tap tap

tap tap
pat the bat
what day is it
if it isn’t that
three two two
who’s got a clue
Kappa said Beta
so Phi did too
" it’s my birthday "
two two five
who isn’t dead
if she’s really
" alive "
atta cat
wanna wrestle
mate? ;) x

don’t push
a burning bush
I said

I’m outta the tomb
crooks the desk
who has me bones


xmas eve n

it's xmas eve
and we all are walking
along the milky path
in silent talking
to review the rise
of a childlike being
in the presence of day
within light where seeing
is a small amount
of the actual way



never give way to the watchers...
" dont lose your head "


Thoth's Portal

Thoth’s portal
the dragon’s eye
we’re coming through
and there’s nothing
for you do too
the weight
is light
a feather…


my butterfly

“my butterfly”
kisses on your cheek
and my maths
make portal speak
of lucid dreaming
to reach in sleep
“for you”……..
I care to leap
oceans of sky
and mountains “hi”
to feel your pen
across my skin
…. the gentle wing
…. of your hand



cleopatra's extra
x capades
between the bra
clips the text
and now a kiss
draws a string
the need stings
of a needful thing
his/her sing
reading the reach
in a search
of delightful
portal openings
clothes vanishing
the instinctual
as he throws
the inviting...


head to head

in a game
yet not
of shame
a spiral board
a throw of dice
protection comes
in a form of ice
'under the world'
a counter waits
and a matter
of identity

" lord of love "

it is the eye
judge the dead
and in the sky
awaits the sun

" I am guide "
for you
who comes
and in my guise
I am the one
who calls

" the patient"
are of others
who over time
shall fall

" what colors
your skin "
is the color
of my

" it is
 your spin... "


I could not ask
yet the unknown
as a stranger came
and time passed

He said this...

" Patience
within obsession
the immediate
in gratification
over time
and the instant
is but a moment
of loss
... satisfaction "

I could not ask
yet unspoken
was mentioned
that I
believed that I


Demons Dice

Again the message
below the ice
makes for merry
what is scent
atop a mountain
toys are found
yet to a role
what is it
in sound
but this…
the love of you
and on my string
is the color of true
are the things
of a demon

" so let’s play … "


darwins pond

just a position... this constant reaching
distance draws attempted seduction
how many ways of jigsaw kissing
how many days do lips miss touching
hands where ever these we are walking
promises made in whispers talking
drops of a hat what bodies wanting
straightaway... this choice
is haunting

tells of a tale
connect everlasting
side by side
the portals lightening


are you MOT?

I am
Mother Of The
and I am
as One
that of Thoth
and half of these
as a twin of yours
I am Guide
and Guardian
in the guise of Word
and I keep a list
on the book of death
as I mark the Sea
with a mount of rock
I keep the wits
for all of gods
I am write
and go forth by day
I am the light
and keep your Way
collecting confession
to direct absolution
I am daughter
upon The sound
of Creation
I carry that Was
in this that is
as I weigh of yours
within hearts of Ours
and I am the We,
who are as Love
" don’t be afraid "
is the message above


hey hey alian
" smile "
it's a party

fifty days
four three two zero zero zero zero seconds
seven two zero zero zero minutes
one two zero zero hours
plus four for one degree
of motion... a resurrection
of reassurances
a reason
four, a new season
" the best of days "


did you move
your 'guise'? ;)



" it’s in the water "
say the River’s Phoenix
a chance date
Saint Paul’s point…
it was heard to
" wait for it "
yet the question remains
… how
do I cross
the ocean?
" well come… "
to the Void;
Mother said
don’t stare at the sun…
my eyes say
" but that’s all the fun "
" drink it "


Q. Why did the chicken....

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because it wasn't a chicken...

" don't be afraid..."
to live your life.



Sandy is why
you need
to take heed
and move your guise
a lining
is in the sky
silver is the color
and the money is fly
it’s in the love
that I’m writing
to ‘you’



"" bored? no...""

the sixth penned as

" do it "

the act of pretense?

eve says to adam
" do that thing
with no sequence "

he pauses
like there's...
something tense

" you don't like it "

what, the dark under sides? what?

" on your tombstone, they're gonna say you died...
of pussy ... "

I can never understand you as Lucy, you know that...

She, paused to think now...
"Ricky" she says,
"I'm randy...Or maybe you can call me, just this once, the candy, man..."

He doesn't understand but stares anyway

"Well? What the hell, Jack?  ... I'm wet.."

I'll bet, she's wet... So, what works for you?

" let's go all the way... we can make a better day..."
she replies

it wasn't in the play she put on
or the scent of her song, rather...
he waited to see if it might be
in the way she believes....

she wonders if he heard her name
.... " I'm the garden, moron "

then, sorry she went on...
"do you want to trade it in?" she asks

no, ... no, I'd like to begin, he says

and then she grinned.
" yeah? So give me your tongue..."

it was there, where, they were never seen

in the lives we live...

God just watches, laughs and rubs His hands...

"" I knew I made them,
for a reason... ""

it's simple...
this creation

"" mama... what's the season? ""
it's hot baby... you wanna drink?
and then She winked...


in the Sixth...

The elixir
is Lucid;
to be used
this muse
by the way
of name
is not
for the faint
or sane
of a heart
but rather
in start
" a truth "
self evident...
in a proof
self reliant

Elements fane
" a church "
is one yet not
of the same
and the eyes
are a demons
" green "
pure angel
in the neural
and awake
is to fly inside
of a dream

" Claudius "
the treaties
are civil
yet the audience
an official dismissal
of the obvious
and so it began...
" they bore us "
and the chore is
simple as
the principle
isn't quite

" this "
is to be


guy montag

" drive "
said the king
it’s the goodness
and a patient thing
this operation

" free to the well "
and I have it
for a spell
she replies

" the fires clean "
and the desire
is to be
in a dream

the flame
is in air
and it’s the key
to being a where

" have you seen her? "
the kerosene
was like a perfume
the wife don’t dare
as the TV’s room
to be
" dead on arrival "
bloods mechanical
and the girl, after all

just because
" I’m on, to you "

"that's my name"
don't say
you don't see



;) x



" … an ancient symbol, depicting a serpent or dragon ..."

