I’m a girl.
I’m a whirl,
And A swirl.
A wind.
A blend.
I mend.
And I bend…

Of the reeds,
I need,
I bleed,
I bead….
And I mend,
As I Pen.

A little hippy.
A little cheeky.
Even squeaky,
Sometimes when I laugh.

I’ll cry,
Be dramatic,
while I create it.

I’ll dye again,
Freak out again,
Think I’m here
While I'm there,
and then…

I’ll breathe.
Hear a breeze….
Be Week in my knees…
And I’ll breathe.

A joke right there.
from outta the know-where.
A mum, and a hum,
Then a giggling tone.
Was that a worry?
Didn’t think I had One?

I’m a jeweler,
I need a Ruler,
To keep my measure,
Is such a pleasure.
My sparkles’n’bling,
Bending wire,
Makes my heart sing.

I’m a Nerd,
And a flirt,
I’m a gardner,
Hands in the dirt.
Small tomatoes…
Fruit of the Earth.
For what’s it all worth.

I love first,
I have no doubt.
But if so,
I just shout,
When I pout
and I cry it all out.

And deep inside….
I don’t know her name,
Lives a warrior girl,
Who lives without shame.
Two eyez like flame.
~The journey started…
A Long Time Ago.

… and You?

A Gap To Sea

I awoke today, Winds on strong,
And carried aLong, a familiar song.
Happy day it’s going to Bee,
Because today is the 123…

I’ve never rhymed til after Time,
Can’t say for true, if I’m a Fool,
Can’t say for true, I’m even cool,
Don’t know for sure...
if I rhyme with You…

You asked on number and want returned,
A score to explain just what I’ve learned.

1.1 and eleven, signal, we’re in heaven.
But Fibonacci holds the door,
He said to enter through the fours…

I have a safe all full of rhyme,
Was given to me when back in Time,
I stumbled on a clue to know,
The fours they point, which way to go.

But look with care, at the fours right there…
They snoozed in the Sun, a.Long Time Ago.

“they took the V” it said to me…
Somehow, was hidden so you see.
Perhaps forgotten? But never rotten…
The reminder, is on hour hands.

Dear Ms.Tree.Us,
By your reply, I can’t deny,
You leave me a Mystery.
Do you know why,
I hear with my eyes…
Do you know? Mr.E...?

Convey your quest.Q…

Don't miss the boat...
It's the day we vote.

11 at the door
Times 4
That's 44

four and four are fourty four
as two and two, they're twenty two
V and V as double U
that's 3 and 3 as L to C
that's Me to you,
and you as We...

"... So Viet, whats my Nam?"
~"Write on the Money Honey"
$ and 44d more...

Grab it see, its gravity,
Pulling pushing clarity,
The Law is on and endlessly.
The song as long as eternity

Albert E was one to know
BenPop held Time and had to go.
Suffered he in reality,
And then a voice found at three,
Carved the way for him to see,
The mind of Time as infinity.
The constant found is energy.... e turn the key

Truth in motion...
is the static sea.

A hidden 'E'.
Rounded Ks and a missing V.
X marks the spot.
A game created for us to see...

FoUr forty Mehz and foUrty Knights
the call was sent a beam of light
as green as day thru blue it's flight
a neon glow that split the night...

Convey your quest.Q…

A string of dates? A pattern to sea?
Which one is it? Which one of the bees?

I’m honored by a truth to share…
It floats about within the air…
But group or dare is what They say…
A Maya.n game became the Way.
And bound by truth just so you see,
The truth is living, in the heart of We.

Guarded by a Space in Time,
A gap to see, just Who can Rhyme.



The Fours

Daze gone by and things forgotten.
Bees gone! And the corn is rotting....

And then one day... as if to say...
A Chance came by,
from the Cornman's Way.

The young One too, at 22, sat with Me.
And in my yard not far apart,
We sat together,
And Together were Three.

"Notice Time, it's five til nine...
1.55 and we're still alive...

I like your shiny red car.
Glows just right, near
The moon's full light.
Much, like a shiny red star..."

As to not tempt fate,
Our visit was Great...
But it's time you two should go.
Not to be rude, but I hesitate,
So I ask you to exit,
By way of the gate.

Oh my O Me, and how I awoke,
Not sure if living or dead.
Confusion was there
and thin was the air,
A humming was loud in my head.

Which day is This?
And which Tomorrow?
Switched Wayz they did,
Or was that borrow?
Fear and panic all around...
The letters spun, mixing
Color with sound!

And then I saw, His card at hand.
And saw the Chance, to begin again.
I'm grateful, and I understand.

Mother said,
Kitten, go close the door...
Your time with Them,
Should be know more.

And then I remembered,
About the Fours…


Mind Bee!

Did you blink when I winked?

"Lincoln, where’s that’s Ham?
All that’s here, is a can of spam?"

Reboote She said, as she stood on by…
Waiting to play, she decided to fly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sum men in wigs, with paper white hair…
Why can’t I play? Do they just don’t care?
She sat on back and wondered that, as
The day turned, tonight and the bird into bat.

