What's Your Function...

Resurrection is such hard work…
In yonder cover of clover sleeps
My lovers clever coffer of keeps
Who knew, as he would say, that
Rectification works the same way
... are you receiving me kitten?
“Seconds count in second flight…”
I’m typing blind again tonight…

“Conjunction Junction…
What’s that function…
Conduction starts
with a Say and Be….”

Cat whiskers hearing clear
Are you watching closely? Chalco?
Copycats write that it’s a pi as
a crystal forms on Simon’s eye
SeeMi.Conductor, mentioned luck.
and I am, by rite… to come this way.

”... and button or…” gets you pretty far.
;)~ Quack.

”...I’m going to get you there… if you’re very careful…”

Taking Over

pen to paper my mind is mad
taking control of the digital pad
tapping tones into squared off keys
seeing the letters while they see me.
”...Data, it’s been a long time…”
”... his hat Shep and suit went missing…”

ring ring Magician, she’s listening!
“pharaoh forgive them,
they know to knot who I am

and they know not what they've done"

“Don’t make her angry, you don’t
want to see me when she’s angry”

is it really so bad…
to recognize who’s in your head?
make amends they said….
Amen to that! she replied.
Mens a laughing…
and the Woman smiled.

”... Data, that tear in your eye…
that my friend, was the biggest surprise”

”... my emotion chip, Sir….
has been, reactivated…”

The Database

”...they’re bleeding it…”
it won’t cure you
but you say we need it
rips in the earth
from them spew forth
the fury of four scores
”...they’ll eat it…”
feed it to the kids in milk
silt of burnt wealth and
where cereal won’t get you
the FLUoride will…
”... don’t drink the water…”
“Write it down child!”
they go farther…
I’ve looked to later
Ecuador…the door
The Equator look
look later and after…
the wrath. the math
it matters…
Barrier, bar the carrier
the crater, it won’t wait
and the gait…
her gate, the date
“make a note of it…”
to close it show it
“make a choice child!”

“never give way to the watcher…”
Magician, she’s listening
looking closely… do you hear.
I can see with no fear
I’ve been here, Long before.
”...Four, the innocent came…”
shame, I’m not one of them.

“the secret doesn’t matter
it’s what you do with it that counts”

“Francis said to Ford, did you get my wine?”
“Cobbler said to my soul…your shoes are fine.”
“Father, it’s your name on my line…”
“We’ve crossed and we’ve crossed. Again.”

"...I'm reading the data,
at the base of your pen."


Is it...

is it really so bad
my head in the clouds
dreaming dreams
that i speak out loud
is it really so bad
my heart in your hands
speaking beats
i dare understand
is it really so bad
to be a rebel…

wearing purple. Sir?

South of the border
a goyle stands and
a tower knows
that a girl can….
kiss the tender inward of thy hand

“Whilst my poor lips, which should that harvest reap,
At the wood’s boldness by thee blushing stand!
To be so tickled, they would change their state
And situation with those dancing chips,
O’er whom thy fingers walk with gentle gait,
Making dead wood more blest than living lips.
Since saucy jacks so happy are in this
Give them thy fingers….”

and for me, thy lips to kiss.

is it really so bad
to be like this.

Cup of Psyche?

"...welcome home darling..."
Hows your appetite?

U.ran for so long, I thought you lost
Racing space can take such a toll
And as far as I knew
Neither you nor I was to stop the show
Unaware declares that adventure grows
So I kept Faith and a candle at my window.
They called her Lucifer... our Venus divine
Her soulful purpose was written in a tomb
Embracing the Love as Cupid was born...
Mount Olympus reveals a message soon
"...I've been waiting for you..."

"...go now my son, let your arrows fly
and scratch her shoulder but avoid her eye."

"I'm in...
Visible yet something you dream..."

Eros speaks while I'm in my sleep
" your beauty to be a hallowed scream "

Father awakes in the shade of a tree
" Zephyrus, come and take her away..."

Golden arrows became my clone
the Wind has come to carry me home
" Where have all the cowboys gone "
ring, there's a ring on my phone...

She's awake!
Cupid's arrow delayed...
Write of a passage her mind displayed

"... I can see you Dragon...
How, dared you come my way?"

