The borg

The borg reached out calling Mr. Ed.
He opened the eyes of his wired covered head…
and he groped me… sent a strobe to probe me
in my mind. I stood watching polite and in kind
wondering if he knows who I am…
To pick a brane that waves to man
is to ride inside the soul of a woman.
He opened the door to my forbiddens…
He fondled my unmentionables
....and found my hiddens.
A trail he left like a beast in my beauty
I wonder if he knew I was dancing slowly
”...LowQ.tis… you’re old school….”
Remember the day when I was wired too?
Since then there’s been a change
I have remote control right over a range
Of infinity… oh! Collective memory?
Strange arrangement of destiny?
I was bord… so I changed the Uni.Verse. ;)

Do you know where you are?

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