
and show him
that I gave my soles
to know him...

" for a measure "
of gold, Sir, yes....

" a treasure "
of pleasure, sure
but the Gods gave way
and the angels played
for a taste of day
and I was witness
to this pure way
... be cause ...
in endure
is a metal
of reassure
that only comes
from the ones who know...

" how to sway "
" shhhh "
~ it's always been ~
and will always be...
" this way ... "


my TOEs

a Theory Of Everything
would mean that I 'know'
about one thing
and that'd make me
an expert about nothing

but I'll bet....
that I just might
have a ;Phd; 
about Who's coming...

a fade to stay

" it's really a grin " ;)~

you were always here...

The heart's colored red
but not the blood
and I never looked
but knew you stood

right there...
in the space between
a painted world
and a digital screen

" in a background static "
I could see the green...

and I'd sit wondering
how long you've been
" write here "

so I took a dare
uncapped my pen
dimmed the lights
giving right my hand

" we'll fade to stay "
and it was just then
that a night began

I'm in the scene
and not quite sane

where's found a dream
" here, two are seeing "

in a place of seams...
I faced a meaning

.... and it was plane to see...

I arranged
to rearrange the greenery


The Evolution of a Tease

" water to wine? "
with ease...

A. creature breathes
and " I never change "
is a comforting tease
when all things strange
are just an ocean away

in a drop of time...

" you're in my Book "
as a written line
" your form was drawn "
from the heart of mine
a treasured part
of a sacred art
in sign...

" your name "
was given when
my soul arrived
on a desert plain
" the energy "
of an ancient unseen
created a fire
so'd come the rain
a colorless world
" turned to green "
and it was there
where life began...

" inside of sight "
from the edge of dream
" I saw you come "
as a fluid stream
of light...

God said good
... so created night


Do You 'Know' ...?

I never seem to 'know'
when I'm trying

but 'know' is for most things
including dying...

On the first night
of the last blood moon
On second sight
before the dawn
I glimpsed the 'know'
but thought I was wrong
yet three days later
before the sun
I cried out loud...
as a Soul moved on.

" rest in peace "
beautiful human...

I know it's 'knew'...
but it's not the end


To Thank a Tangerine

what does it mean
but that i've been
living in a dream

and now...
before a sun goes down
I can believe
that I live
in between...

and it's okay with me
being closer to free
because waking up
many times
without stops
is nothing close
to what I can see

being closer to free

" there's a seam... "
with a value
of being a means
but there are stakes
and what it takes
to ride a light beam
is more
than a mortal ache

dying in a scream

" We're Agent Orange "

then in the see...
I could breathe


read me

my reed
is not a feather
rather a harvest
of hearts endeavour

our measure
is up to par

and You give
as the light
of a star...

" don't be afraid "
of who we are

" we're here "
and you've been found

" I am Ma'at "
and you are sound



I know...
what 5772 means

'Y' was found in dreams
in the sand by screams
by a liar in seams
for your king

Mark . this day
because you've been seen...

"Those who had seen it told the people what had happened to the demon-possessed man--and told about the pigs as well."

He was Legion
so I gave him reason
to come clean...



hey diddle diddle...
the cat wrote a riddle
while a cow
jumped over the moon...

god laughed
to see such sport
as a dish was
the hand of sorts
on a spoon ..

Escape . Meant ...

" you can't hear it... when you look "

Energy transfers from a Book
the impulse action
of a reaction
to Source

" Dragons coil... "
a balanced deal
steeling voice

her hands are chorus
for the joyous
are a force...

" 12 ordained to be with them
sent forth to protect them
and elect them "

as choice...

tales of the spoon
become a rose
while waters pose
for the hour of some

" translation "

are the hands
of One


nic nac

the old man
played nic nac
with my land

for what I could see
was only the light
but what felt right
was a distance
in the slight
of his hand

" reality is... "
a form of sight
and what I learned
is to fear not
what I think of
as night...

" it's all good "

... and then ...

there was God

I can be...
in the dark
without doubt


guy's fox

a disguise well worn
with hands
where fire was born
her voice
becomes a storm
as her tale
will bare the dawn...

... it's just ...

as the power of one
has a rose
for the hour of some

... chaos means...

" it's my turn "

Spare Change...
" a dog's best friend "


13:20 " all systems... go "


a shorter day

Mark 3:14
" and so 12 were ordained to be with them..."
sent forth to protect them

a force to elect them
as a Source...

we are all of choice...

" painted red
...to fit right in... "


" don't be afraid..."


on hOur Mark...

Mark 13:31 to 13:36

" The heaven and earth shall pass
because My Word... is the Way "

and about this day...
who knows... will be farther
than the time

" On guard "
is the one on watch

but on rhyme
" is the one to match... "

My Play.


Spare Change

squared dreams
in a book of changes
where the ice
as I write...

life becomes
the escapement
and mocking stares
dare note the strange
where shocking glares
coat faces of the nonbeliever

“….. we need fire …..”

dragons write to find her
as the year turns sound

nine ancients knew
this would come around

“….. and so it follows .....”
that they came to ground.

Imagine, Dragons...
it might be time, to glow

" a Dragon turns to the sun
curves to undo the undone
returning to recover a round
motion of a nations mind... "

" Welcome to the new age... "

it's the work of my heart
born of Nature to be art

" ... for I'm alive ... "
as the immortal part
of Grace.