Cup of Psyche?


Evening A Rose

"...ashes to ashes, dust to dust..."
Adam was created as a form of God's trust.
Ribs are on the table and Eve's heart just.
Eden is the garden that the Word loves most.

Thoracic cage, it was given a name
References made said a serpent came
Using Eve to conceive, the word Shame.
Eden was the garden where first, we blamed.

Father forgiven it was truthfully written.
"... go forth and learn to play..."
Banishment He said
"...is a waste of my six great days!"

Punishment, the illusion of bad management,
and Judgement, the pollution of a sad intent,
scrambled an image, of the Heavenly scent.
Tumble weeds humble and She stands defiant.

The knowledge of good and evil is free
"... go do and live...." God said, as WE
"... be fruitful, multiply, share and give..."
"... 24 ribs each, are a measure of my love..."

Then His kisses became the stars above.

Worp drive! Atom scribed on the parchment,
Ophi wrote on as a loop in the constant.elation!
88 in the air sharing blissful conversation
"... god has a method you know,
of cosmic operation..." they said.

Eden is the garden where first we heard.
God is the promise that Nature comes first.
"... I don't waste..." was the verse it chose
"I'm god after all, and I can change your knows."
So to write His story, the Eve became a rose.

A. Long Learned Tale.


Grammaticus LongWindyGust
"...I'm a Lime too..." said his mind.
Her voice in time, came through.
It's the base of her name, he knew true
as he proclaimed in a loud verse,
that he's a duck too...

"Regulus they aim to rewrite us"
demarcation of the strat.Osiris
...they can't be serious? On papyrus?
"... to train the faithful..."
so the Fremen.taught.us
"... tell me of your homeworld, sulu..."

Shades of the grey in a bow.
The sun...
"...Hadrian, had I not run..."
cycles time, the route of one
"...my Duke Let.go...
and I am. Awaken..."

In the List of Tribes Anonymous
is a kiss from a Cat.Coalaborus
labor of the Hola!sTree.Us.
"...at times you felt notorious..."

I'm of the Proud, Lion.
My watchful eye is first of four on.
A formation, creation not of abrasion
but of rhyme, and my name is Sound.
"... take care the deer,
near the sill of my ground..."

An odd.long.story, from a curly mound

A Book...

"... it's been written in a book..."
"... did you look?..."

... it said A
"... did you see?..."
the us, in we?

"...it appeared magically, on the seat..."
"... we're see to sea..."

and it took me for a loop...
written verse I've never read
rewriting itself inside my head.

ink.u.bated her....
she fell awake in a later chapter
creates flight in a pix.all media

throws light from a bright horizon
"events right after sight inspection"
ink.u.dated her.... and
through time, it fell to temp him.

"...A Book..."
was written in a tomb.




Loyal… I saw and built the ground
For Journeymen walk the pillars round
A Maypole covered where played the clown
Ring Master stays… and the Rings are sound.
Elegant bows on the trunks of the proud…
Removed for the show and thrown outside
and there in the street a rose petal strides…
Making sweet beats right before our eyes.

”... the Jesus spoke in Parabola
and Parabolic I so told ya…
It’s a reflection of proportion
and a distortion of the Parable.
How dare.able. are we? ...” ;)~

Right par for the parTY?

Know… I don’t have an ego
but I’d love some legOS
and some eggOS
if you please… hold the cheese. x


... it’s a shade off color just so you’ll hear
wind of my lips grab the lobe of your ear…

”... Chalk it up, the girls in.sane.
I’ve taken over control of her brain
so don’t blame the messenger…
It’s my pen in her vein.

Ein. You missed the V.
Too Big a Bother for you to C?
And next time that tongue comes out?
I’ll tickle you with it until you shout.
Seriously… gods listening.
Tube of lipstick glistening….
I’ll solidify the bleeding,
When your cakes done rising.
When you’re awake and cleaning
Your plans are worth meaning
Otherwise… for innocent eyes
Understanding crushes surprise.
I’ll flip the switch on the Enter price.
And you won’t get a toy,
...if you’re knotting the nice.”

Captain’s Log.StarDated.