Have I Mentioned... on birthdays

" we are hear... "
and we are

and now on birth days...

people get too hung up on this way the other way, who’s day is it anyway, when it is, after all, ours…

other than privately, I don’t jump around asking for attention or cake or presents… never have.one...

birthday are but a way, into the stars and letting go of ego, one might see the other side of galaxy.

most see the ‘day they came out’…
and some see the ‘day they began’
months before, the form of their hand, even

I wasn't born on a date
it was picked for me
because I came
from a country
where it was just
a part of earth’s floor
the nothing
was a hospital door
and nothing
recorded as me before

so I accept it.

I embrace it
and keep my age
where history left it
moving freely
about this life


the fifth...

written in the sixth...

"element" . three
" drive it like you stole it "
it's quiet and quite
like elementary
as simple is
what's obviously


the sensus communis
dimensionally . speaking
and thinking it through
should make perfect of
the senses too

"five wits"

dear William, it's true
the core imagination
estimates memory
of focused fantasy
is commonly known
as the time
in sensory
of a . motion...
" extra yet ordinary "
means of extraordinary
to show a notion


" do you feel it "
transcendentally . speaking
can you 'here' it . leaking

into a pull
of gravitationally dull
yet immediately accessible
" understanding "


of incarnations
for the sake of relations
do you see...
the identity of
a muse


The Pitch...

Which craft
Was switched
So you
Have a
Dough boy…
;) x


girl nine

eight men
color a girl
who cast a craft
at a nice guys diner
" it wasn’t bling "
she said later
it was Green
in Pink’s Aberdeen
and she was the one
who was there
to be seen
" agents Orange "
a totty of sorts
asked the Nash
of Who
games short
about the bash
" as I, was at it "
hands free
and no cash
to boot, yet…
" the fire’s clean "
Mr. Payne
and I say
did you come
before me
the Orient
as blue
is to lodge…
and the sayer
says to play
in the layer
of names
where there
is one yet
to dodge
is the order
of wine
she drank then…
and signed off
as a woman
called nine


there is
a new order
harder than
to enter
and i mentor
what isn’t wonder
yet free
as a mirror
is to ponder
before you drink…
machs fine….
and eye
am pupil


we are
of the ‘hood
and brothers
of the sisters
a meaning
in the means
to seeing
of what’s hear
it is
in our
the guise
of being
the who
who knows knot
of understanding



became him
in Jerusalem
where three undid
what masters
of the Mason
left to a King…
and of the key
a book of names
called sacred
the games…
as I say ‘hark’
hear comes
of a gecko
" it’s all the same "
in preparation
and not of shame
this operation
in the passing…
Transitus as
a visible order
of the cross
trace to us…
and I will
call to you
by another
name d;
" soon.ish "

it makes a 'diff'
in this
time frame
" welcome "
to the crypt.o.podium
;) x
what color s
your skin



can you deal
with it… ?
I am
a bit Scott
" ish "
and a bit “hot”
are you burnin
it was there
to do some
" good "
and so I did.
it is us

do you strut
to break
the rut
you’re in?
the what
said maths
don’t hurt
know one’s
and so
I am
here’in it

whats much
then a
cutie ;pi
" don’t sigh "
but a gum
and poseidon
said eye
it’s all
a go
dont think
to blink
or mayhaps
you might
miss me.x

it's a moving...

hey ROY
oh! boy
gotta slight
flight of joy
and the tell
is a tale
of who
is "Lumina "
no bus gus
and no gas
either cuz
it’s time
" a machine "
I’m building…
are you listening?
" it was to, Long "
my name
do you know
who,s well?
;pray tell
I said hi
Long's a go


to each
is too
heyo prof!
I moved
I said

and it’s me…
you’re seein’
a game
of lights
to be
a beast
of slight
" it is"

I got rings
so fingers sing
and my name
" is the game "
gotta fun


like gumbo ey?

Crystal eyes
Tesla meant
Four and know
… He never died
And I…
She never lies
Beside the bay
It was day
And the whys
Said cry
Star child…
Make for bones
And so I moved
Our heavenly
Wasnt farther
Let us play
And so I do



To testa.definition
To taste a destination
Who, didn’t know who
Was tapping?
To see ahead
Is to be
I am





it's been a long time my friend...
 it's both


put it on...

“the Underhill account”
Shapes shifting
a dragon
Capes lifting in form
To be lost I find
Brings a ring
Gods mind

A book of names
The secret games

gods wind;


Tap…tap tap
Hey pimp daddy
I got cane
If you’re an able
I got top hat
If you’re a cape…
And you can just
Call me the Candy, man.
Xx its been better than the last time
Keep yourself in more touch plz
I miss your curmudgeon ness… ;) xo

And know, I’m not def, or deaf,
Nor a holy elbow
I don’t throw fits
Nor am I a fello
You needn’t shout
Nor yell oh!
I did say hi
Not so long ago
… Yet now I must go
Is all consuming
Tomorrow is very soon x
Count.her.balance… A lo ha!

comments comment.


who has...