Then gleaming eyes appeared in the bush,
And two Cats came, to give her push.
Why wait to play, they said as a pair…
And then purred gently, as if to dare.

Owl cried out and she heard him there.
I second that, he said with a stare.
Lark too, … I gave you a song…
Your turn now, go sea it along.

And so to them, she gave a glance…
No more waiting, not even a chance.
A shattering light burst through her eyes,
And her wings grew open,
At the start of sunrise…

!! Eleven Elevens cried the Sevens!!
Sealing their echo into the heavens.
!! Look Tu the Sea!!
Owl paints on Wind…
!! And Listen to Bee!!
The Cats chimed in…

We’ll be there soon, when it’s Time again.


1111… he says, more fun.
And last year already,
I gave him the One….

To remember in November is the way to play…

Row row, row your boat,
Gently up a stream…
Wilson rowed, and so he knowed
And said it was like a dream…

Madison, you said, more fun…
So Grover’s clover came undone,
And Willami, the honeybee…
Well, just so you know…
SHE, played nic nac paddy wac
And when Ben got back…
A wish was Granted.
Four fun…
is just what the doctor ordered.

Jackson came and the fun began…
In thanks again,
Linkcoln brought a Ham.

George ol boy… great game today!
Come join the fun, bring along TJ!

So the fun began and the boys played ball…
The sun shined bright,
There were smiles on them all.
A Great game it was!
The ball bounced and whirled,
aTeam focused to score…
And then along came a girl.

Odd little thing… they stared in doubt.
Scratching their heads and looking about…
She wants to play…?
Is that what she say…?

Rockin’ on her heels
And swaying back, two fours…
She Looked at them all,
And she said, “Of course”!

To Tell A Tail

1331 is already done
1111 is even more fun
With these number and with these words
We prove to each other that we are nerds.
Tell me a story whilst I dream
Tell it with flourishes, candy and cream
And get it right, don't get it not quite,
That's the last byte, I'll say goodnight.

My Dear… She says with a grin…
A poem you offer to the Lion’s Pen.

Bet me One Dollar,that
I can make you holler.
I accept your challenging words.
I’ve got it just right and to your delight,
Yes….It’ll mean we’re both nerds.
And I speak to the birds…

!!Eleven Elevens cried the Sevens,
While the fours lay down to snooze.
In the middle of play, on a summer day…
They thought they had nothing to lose.
Near an Aspen tree, the grass was long,
The birds sang sweet, the sweetest song.
Bees are near, and their hum is clear,
… how could they possibly go wrong.

So in a shady patch near a wooded gate,
The fours lay down, and became an Eight.

!! Eleven Elevens cried the Sevens
… and by and by… “I I”, I replied!
My eyes wide, my breath in a whirl!
How can it be! The HE… is a girl!
Know! A whirl and a swirl….
In a spiraling wind!!

The Earth fell away,
And I began Again.

The fours are a signal…
Tu find the Begin.

How would you like, your coffee My Love?
Sweet with Me? Little Milk from Above?

On a Sunday Morning?
At the dawn or the Light?
Or a Sat.Day night…?
With candles …? In the moonlight…?
As you asked...
I’m making sure it’s just right.

Sit with me, my truest heart…
The travel is long, four along we’ll part.
There came a day, in a park, near a tree…
When I walked in the sun, I found a Three…

And He said to me…

There come A Kin, when the waters change.
Look still to the reeds, they re-arrange…
Near the edge of Sea, there two, you’ll be,
Near the Lark, hear too, the Indian say…
IT, is to be THIS way.

And my O my, my sweetest heart,
I heard Him speak, I heard the Lark!
How could it be, I asked mysElf,
Two elevens at large, a funnel of wealth!
I heard him speak and in return…
Was given my health and path to yearn…
A deal I made four the Sevens that day.
And returned to me… my Love…
And Our Way.

wanted to play….


Neurotic I am, to hear you say,
Wait four me, it’s the Neurotic way…
And so my Dear, I leave you now,
Dreaming your dreams
In candy and creams,
While I flyyyy and I smile….
And I leave you hear
Dear, Awaiting Awhile…
Cuz I have it just right and I know
With delight, in your dreams at night
You can see my smile, from near at One Mile.
And with that little byte, I’ll leave you tonight.


We Are...

In peace, we are.

We are.
And we are all.
And we are love.
I am mySelf.

And you are yourSelf.
And we are love.
And we are all.
In peace, we are.

Choice is everything else.



Hello again, she said TuWen,
From Draco'Song you came along,
Dragon Quartz from a Sage's heart,
Soon to part his Master's den.
A breath of life, preserved until then.

Draco'Song... to be heard again.
SolsticeTuDay is Wen.


How Many Me s

How many Me's
Do my eyes see?
One in the mirror,
looking back at me.
And there on the wall,
my Shadow is three.
As I turn to the door...
I see my Me four!
And along the corridor,
another Me four!

Then quietly I turn to Me.
Wondering how many Me's
That, THIS Me sees.