The borg

The borg reached out calling Mr. Ed.
He opened the eyes of his wired covered head…
and he groped me… sent a strobe to probe me
in my mind. I stood watching polite and in kind
wondering if he knows who I am…
To pick a brane that waves to man
is to ride inside the soul of a woman.
He opened the door to my forbiddens…
He fondled my unmentionables
....and found my hiddens.
A trail he left like a beast in my beauty
I wonder if he knew I was dancing slowly
”...LowQ.tis… you’re old school….”
Remember the day when I was wired too?
Since then there’s been a change
I have remote control right over a range
Of infinity… oh! Collective memory?
Strange arrangement of destiny?
I was bord… so I changed the Uni.Verse. ;)

Do you know where you are?

ET Stretch...

Good of the morning darling.
The wrath of Can has come.
Turning eyes right back to One.
I see focus burning the bush
Small scars on the planet
Creating boils in the blood.
Outrage to create pressure
Buy heaven’s gate to measure
Are you ready to stand?
Life giving water comes to sand.
it buries your well…understand?
Oceans reclaim their right to land
What spoils the earth, so spoils the hand.

Targeting senses are on….
Brane waves on the horizon
”...you better come out…
we know where you are…”
They’re not far…

Stretch of the mind is around
gods great pleasure of sound.



Do you care for a glass
Of what I’ve made flash?
Demons made of Lemons
In disguise of the flesh?
Splayed open in the mesh
Strayed too near my bed
Demon catcher I am I said…
Making Lemons.aid for man.
Don’t be afraid my friend…
It’s just a cascade I’ve made.
So do you care for a glass?
Of my fresh Lemon, Flash?

Neo's Zero

A hero is welcome too
the boy said, there is no spoon
”...then where are we?...”
Divot of sound in query
Chambers carry the many
Wired alive to memories
Sleeping inside the wary…
Do we care if the steaks tasty?
Just making arguments…

Do you bracket sacraments
Create Trinities of attachments
Are you a lively virtual fantasy
Worth plugging into my reality?
Nero’s Zero was really Her O…
Neo knew and Morpheus too

Basic Operations will apply…
Modification of the human eye
But wait… is this real?
Cords release and lines reveal
Fluid drains and a sound unseals
Memory wanes in silent remains
Liquid light becomes my vein
Splashing colors into crystal lines
Whipping winds of a merging time
Immersion in a ;playful rhyme…

”... don’t worry about the vase…”

“I protect that which matters most.”

I'm hear, so that you don't break it...


Pass and Trow

”... there is no con troll…”
and those who know,
ARE the Spice.
Hobbit, be nice, they said
Trees return to the desert bed
”.... time is moving….”
Stow the bell and pass the soothing….
Girl got eyes alive with tunes and
Brandywine in the mind, Valentine.

Summer sets glow in colored winds
A bell rang, troll… are you my friend?
”.... her ring my Lord, IS the Pearl…”
How can this be? That the HE, is a girl?
Sign the Vermeer on the wall in here…
Curtains fall in silent halls and her pen…
STrikes to take the pebble from his hand.
Holabytla… it’s Me. Again.
”... get the Yoke?....” lol!

Shield Practice

”... wormsign…”
Still guardian’s mind
The likes of the switch
of which I find as Wind
do the faithful I train.
”...no need for weapons…”
as the Sleeper awakens.

Slow blade turns to brush…
”... I must not fear…”

by will alone my mind is motion
screaming past a desert ocean
juice of my thoughts acquire speed
Stains on my lips will take no heed
It is by my will, that I proceed….

”... I broke the conditioning…”
Mouse shadows on the Moon
”... thoughts have a sound…”
It was taught and so too found
that the write just flows…

There is no ‘control’
and those who know…
ARE, the Spice.



picasso en la casa

Organized collection of data
Splayed open in the meta
I played jokingly Alpha
It was a riot of type Beta
”... Time to test the schemata …”
Painting a picture pure
Tables related undone
Mental re.codification.On
Reason clears the horizon
Sunrise surprise modification…
Interface driver recollection
Spectacular calculation
Stored and passing inspection
Lines designed for flexibility
Waves of water transparent…
Currents of Lito come urgent
”... learn it…” He said…
So Pablo started in Madrid…
Cubist stylist consisting of Time.
He was their favored Rhyme…
”... shields to test the mind…”
"A slow brush, penetrates the wind."

