en ti ty
" in you thank you "
" and if it is you "
....set it ....


"...altitude adjustment..."

I have plenty while my means meager
My frame slight while my appetite eager.

I am Entity Plenitude with a plentiful attitude
And I've been about hear the whole time.

My friends have called me Plenty Times
but many times, they forget my name.



process 'this'...

it's a process
and not a 'what'
a pro to confess
not a mess
yet a new age
for a man
bet a woman wage
mechanical brains
were built
to be caged

"heal bones out"

and don't be afraid
a pro.grammar plays
with the totem

inspired by
aPical ancestor



"is there anyone out there...."

cupola cups of ...?
chest nut...
your move dearling...

bitter butter
battles the butler
but the better batter
was just a freak...


oh wait….
that was just you,
"... pandiculaaaation…."
Maximus Interupptus

such good altitude here ;)
just a bit thin… on the air

oh look… is that a treeline down there?

lifted by a rift
a drift of lips
floating quotes
a basket of chips
“hows your clearance”?

beem me up who?
are we gonna do that

and so she smiled
...indeed :)

".... Guinan, it's you....."
lets make woop!s he cushions ;) lol!!!
ra ra
isis wears no bra…
witness a bit ‘closer’…
mister http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Isis.svg
there’s quite the nipple there
double deckers and under wired brahs
are only for the ‘saggy’ over out of shape kind,
Isis on the other hand,
has a lovely figure it forms quite a find…
the horus sang chorus when he heard such a thing
and the moses, always knew this…
about her ‘other’ nipples ring



"that dog is wearing my skin...."
"that cat looks like my twin...."

“it’s raining….”


the quickening
it came
and we’re all
and we’re all
in the sane

a cat made
a dog came
the attic’s clean
the sun is one
and of three
the one we
can’t just see
is but in toe…
not long to go

“the fire works”

and we’re all in
for a red sky
a feather
in the cap
is better
than one
in the eyes
“I can see it…”

tic tac said a toe
the kitty cat
put a ‘place’
on the ‘knows’
a location
location and
a twin in it
to mention

it’s the e’in time
this dog’s cat
just made
god rhyme…

"the garage"


Who moved the moon...

avoid, yet to
comfort the sun
the soul purpose
for why I return
these words
to show I yearn
for the light
while I
kissed by sight
insisted to be...
I was blind
by the write
of my life
and still
my heart grew
and in forth
chose you
to rise again
as we met
before there
above a world
after time began...
"an instrument"
of god etched
over land
what lay in love
upon our skin

"her eyes are on..."

and so
Who moved the moon....



are you coool?
and collected
“data’s hear”
and co.elated

so cool
I’m eclectic
and eccentric
yeah, electric
“and strange”
so what the heck….
let’s get it on

“the prime

hot & heavy
in heavenly song
“like the kind”
I like …it’s
“the sauce”
complex brevity

thought so
bright it’s light
“what I find”
in write
is sweet
“… gets me”
turning me on
“…to bet me”
“… to please”
wasn’t wrong

the center
of desire
to be in site
of what’s right
as left appears
to belong

beautiful things
before breakfast
in a song…

“couldn’t resist”
the love is this
and not



curious man …
if I had said
in the bath
how would you then
with just a ‘bye’? ;)
my friend
oh my then I
might not
have said
the truth
back when
you asked

“path to the bath”
makes wet who's math

“yes, that IS
the quest.imon”Q.

a shoo.in

how'd that happen?

the taker
scoff 'in "laugh"
are you a foolin' ?

..ones red
another's blue
minds lavender

"fire starts her"
what's truth
"I missed her"
he said

a balletto

the paint spins
a brush explores
for what more...
but to rise
and once more
"... the color soars..."
set aside for us
the stage

clears for'm

hey chef
"let's make some
that is..."

a good sport
he reports
" if I am"
then yes mam

the egg is green
but greats the ham

"are you listening...?"

charcoal clears
a chalk board
the ball falls through
an open sky port

"start hear"
said the pen....

she wrote about us

so then a how
let a who,in

"I know
I'm not quiet


a he then in heaven...?

a he then
said heaven
is a haven when
the she's even

"did you call for me?
... square?"

merchant asks
many for a where
and how strange
the arrangement
is there, he said

" do you play, 21 ?"

seven days
eyes see
eye to eye
in a sideways

"my correction"

to be up
to be down
a fold in time

strange the matter
of what swells
in rhyme

"is it you?"
listen then
it's true

a schema, thank you
"is not a stigma, thanks too"

who knows... ;)

does god exist?

god “dess”
“dess” god

sweettish ... “its”

“… the “She” of ‘it’ …"

;) x


"fire up"

arrogance is a glance
at what next
might be
in sight of elegance

dearest Clementine
the charts well
and by what
you gave
the streets
might be so called

