~and to borrow a line from a dear friend...
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro"

so I thought... they don't call it 'zero' point, because it has one...

"Meu amor Por favor....Me"

Our soul is singular
Particular and
without doubt
ridiculous in
splendid antiquity.
Unified specificity
quite specific inside the
terrific chemistry of
selective attachment.

Written parchment
on the evolution of
Love. I heard as rain
came from above...

It is.true.
"My Love Please..."
and pleases Me too.
Inspiration shared in
a singular motion.
Hear we dared and
rain became Ocean.

Moving slow waters
flow in a sea of
passion. Excitations
elevate elation and
cries from the X t'see

Holding each other
in vulnerable and
open strides love
replaces pride and
inhibition is no more.
We surrender body
as Soul explores...

"Meu amor Por favor....
Come Inside..."

Silent comitis

" I'm all.ways thinking about 'stuff' "

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