Seriously, I’ve been thinking about this
whole genesis thing and there’s that part
the one just before the start
that says something kind of sad…

It said that God was alone before they had
the idea to create Us and I was glad
to see that such a Verse was written.

This is the part of God I can see as Human.

Admittedly I’ve not read the Book
but I did read that page and looked...
we all have our understanding
and we read just what we need. Right?

So I did in deed, over and again
to see how sad this God had been
and all alone 
before there was even a When.

... Can you imagine?

What might have been seen
in the face of the waters, Then?

So in the greatest effort of Love
Imagination was created Above
because before We could even be…?
... I’m guessing…

God had to reach inside to see
Just and exactly, what and how
precious a " We " , had to be.

“Mirror Mirror is the Ball….”

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