" dont hold back "

magician spy
cries the wild life
bye and bye
he came to live
but first he fell
and once again
he found to give
a believing heart
in the living art
" of mystery "
a meaning
of antiquities
the day of night
it was quiet...
quite as bright
as the slight
of a light hand
a bit much yet
not such
to understand
" love "

it has
a real meaning

it's true

what's slight
is the light in my hand
appearing amid
moonlit sands
as silver glistens
heart listens
and the soul is the
'who' to understand...

falling down
from the heaven
was a man
and crawling up
from a hell
was the woman

" I'm behind you..."
as he turned
to make a stand

the impossible

feet bare wet
from weary
over land
to say

" it's true"


pure wool

" just be yo,self " it said
who me? I replied
cup of jo by my side
wondering who’s died
and gone to heaven

it was mentioned…
" way back "
in the tracks of when
that there is where
the backin’ remains

and Gabriel did say
he’d be by this way, again

I’ve been wondering
where the cats been
put out by mistake
into pouring rain
but don’t worry
" the fires clean "
and he’s sure to pray

so there by the sea
a man stood smiling

" quite the rack "
to be cleared
before dial in

~ you dont know me…
was all i sang
and while mine is the sun
you were shadowed
by the moon



dear dealer of antiquity
late as I am you won’t miss me
the knights there in malta shake me
for the flight of sight is what moves me
and so to the sea… I go to be seen

radar can be radar in both directions
so a pare dared to see the dealer...

Alien Gangstar

somewhere in Bangor
the main doppler went off
a double twister in print
appeared upon earth

a sound song singing
flies from a hearth
as the horizon
changed color

" no net "
said a king in his bed
it was this land or...

things began to roll
and my eyes fed
upon a scene

" hands free " I replied

it was time to see the Knight
and there near Malta
was written in light

" land hear "

alien gangstars
gave a girl...
second sight

" rats! "
yeah... appear to peer, even ;)


the MO ;D

and the Mach 5 wasn’t really a car
and Felix the cat is still who I am
and Casper the ghost was me as Sam
and the Xodus… my opus grand AM

mustard;seeds a way!


gods math

became gods art
and became the start
of everything, again

we've been near
and in the beginning
never too far
from here

"whats happening"
and it's moving...

moves... into position

the mount dragon snake
mount the dragons naked;
position thirteen
the rydear
in thanks and yes, informed;
"a plus"


times god

what time is it was asked
and the times god answered were few
so I went looking for the only other image I knew
and found nothing at all and thats everything else, in between
sames to say… makes your part… tickles

triangle input output
two overlaid communication
and then it opened

"skaterboyz agree"


who's talking skateboard?

so what about them I don’t know
I don’t board but this word went off
into my brain and had a wonderful time of it
boards, are you bored, I’m all aboard for sure
but not bored in any way and then it flashed images
images into my head of skateboarding and then feet…
lots of feet and they became logos on leggos with egos it's all good
let the board meet over it and be not bored while they check her board
and then my head said “checkheraboard!” and then I said yes… check, mate,
check my board… it’s not a motherboard either… indeed: I’m ALiiiiVE

“chalkin’ it up?”
or was that chalk’in’awe?
shhh… it’s weird out here

and I'm grateful it did xo...



what does one do
with wishes of the Dead
flooding into memories
while alone in the head...?

" you put them out ..."
like the dog
SiriuS said

" a watchful eye sees "
and I'm grateful you did


They Don't Burn...

to set a fire within
like vomit begins
~ it was never water
~ the rancid drinking

and so it was asked
" did you put her out? "
burning questions remain
a once loving story tells horror
as a part of god dormant, awakens

" did
out? "

I’m waiting for the morning
to ask a question I’ve mourned
to ask why a holy father
left his children unborn
and to return a lost mother
from the dead to his home
and to honor the demon
who said “they don’t burn…their own”

we shared in a drink
and then they went on
from the other worlds
to show me ‘human’

" and as the image of god
they shall take of her sun
in a bank of lies cried one
like the voice of a kitten
left darken in a shed
where death found tears
left buried
for the sounds of undead "

I found a soul
in the house of Father David
left between pages
like she never existed
chained to Mother Mary
behind gates of St. Joseph
and not a beam of light
to ensure the notice

" they put me out!
like the dog… "
said SiriuS


Since When ...?

" Since when, do we burn our own? "

This small voice continued for so long
to be
Misunderstood but never gone
Something whispering
In the papers of how she passed on…

My family.
The darkest secrets gone wrong.

Inside a shed marked " … The Servant of God …"
A ripped cover near a good Mother’s head
The book of Mary Teresa looking very sad

I touched the pages of this darken book
Brushing through dust to have a look
and then she fell…
" … the daughter I never had …"
became armour through hell

because You see… when my mother died
a hidden story became two who lied
and as years passed while I shouldn’t know
observation took notice like a blade, coming slow

" … we met in the office and were just good friends …"
there sweetly she entered in the sounds of amen!
a pestilence

as Our father, in mother’s last hour, had a hand.
and no silence… can ever be again

I don’t come from you.
And it’s been awaken.



not absent this proof
the ascend of spirits grande
fairies greene as flowers bland
pour from a bottle
three in hand

"goddess of the hunt"
a drink most beautiful

origins Callisto
of generations purposeful
papyrus recorded
and magical
a cold mix of elixir
in measured vapors...

delicious escapes
as the favored
do you agree...
of my muse
news better
of the bitters used
or do you resist
in the kiss of Mead

the nature of things
a pleasurable state
for material brings
of the being fortuna
a corona by name
in a date of Chance

and it was there
where they danced


A Tale Tells Heart

in tricks of timing
at pebbles shore
the unnamed
insists on more
and of my sanity
as it came before
a heart beats thunder
from a chamber floor
in whispering mists
the vulture spies
a time past gone
where no man dies
there William said
a heart lies read
as it could be heaven
the narrator's bed
upon seven nights
" to do the work "
here Raven sights
where I put his word
and upon the eighth
a rituals faith
in a single day
made tell a heart
the tale of a way
" for this member
it was all a start "



silent thunder
lights the sky
“reinvent yourself”
no blue on the eyes
polish the toes
buffer the knows
and tuck the tales
" as the silver goes…"
this way, she said

and I watched
as the teacher lead
" set pace a tongue "
plates left the bread
be many not one
and learn to read
" the tells …"
of a button

