“wanna peak you say?”
all aboard
the Spike Train

take a ride
it’s a nice day
what appear
to be amid
the lights
over twice
our sight
… and you’ll feel it

just know it’s right
and don’t fear it
a new sphere
upon flight
… and it’s write

a Pyramidal
a cog
of primordial
is true
as penned
a tree grows
inside you too

“hey johnny
it’s the apple seed”

Excitable in the
action of deeds
“for god speed”
it surely must be

four the sides
to breach a need
a mach fire
and a match
books three

“are you driving?”

brains free

. . .

outside a machine
in the clouds
it can only be seen
upon entry
to exterior scenes

neuronic ….
what a nerve
to know
what you see

inspired by a pyramidal neuron ;)

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