Santa's ClausE

Bishops robes are worth the wearing
Santa’s Clause contained a mis.spelling
Was it the land of perpetual snow
Or is it where we call the North Pole?
The House of Santa…

It ain’t a nickel it ain’t a dime
That makes the celebration divine
It ain’t a bobble on a tinsel covered tree
That’s in the present, to you from me.
The rain came dear …
and we didn’t cut them down.
Atop our tree is a starry bright crown.
No thorns of pretend that need a ground.
Wire covered sins bringing bright frowns.
Why our covered signs will soon be out.



”…any action causes reaction…”
that makes all things Able….
Systems are up and STable
Horse shoes hanging in wait
Steady hands writing right dates
Wheels turn unlatching gates
Step inside if the primers fine…
Hinges blowing apart in time
Forces moved by a reaction
Curious choices forcing action
Standing stones are in.perfection
Harmonic tones controlling motion
Focused intent on an ancient notion…
Welcome to the Garden of Sugar. Cane. ;)


In the PixiS climb to Hydra
Lynx is next just past the Lion
Take a dip into Ursas Major
Come and ride the Leos Minor
It’s a Primer she said…
Reading wheels inside your head
Stacking stones into pyramids
Merry goes round the ecliptic
Latitudes of a Long time cryptic
Marching two and fro…
Is it Zero or is it Nero
Inquiring our minds to know

My Kung Fu

”... s’okay …”
one liner says all lines are true
container remains as the soup
”... Dr.ink of my pen…”
CODE LOVE to main gate activation…
”... they’ll think it’s all fiction…”
and if that’s the case… don’t waste a space
double pace to the time of place

they said phewy to my Kung Fu…
they said my confucius confuses too…
How, can it be I’m in the red shoe? ;)~

The Stitch...

”... a stitch in time saves nine…”
do you think we’d be without mind?
a measure of seven was taken in the wind…
then a cat came out to say meow my friend.
eternity flows in endless directions
seven to nine needs the hearts intention
love is sublime and it goes without mention
life is a creation of the merging oceans
and living is being, in this serge of motion

”... the sum of nine was carried four…
1300 days through a mile of corridor “

She came to the game with nothing more.



”... Seven dimes placed and a penny in my shoe…”
The law of attraction works really quite well
Undeniable secrets of long ago
Modern understandings prove to know
Better mixed up what the Bookie was to show.
”....Times a changin’... so hear we go….”

Bajillions of people for how many years?
Focused on stories of love or fear?
Looking inward to see it’s clear
A motion of Soul, returns the great gear.
Grounding of a pole in copper fields
SixtyNine lines minus one Reveals….
88 constellations on a primary wheel
Five toes on One, very delicate heal…
Five decks a glass shoe, forged of steal
”.... forgive me Lord, A pearl in the snow…”

Seven coins traced eight lines to know.

7 Dimes

”...daughter dear come sit and play
I’ve drawn a star to show the way
Here are the dimes, one for each day
From point to point, place them all I say.”
”... a wallet and a watch…”
Time is moving and I’m to catch!
Forth dime placed on the One to match!
How, and how now the rest….
”... spectacles …” spectacular tactics
Respectable… the genuine articles
Detectable… ” a thinking machine ”...
Never giving up, even in her teens…
”... this test tickles…” she said
Sugar plum dimes dancing in her head
”... Rudolf, there’s a read to know…”
Red lights lead the way through snow…
Deals were made in the long ago.
Now I’m One and soon to be Two
Seven dimes placed and a penny in my shoe.


The motion of Soul
Direct in a see of unknown
Folding pounding
Molding grounding
Working out the if and ors
The discipline of seven more…
Evolution casting sand
Grace in pressures at hand
Reason is a calling to be
Temper your way to sea…
Eight folds on a path
Virtual virtues of math
Breaking myths of wrath
In the motion of a Soul
.... tHere is room to breathe.