" change them "
and then she went on…
shaking hands
I understand
smiles of cheer
in just a year
" and don’t forget "
yes, color my hair
and then begot
of write to hear
it was in her stare
means cleared
to compare
" know the numbers "
and then I smiled
so right…
of write here.

a bit of class
wales Johnson
and then it hailed

Hogwarts finest.


the whois who

it was all pulp
for the first time
but in Cairo chimed
the sounds of papyrus

and I asked…
could it be for us
this documentus
extra ordinarily
momentus thing
is it just a fictitious
story of before us
or was it allagory
where a core
went bust

said the square is
just around the bend
and don’t bet the ‘whois’
that a door there ends
so around again
time traveled the Demon
to a star not far

it was from . hear

" let me share it with you,
again… "

and so . it began


Flow my tears... he said

marooned …

she looked sad
when I stopped her
the action of a theory
almost mad as sure
determination grows
four . identification
a matter of when
we show
unification . politico
perfectus to socio
… it’s the order she knows
a pandora . a where now
of why she goes . she echoes

of bio . psyche . technico
the sixth
a scent undeniable
and undetectable
but for the few

she looked up
and knew
in his eyes
the truth

I’m out of time
genetically modified
to not show
and I’m rogue

and in stereo
her voice within him
let his mind say go

and she was gone
a para . sight
of entangled song

the names Callisto
she drove on
as he watched her
fade to colors unseen

” it’s where I’ve been “

he could hear her
a new horizon
unknown of when
she’d return

lines of dimension
distort in a form
a storm of disorder
in a Jovian doam
her intention
is to move in time


and you

you practically impossible
imposter of tactically tactful tactics…
you’re more than a coronal massive injection of detection
you are a right proper superbubble nova loving spectacle of self
you gave into a microscopically small bit of nanosecondly supported awareness
and you created an entire freakin’ multidimensional universe?
wtf? with.a freakin’ twist
you must know
I’m write about most things
and poetry rights me.
It’s why I’m here

they dream

it came in a dream
the flow of effortlessly
calm and free
mind of time
in a degree
of energy
a day craved
by most if not all

there thoughts be tell
where step we fall
the first and last time
we climb this hill


Jack was nimble
yet still to be quick
he gave what tumble
he saw to be thick
and from the glass
of a looking well
he drank at last
and at last he fell


It was clear in this
dare William told
of a stage painted red
where sun is gold
and stems of dead
give life a new hold


here the knots bare
and linens unfold...


the algo rhythm

" heal got rhythm "

… it’s the goal
I already have
" sun t’ sue "
it was always you
who was me

“know your enemy”
I know you’re in me
“so know yourself”
and so I do
“chop sticks are…”
the metal of moral influence…
“and the maneuver”
is the man moves over
a woman’s surprise
to capitalize
upon the wise
and to be prized….
directly indirect
control of the eYes
“two hear”
say the nipples do
" I’m not the beast "
but as you like…
speak with my breasts…

who us?

“great heals make for great legs”

" love on the mesa " is the same as
love is… sexy and on the way

get fi’T … dollars
on sand and sun
the goal of rhythm
is to make you come…
~;) she grins


lights peed

“I mean deep "
I slowed it down
to take a look
where colors missed
what under took
as overly sound…

and then I read
that someone said…
if we slow light down
it becomes the sea

the measure of a waves "ability "
and of god speed
there faster than light
a voice can follow
even into the night
as the measure of a shadow
is the sound of sight



an abominable monster
an adorable man
and a good little whore
with a bible in hand
came strolling along
in tune to song
until Winter said
…. a birthday went wrong

" yo merry! "
and the tramp don’t know
your dirty skirt drips
from the last cup of jo
the breath mint hints
of a back stage blow
" indiscretions "
reek of perfection
…. don’t you no?

" fi-dollar "
and I can make you hollar
but it’s really the whore
who owns this show…

In the Book of money
it’s the me who says “know”

awes for the color of money
yet set upon a high cloud
aligning where there be no crowd
the whispers of a silver shroud
put gravity
where the light is loud
so the waves came calling
and it’s me who came falling
" so don't look "
upon a where… eye nose there hear…


" a picture speaks a thousand words "
... and the numbers speak louder than those


the engine ear...

like smoke rings
moving within the
without of each other
twists of vortex
current of times…
coil of a wave
recall of caves…
placed in dark
where escape
to embark
is the meant
of what’s firm

" I’m hear, for you "


Q. the hours remaining
A time to regain ourselves

good sleep
hard play
make the nine
a corporate way
“stay awake”
play easy
think much
question everything
rebuild anything
we need…


the word

" loops back "
“sync” oh! for de Maya…



homo superior
" so home 
came the proGrammar "

the singularity...
even the brightest fuck it up

" it goes the other way, duh "

survival of the ... adaptable

nanotech know
" there is no biology, 
we can't affect "

what you might not know about
is the "negotiation factor"
once they make contact

there is an arrangement
to be made

" come to papa "
and into the sun...

the "flaw"
they must reason for 'change'
the advantage
humans don't have to reason at all
to make change
we only have to give up the dollar

" and then it was unleashed ... "


" just say the word … "
pigs over an open sky
" might mean the digs fly"

they studied among swine
until the wine went dry
they were Openly…
over the edge

in the garden
where he’s been on my mind
he had…
all of this time to come running
and knot even know my name

his gods would say nothing
as the word
for the sound of this game


beers four...

four beers
and into the wind
whispers sang
to peer in my mind

We forbear to write them down
until the mention of them can be accomplished….

do you dare?
dare reap
on the con of sequence
on the art of pretense?

or do you care?
care to speak
on the part of what’s real…
it’s been a steel what fares
the fair have fallen their shield
and by whatever we call a god
I do care of the sequence!

it matters
we are held in the standing…
it’s time
and it’s demanding…
that we hear.