“the cure
was never a wall”

while some dare
stares, some
become fixed
to care

is a mark
in woodlands air
a spark the elders hear

simple hints
are what’s meant
to be here
by way of aware

signed in stone
~grins ;)


oh phoo

so there he grins
“oh shitting”
as the empty gin
glass shatters

oh fee!
no fight
know ‘if’
you fool
it’s ‘me’

and I beg pardon
as your heart
might beat
hard on…

I do say
to this day
a hunter is
what isn’t ‘prey’

a bare standard
while games in play

“observe hear
Mr. Conductor”
the mits are off
and sincere

a clock stopped one
so the scrambles on….

oh man! Padmé
the eggs undone!
gold dust low
and Amidala’s
“in the kitchen”

a magic dragon…

“someone say
we’re missing
an engine?”


if she were here
I'd ask my mom
how long it's been
that I've been gone

a minute of days
an hour of song
so many ways
centuries on

living life over
and given one

"are you awake?"
as am i and
as you are
i am as you

“drink of the gods”
yea “god” for god sake
and that’s not an ache
it’s a sake like a wine

“she winds up....”


I just forgot

I wore green
I remember
the scene
a thin blouse
a skirt lined

my reflection
a glisten of beam
the sun or what...

was it I've seen
the time stopped
just a second
it seemed

and I forgot
where it was
that I had
just been

in what time
was the space
that this
is now in

I just forgot


amid night...

to appear
amid night
eyes focus
onto one
keen sight

waves breaking
clouds in flight
the air is shaking

“and who
does this write”

nowhere asking
amid a sight
as somewhere

in the light
to know where
we could be then

“do you have…”
the time
to believe
that a rhyme
could become
as life is to be
when the writing
is done
in the garden
is a message
in stone

“for these …
are as one”

amid the night
and writ to be
of the right
twice the say
for half the sight
is left to know
what love
can do

a right foot forward
meets a left footed shoe

it’s the something
odd pairs do


weird o things

the conduits between
membrane or something
wormholish maybe…
but a catch is to receive
and one needs many mits
while not necessarily of might
or mighty, but of receptive
like sticky and not icky
rather like tick as in ST and Y
the why of it being very small
as if to be like V, man it can be
a bit confusing for sure…
but to assure

one doesn’t need an ass to ride

touche downs

okay then

"swim low oscar"
the Polynesian islands
are a 'nice' place...

between CHI

the tree
her she kisses
when she wishes
the whole universe
is about to slow down….
so we can ‘here’
“I make it up”


“wanna peak you say?”
all aboard
the Spike Train

take a ride
it’s a nice day
what appear
to be amid
the lights
over twice
our sight
… and you’ll feel it

just know it’s right
and don’t fear it
a new sphere
upon flight
… and it’s write

a Pyramidal
a cog
of primordial
is true
as penned
a tree grows
inside you too

“hey johnny
it’s the apple seed”

Excitable in the
action of deeds
“for god speed”
it surely must be

four the sides
to breach a need
a mach fire
and a match
books three

“are you driving?”

brains free

. . .

outside a machine
in the clouds
it can only be seen
upon entry
to exterior scenes

neuronic ….
what a nerve
to know
what you see

inspired by a pyramidal neuron ;)


Bones too

and listen
"eleven of nine"...

it was a time
of mystery
and all even
in the gist
of history

when sudden
the best guest
of story
made haste
with a plate
on a starry night...

save for wright
what might
be a sight
in the daze
of soaring eyes
before a fork
made off a joke
and be
for a dork
who enjoys
to use spork
said sure....
it works

for Bone soups too

way side

to fall
by the way
sides real
it was dealt
and was felt
in the eyes

“the guise”
the steal
of a heart

to what it means
“knot this time”

and it was
in so doing
of a rhyme
that a mind
found mine

“amid structure”
of up here
he said later
“the operator”
we’re not
in a cave
and the vase
isn’t broken

“the great save”



and they laughed

to come faster
and another
comes first
she said

it was heard
of a hertz
“who knows "
if another
one due
really shows

“he remembers”
from behind a sunder
there came a thunder

“and I said….
the underwood”
account is hear

three objects
are now




"little filare on the filame"
look a bit closer
"I was always here"

a rose
to know where
a twist of fire
become eyes
who stare

"my way" is
the "hi" way
said a man
name god
"if you dare"
but if you do
then who
might care....

became hot
in a bed
as a soul
to move
a head

within peace
and with thy
eYes open


of the sky

there was no one

just the wind
in the weeds
only no one

in the desert
on the breeze
blowing by
only tumbling

near the flowers
going dry...
and I could see them

without knowing why
there the echos

and silently by
of whispers

are the sounds
I could feel
in the sky
they twisted

within fire
and ice

they g'listen...

the remains

what remain remains
and of the remnants
there came some
in and of the few
and of those who
forever more
haunt the sea
of their memories
"how far..."
do we go
to show
of what

when there remain
some things
to know

"the filament"


simply one


to 'my' insanity
the need to know
a soul
of possibility

"come dance"
and with me
there came
and of
the others
the same
was seen
with them
of another

"come find us"
what remains