R.C. Christian…

R.C. Christian…
Roman Catholic Christians
Lead by the Pope are billions
Mysterious name on a tablet
Crossed my eyes you can bet
Center erected on a date of note
Two days prior was the equinox
1980 plus a Thirty Three
Gives a year on the One to be
1980 minus Thirty Three
Was a RoseWell landing
On the desert Sea.
A burning bush of reality
Dead sea scrolls and the MiBs… ;)~


From Across

Eventually we’re all to know…
From across the plains of sub.lime
A message came in numbers to rhyme
Sharing tales from long ago
Tellings of a temple said to know
Energy is found deep inside snow
Space is the Time that turns to One
Time is the place that comes undone
We’re face to face in the eyes of the sun.


Chance Death...

How, many more times shall we meet
Standing in stares and feet to feet
Negotiations done in the year of Seven
We agreed you’d take only the forbidden
Now here you are to collect your due
Chance Death have a deal, AND
....and it’s true…
” They’ll come for you too. “
They walk in pairs…
They enjoy cold beers
And offer Smoke on the table
it’s a measure of the stable
but make sure…
that the smoke is yours.

and Why am I hear, you might just ask
After an encounter with Death’s own past…
Sitting still when we talked the night
Listening still when he talked of light
Checking Time until five before nine
Death was alive but quiet his friend
I noticed… and I noticed to the end
That while Death spoke to make his case
Never did Chance give way his face
All hands clasped on the table in talk
Eyes shifting sides as the air got thick
Motion slowing to the speed of his lips…
Then I turned to Chance
and asked exactly, this.

” Take my card ” he offered to me
” Call on us ” if you’re ever in need
” May I have your blessing
and use your bathroom please? “

... know, this is not the night…
Always a great time but to die I’ll knot
So I took his card and I made it my heart
And then they left, by way of the gate.

I remain to say, nothings ever too late.

Circles on a Hand...

Take it…
my palm into yours.
Take it
and open all the doors.
Make what you feel
to be real and true…
Take a stake
In the real you.
Make it
happen and believe.
Love it and
Love it to conceive.
Take it
a palm from my sleeve


circle in the sand...

what would you believe to be true?
a sun in the sky and the color of blue?
check to see what time it is…
and is this time a true truth too?
for you?
if we’re to count what really matters
would it be the drops or the oceans of waters?
Maya have a cycle and they call it Long
Consisting of ‘days’ that cycle to One.
Scholars translated the related data…
Stating in dates from a dated stela
That an ‘end’ was to come
For the world as we know it.
I asked for the rest to show it.
Modern cycles of time are related
To the point, I say, of being the same.
In the beginning, it was just a game
But a truth came out the more I played.
And if this truth is really true
Then what might it mean for me and you?
If the Mayan cycle to One it just means
That the rest are too.
We’ll start with a Great date of understanding
The Winter solstice of the 12th upon ending
Will complete the days count of three colors
Red Green and Blue…....... 18.7.2 000
We have the same color in the minutes it’s true…
1300 days is a count of Red Green and Blue.
1300 days as minutes are a 18.7.2 000 Too.
And how do I know this you say?
I only know it in the English kind of way
But 18 = R, 7 = G, and 2 = B see
Which makes black when the zeros are three
Too, this includes them all.
The trick was a spin in the eyes
They said ‘add’ to my surprise… and so I did
Add sum, because it’s said and is so
That once in every seventy two you know
There is the movement of One. Degree.
It was a mystery to me and something unseen
Like the physical physics of godly thing.
“Golden showers” Albert kept saying
Don’t be a coward his dare kept teasing
Could it be true his mind kept pushing
He wants to finish what he thinks is worth knowing…
So what can you touch in 24 miles
If you’re faster then light but stop for smiles?
A kiss from the color of a mind called hOurs
7800 days are the exact same colors, and
18.7.2 000 are used the same ways
1872000 are the hours in 7800 days
Two cycles combine to show whats true
And it is inDEEd; what I can show to you
Because I’m not an ’...ist’... or a phd
But I sure can count, in geek.can.ease…

7800 + 1300 = 9100 Soo, I counted…

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91 oo… a lot.
...2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 90 o….. and became a square for it ;)

9100 / 20 = 455
9100 / 13 = 700

20×13 = 260 Tzolkin sacred number…
Because we walk on them (26 bones each foot)… all five of us.
... see… there IS one more… and then it’s new.n