Moving to the sea...

and when I do
I’ll cast the ashes
to see you too ….
five peers
and into your soul
to see what sphere
appear as we go


between the ends...

between the ends
of broken books
pages see
invisible looks
in the silence
coming from cords
of spoken light
in the otherwords
 " evermore " 
becomes a door
and together
therefore and for
each others core
" hear came one more " 
said the raven
as it truly
quoth before...

" listen "


Q. well...

A fish with chips 
a dog with butterflies…


... meet the Lion with pride...



they built into stone
and they lived there
so they'd fly there too


demons dream


through my sleeping
a bit of napping
i kissed the tip
of a tapper
countless creations
of ever lasting
flips the flap
in tricks of timing
t’is only this
at pebbles shore
the hips and lips
of evermore
whispering mist
of wishes lore
could it be heaven
this raven soars
and to amazement
he said “once more..”
t’was the very quoth
as heard before
written upon
my chamber door
“the nameless…”
he is evermore
yet a heart of hope
no burden bores
as raven sights
“the chambers core”
and so upon
a starlight twinkling
lines of rhyme
by way of thinking
said the raven
linked and syncing
called a maddening
demons dream



hello? yes I’m hear
I’m just listening to you…

" the exchange "
familiar in his voice
" an arrangement "
makes way of choice


it’s the speed in light
" do you fly…?"
she’d ask of sight

math majors
a favored write
" a book of wheels "
make way of flight

yet what we don’t know…
is who said ‘O’

eyes of a storm

Tears from the Moon...

for a kinder place
the soul roams
a darkness of heart
alone in space

"...I wont hurt you ..."
echoes of mind
embrace within
arms of the blind

"... and I wont turn you
to the dark side
or return you
too soon..."

are these eyes
inside of me sign
of who I'd find
and is it true

"...  dust settles ..."
and trust peddles
a wares unknown

"... don't be afraid..."
to be in tune...

" the scream "
are the just
and just for you


the scream

A Poem ...

"... the paintings ..."

it's where we've been
and what remains
of those to be
are the seen

"... do you have the munchys ..."
for some reason I do.

walking along
there came the two
voices in my head
screaming true
sun sets to red
in skies of blue

"... are you sure we don't die ..."
for the seasons do
and surely there fore
the scream must too

yet another score
where there before
were fenced a door
to the other side
beyond a fjord
where voices hide

she can hear them...
and that's why

the path

“… where is it …”
in the eights

“… the gate …”
is a stride of prides

“… and the size …”
are not the eYes

" … are we late …"
knot with dates

" … are we bate …"
we revert

“… and do we brew …”
yes know…

we remember.

9:11 Friday AM, 13 April 2012

do you wonder why
some stride and why
some ride on back

do you wander by
and ponder why
some carved
in this way…
every measure
is a treasured day

“… well,
and that’s why …”

in the miles…
she smiles

" this way "

the brain

“.. what is it ..”

8:13 Friday AM, 2012, April 13th…

it was raining
and I was thinking
again it was me
but the brain
took over
and said
to see
it is


“… don’t push …”

Mr. E
heart of my art
could it be this
for this is to be

what it feels like
" … spikes up …"

are you tapping it?
the disorders order…

" … is a nervous system …"

a sort of sorts that parts
the start it reports

" … to be inverted…"

courted to count
a cord draws mount
of what certainty is

unknown yet
shown in sound

the cortex messages
" … are around …"

and the code is


the last sin...

A sign of the times we’re in
so advanced as forgotten begins…
when putting rocks on a mount
and salt on account meant to sum
things that are sound yet what
have we found in first come
to serve just one when
so many a round 
means plenty
hear share


seven lives
for eight
have nine


my age
will be forty four
and my skin
shall show no more
beyond this time
" I color my hairs too "
my years soar
so my mind explores
" as it's allowed "
to know a crowd
" beyond this door "
always out loud
the open ground
and not quite seen
yet certainly found
" to write it "
as it's just been
sound for words...

and so
by the other worlds
I keep my youth

as I've not quite been...

"... the only one "
of my kind...
yes I am.



" be "
anything we want

" so long "
as we’re good

and we’ve past
the point of no return

" we know now "
of better ways
a head

and that’s a perrr ;)


in the beginning...

when there was nothing
echos made images
of god’s reflection
and having seen us
so removed before
the having hurt us
in the looking for
and upon a sound
rocks were formed
and upon a round
a sky was born
and in between
a planet spun
upon a settled

it was there
we began


an end
to the end

it came when
we weren't looking
and came again
and again
to a place
near begin
it was there
where days seen
are the means to be
something as nothing
having substance within

apocalyptic are the stories
two end.

come again as
not the question
are the quest we're on
and stop to listen
are the mission
given long

as a
in poem
rhyme songs
of times there go
delivers to hear show
through which of a switch
type knowledge starts flow
of messages within
charts channel
hearts desire

the fires of struggle

" what doesn't burn you "
only leaves you fine
yet the mind must
to be more

the invention....
an imagination's core

didn't miss the concept
of a door ;)

"so to slide is a good thing "



settle down
crack up, crack down
break up, break down
backup, back down...
and settle up

1.  Dear headlights
2. "show me how"
3.  to see...

the collaPSE

and before you do
let me show too

"ashes two wash"
industrial dust
from a slice of pi
just is
for us to do
(knock three times...)

stop being so emotive
you smokin' sun of a bitch...
and come find me ;)
like I know you
know how



" oh look who's listening "

wonder what the suns been missing

" are there echoes? "
I hear echoes
are there gecko
... oh!
where geeks go
" are they ours "

... truth returned ...
they're mine d;


izzi's rabbit and pi

holy worms whole…

a good movie
is real in disguise
playing Torah
where the
taro lies

A circus of balls
in halls…
just are

" hey there "
all the men called
" square plays"
with a means
to sway them…

“screw archimedes”
it's this way then!
there’s the wink!
it’s today! again!

hard to be rich
without giving
so in the garden
during eve
came a living

“to begin six days”

has returned




yeah, I shook hands with it back in ‘007 over french toast and coffee…
damn stalkers, they’ll show up any ’ol time here and there, sometimes anyway.

