Mind Bee!

Did you blink when I winked?

"Lincoln, where’s that’s Ham?
All that’s here, is a can of spam?"

Reboote She said, as she stood on by…
Waiting to play, she decided to fly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sum men in wigs, with paper white hair…
Why can’t I play? Do they just don’t care?
She sat on back and wondered that, as
The day turned, tonight and the bird into bat.

Then gleaming eyes appeared in the bush,
And two Cats came, to give her push.
Why wait to play, they said as a pair…
And then purred gently, as if to dare.

Owl cried out and she heard him there.
I second that, he said with a stare.
Lark too, … I gave you a song…
Your turn now, go sea it along.

And so to them, she gave a glance…
No more waiting, not even a chance.
A shattering light burst through her eyes,
And her wings grew open,
At the start of sunrise…

!! Eleven Elevens cried the Sevens!!
Sealing their echo into the heavens.
!! Look Tu the Sea!!
Owl paints on Wind…
!! And Listen to Bee!!
The Cats chimed in…

We’ll be there soon, when it’s Time again.

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