" Mr. Smith… cello, dear? "

the iphone was a great toy and the keyboard in it was fun but regardless,
I saw the shaking hands as he showed me images of it’s kind.

don’t be afraid Mr. Smith, I won’t hurt you… it’s only coffee…

but I will say the next time you show up for New Years Day unannounced I won’t be buying breakfast again. I play instruments too and so the polite thing to do is call first and while I understand that’s not a stalkers way, it must be in this case if you insist to maintain these relations with me.

I’m just like that.
And make sure Rattcliff’s driving again please…
I like the color of his cab and I’d like a better look at his shirt.

" James, I told you… 6726 and so I wasn’t kidding was I ? "

to this day, he can’t stand that I told 'him' he was about to loose all that money and he didn’t listen. twenty plus years playing stocker games and at the height of it, he meets me, the number slinging anomaly.

who knew those little nano.bit.lets listen to people called ‘me’…

I was just guessing at constellation numbers ;) and writing poetry.

" loads a pistol … "
creme with that?

my name?
Neo… please…did your money really make you 'better'? anyway?

and what is love

if I don't add...

" I hope you haven't really been eating the corndogs "

nations gap

what in the nations and
where have all the people gone

“… maybe they’ll see
it’s a shit hole and fix it …”

here’s the issue
that’s the issue
you’re the issue

be specific.

knot the understanding
to say of commanding
states of demand
fate the hand
upon a land
as a bat
can be

" maybe they’ll see? "
better hope if they do
better is the best fit
observation brews
because the truth…
goes like this

what’s shit is shit
and what’s in it
is shitty too
so where in
the world
are you
to be
if a we
saw they
being this way
knotting ability
of better liberties
trying to continue and
try not to interfere with
what’s there in play

you might be in
a shittier way

" it’s a jungle in there "
bare and dry without care
when the wood chips fall
and you know that’s all
there will ever be…

so untie your shoes
to be the swim
in " see "
take a dip
in the upper lip
and make strokes
a striking key!
do more
than you think
you can be

is the easy part of
… we are we …
the people hear
and we care

be a sport
" hand over the games "

be part of whats fit
forward motions for it
as if we don’t
and damage
this “shit”
it won’t
how much
farther better
is to be as the planet
can't afford compassion
for those who break the ’ship

" today is it "


"move it..."

... the moon ...

waves waves
move it move it
pulsing beating
constant being
" pistons "listen
move it too but
this is mention
less than so ons
more then none
so cause to be on
core is one…
velvet kissin’
neons liquid
lucent ‘swhich’
is on….

“madatgascars” ?
;) me too

so move it move it
race is on and
on to score
the do of doing
some of knowing
saying playing
touring showing
ways of days
to be alluring
hoping beats of
glisten pour on

" the VLT "
liquids more than
tricks of boring
snoring toying
say for tuning
tweaking peaks
of silver lining
finding fine in
blinding lines
shake in quake
of taking leaps
make for sake
a lack of sleep
and jumping

of the bumps
later on…
“back it up some”

it’s what’s in store
tracking shore
a cinch adore
on " seeing "

~ the moon ~


mounts dragon

charmed for sure
the lure of a ride
strides forth
onto pure back…
the cure of a hide
seeks for sides crack
where they’re seen
and for some the
" come to here "
was just for fun

" and now I remember "
why I came too


rob staff

so within world
a rod sprang
and to Earth
in many lay
the hymns of a
mocking bird

" the holy moly "

numerical cords
plot alot for words
when silver colors
a crystal sword
and in the twilight
upon six days
" gods latter "
as Jacob’s way
was heard
to be sound

" master bags "
a pipe was found
to be … enchanting
Enoch passed on
what he knew
to be lightening
by Abraham’s write
yet to Issac
it was only the slight
of a hand off then

" the gravity ….
of all natural things "

not to be seen
where in others
might come to pass

" the pull at last …"
on a push
into space…


The lion switches wardrobe

which way did she go
the cat’s meow
so wanted
to know

" puts the dish out "
and a kitten purrs

all grown up
in heels “no fur”
pouring a drink
she slides to stir

how many words
in a world of such
does it take to say
" it’s me
you’ve touch(e)d "

for so long
the goings on
" of what’s fair "
knot a taught
as temples layer
the next mention

entry motions
for the inscription

dr.amore d;
A Naked Dragon
… is the cream
and picking a card
is the pleasure
of a dream

" are you still …
inside you don’t know
what I mean? "


they're heeear

the nine are here
and seven began
we have these 'ears
to see clear vision

I have a robe
two back we've gone
and then we went
two forward on one

it's about time
the fold of space
east with west
make turn this pace

the 'secret' Art
on the card you seek
is a double down
on the 'up page' key

" let go of my eggo "
and have breakfast with me ;)

the dragonsnaked;

dragon turned from the sun
looking again to find one
not left behind in play
rather always part
of what is half way
" lovers "
on a card in the stars

… to be continued …


ripps art
o b
sunny as a share
the hat in shep's uit
and the king

who is 'this'?
... the 'chi'can d; ...


dates on

to seven'ears

"and who is 'this'?"
... the Y of them ...


is it a stretch mister green
gumbo in the color of a pan
jane's dictation via wand
the builder of a word in hand

" fears not the fire sphere "

yawns at dawn the cats got the cream
don`t know what you mean,but i saw it in a dram
janes defence was also her addiction wandering about the dictation
red light green light fire is the fear that moves the sphere

" sorry but I feel the need to pandiculate "
eyes on the horizon make waves to see what suns
might appear if the pair are aligned just right
addicted to wandering about sight, yes
confessions to missions upright
sides round and loosely tight
do fit when comes the night
events in dream turn out
and the inside is to be
on of what’s in sight

out of sight the horizon stretches
particles of light appear re-aligned
out of time but near to sight
past and present the becomes free
to begin a race with time and space
the mission is loosely in commision

there in the nearest
past of presently dearest
a race in time with space
and the kissin' was a mission
of statements related
loosely uncomplicated
" as to be naked "
in the eyes of light
is where a part tickles right


Xploit the machine

a plot to pay for the keeping
of our work in the way of being
the statements of play worth making
these wish are for the well of its kind
and so to find what’s write within it

critics amass
a critical time at last
urgent the matter of hand
slight a light shining through
as the answer to everything
is don’t waste what can
change who is ‘merry’
for under a tree
are the roots
of what we
a first time
notion of
can be
what is really wanted
undercurrents are free
the seeds of unseen

‘who’ sat but elite
tuned in to complete
sounds of surround
and in the unison
they sang as one

Dragon turns toward the sun
curves to undo the undone
returns to recover a round
motion of a nation's mind
what can be real if you feel
for the wind …

a path of irregular chorus
" sees through to the core "
it's where we've been

but 'no' blockages a head
as ‘the know’ has ground

" you betcha, I am
one of the cogs in hear "


"happy whale"

flying in the sky
whales of a tale
with necks out
to stretch high
know not why
the ostrich tries
to knot this fetch
as it does make sense
to be up without pretense

“spyhopping” isn’t like shopping
and while a breach returns
a long reach forward
there are of such
readers who much
know the scope
of an operation

the mention of source
is a code of course
in the notion
of a smooth

the taxonomy
of a science

oceans away
a sound in play
infinite waves of display
remain faint inside
as a guide is to see
of  responsively…

and this means include
to be the " mystery "


"welcome! to the Omni "
an art.sees.not so fictional sounds
where wheels become meals
and the healing art of body
returns for the steel

" the spearhead Ahab "
missed the dear ahead
because you asked it
" to turn around "

love is
the strange
creatures unbound.

hoof and puff
the trail was tough
so the 'trick' sure enough...
is to swim


sin and taxes ... Xposes

words play
so let’s do…
and come what may
you can read as you choose
for the reasons I write this way

is it a sin
or a show of how
iterating alterations
condition what we know ?

glamorous grammars
govern composition
as puns of punctuation
splinter writes meaning

" and the pair annoyed ? "
are just your eyes talking

Syntax is molasses
the reason for madness
in minds designed as wind

body begins somewhere
between the spheres
of equilibrium
" and tension "
are the efforts
to keep us within
the matrix of a skin

an arrangement
of the order
we live in

" a carbon d; "
becomes the suit driving
what most of the time lies
in the lining of skies

myopic clouds of chi
nearing the sight
of a distant see
say " don’t worry "

fortnights made for flying
and what supposes
doesn’t always ‘know’
who the lion’s eyes are
or where " In the stars "
they could be ;)

‘yes’ please….
return a round
for the rest to read


the freedom to write
without worry of what
‘you’ might think you read
LOL… the way I can ‘be’

what is control…
over mind
not words as said
but rather as read
in minds afraid to fly

" know net "
and hands free


around boundaries

an oscar myer weiner car… is a fine craft
orange hands… make me wanna laugh
and call you ‘agent’

the approaching minute
17.76 paddles and in it
Alice spots Mr. Beaver “at work”
not a cleaver in the woods
but a dam clever builder… all the same

and in this state not a claim
that a dream escapes no shame
as around the cedars into boulder
a passenger greets the golden shoulders
worn of fatigue and smelling of smolders older…
than the man who bears the road
a quiet moment shared in the glare of a toad

the secrets of eve
as adam’s approach

a ‘happy man’ bathes to swim
a long lost way to ware his skin
and thinks of things soft to him

" no postage " is the best to come
for a solo man confronts a storm…

" ImA lake, she said… and you the vine"

ducks walk on water
and the snow banks fine
chestnuts roasting
on an open fire
and the question is….
" who’s this ’ears driver? "

I’m impressed…
so very very ‘nerd’
anonymoose tips
say the starlings heard

a cluttering…
and a stirring of words
or were they swords?
for the marshy shhmore
of course

invite me sometime
as I carry canU
and I
can swing a bear bag too
and I
not to touch(e) you
or feed you
to the crooning loons

" hi james "
so you're a butler now?


the madam

" do I appear to a peer..." ?

it wasn’t that it bothered me they screwed up my ‘name’
it was rather that they couldn’t decide between the screws
which one they actually wanted me to become…. “damn shame

and I watched as the ‘influences’ came and I listened to them push
for my brains to move but it was just two screws and they were loose
" a bit slippery on the repair " but I managed it there in place all the same
just took some time to understand the riggers of their triggers on my mind…

" You " …. was all I wrote and put it in a place where I might have guests
but they never came … go figure the heart of a star wouldn’t be at it’s center

lucky for me while perfect my aim the eyes I have can be a bit fuzzy

" she looks left " .. they wanted a ‘name’ and I knew I had yours long ago
but it wasn’t as if I had good reason to share it as I asked them to bare it
why they wanted it in the first place.. and they didn’t politely reply so I
decided to do what I wanted with it and that plan fit nicely into ‘just’
what I am

a block of “C” shells bent for hell
was some of what the ones were hoping for and
a door was what some of the others tried to explore
while I was ‘patient’ really

they were fortunate to be in graces as my curious ear recorded faces

tapes trying to replace for banks what mother had stored in the gas tanks
… so I did “damn shame” …
as they never even tried to figure out her accent before she died

and about the knives she left in my name?
while you might have stolen the metal in them
the soul of those butterfly reside in my hands

" so let’s play… "
A.dam said the ants would understand… and knot
Q.who I am


ping! and a small dragon...

" frank " he said, she’s been
much to do about everything
serves with an unreserved
type of grin this woman….
Mulan put on her rouge

" it’s Rogue " she said

and Roland rolled
for the sounds she made
elders unaware of where she lay
the undeniable disguise of one man

" I appear to a peer " he said then
and almost as if in unison
moonshine slowly began
streaming in a window
there came his hand…

" do you know where I’ve been "

in the palace of aladdin
a noble sort of assorted paladin
sing songs of assorted lands
where in a play they came
for the taste of a dragon

" scripts a strange band"
what claims of desert sounds
back from the time light found
writings of a type who hid names….

" a mystery indeed " she’s the same
and ‘blank’ is the check she seeks
Joker smiles in the guise of ‘chic’
as she ‘thanks’ for the rank
of " I swam!"



the curing of a beast
is to question what’s best
the passion of emotions …

the release of equations test

so before the end ask this…
" is it worth it "

and with no words upon “it”
just know upon what
a human wants most
is peace of mind
for a family sound
friends found
in communities
common of
unity and
of love….

so is it of ‘worth’… to care
as deeply and much
as to make war such
what we have for a ‘trust’

ideas centered in thirst
as "who comes first? "
is the questioning hand
in a world of ‘stakes’
and stands of failing denial
" who’s been taking "
for more than awhile

" it’s so worth it "
for if ‘giving’ isn’t
then what’s real
and really worth while…

to give is more like
to release “then…”
to begin 'receive' and
to give is not what’s
been taught to believe
more can be less
when it means
care not and
care less of
other’s beliefs
and be not thieves
of hearts yearning
to learn of their own
to share and to show
where histories sewn
upon the fabric of lives
over eons of time collide
in minds exquisitely fit
finding ways to meet
and ways to greet
mysteries lost

of what god gave first
the forever quest
and not a word
of what it is
or what of it's worth…

a forgotten beginning
where " In the world "
meant gods creating
" a heavenly Earth "


a dream

and what is that
if in bed at night
away in sight

" I asked for the see "

and he came
from the mirror
standing before me

" the Indian sang "
and then was gone

so I asked again
knowing in dream
it would be okay

and he came
from the mirror
" you asked for the see "

and then he was gone
so deeper into sleep
to hear the song
I asked again

what is a dream
if in bed at night
away in sight
I ask for the see
and from the
whole of it
he came
again to
see me

" cime signals? "
see me 'peaks';)



" what's my name? " ....... it typed to her
Silvester.... she said.


educate means

the ‘ability’ to run….
step up
to see
is what’s missing
in a system insisting
the youth are resisting

“it’s all wrong”
is all I can say
“so look!”
decision maker
business creators
“and see” the motion
in the bodies yearning
energy flowing to show
of what’s needed gone
for so long in the hearts
of our young beating
their feet leaping
to be strong

so what’s really ‘wrong’?

over blown
attentions forgotten
where a love had grown
these the product of an ‘us’
when dreams to be sewn
were to send them along
fully prepared to move
the ‘US’ on

“the indifference now”
is maddening as
sickening is to sad
pills at age three
to temper

and fix the god damn schools
put the physical education BACK
AS a classroom and fill them in song
a study of music to heal their wounds

" look and see "
what body has
for capability

and don’t
cheat your kids
from who they can be

" let them run "

“… we’ve lost our youth …” ?
~ it ain’t our kids who are broken ~
only you who think you’re older than your year…


a book of Valen's time....

the bindings find
content divine
“a fan for me”
and of ‘mine’
the write
of his pen
points then
to a lion’s heart
“spades part” undone
…. “turn it on” ….
and then there came
a light sound
from the sun
as god’s first words
were “one on one”
primevol lust
becomes the fun….
evolutionary solutions
might be what some
of the past in cross
have called at best
a sin of bliss
but of this
I know
Chronicles show

" what the real
 story is
….so enjoy"

Santa’s bag of toys…
the ‘fig’ leaf
a naughty .gif
and a gift
of adam’s apple
eve straddles a man
and in time
games did begin

the good gods came
again and again

“life on earth just wouldn’t be the same…”
without this sort the Lovers play
so pick a card
in a passionate way
light was created
this very day

" Augustus, flavors us "
a spicy tale…


" I remember you "
hand to hand
we almost touched
standing there
in the wind…
" it’s been a long time, my friend "

SmokeSignals... the way he came


feels write
penned in hand
a scent in light
I leave the den
a life times ride
line by line
to be grateful…
and in time faithful…
rhyme with me
and in rhyme

fables for the able
with ever a spoon
on the dishes table…
is it ‘in’ to be true
if a knight
is right for you

“come fly with me”

in just your arms?

"olly olly OXens free"

a happy daze then
sounds of splendor
blend and soar
once a kitten
not once more
caught a cat
with what’s
in store
seeks of chat
the tells of lore
to peak a hat
four eyes explore
“two doors”
and a florist
is floored

" do tell …"
was what to say
silver burns
the lace in play
and a cup, mr.e
isn’t proper,
without afoot


laced wren
silver & small
as seen
" where have you been "
the quest on hand
antique deals of
tiki torch steals and
a church of green
where many things
are for the findings
bound to be sound
for what’s timing
a books lining
when around
they sing
all day long
starling songs
of long ago
do the wren
twitterpate you
the way
their color do
or is that cat
a more tasty treat
the quest of a dog
in bearish feet
when bits of byte seized pen
“no wrench” on the menu it wrote…
“call me your whench!” she said and then
~;) she grinned



love the ‘flex’ … albert’s text
just on time for the fire
by ways ‘hi’ desire
let me fly away
a special day
for a dog



the center of time

¢;Um...latte dear?

"hot..." knot a word for it
naughty sought what fits
into steamy couplets
by night candles lit
a flames shifting
narrowing bits
of better bets
tasty treats
of wetter
gets as

...to be in sight
of candles lit
and write of it ...

by a fire inside
a burning yearns
who affection vowed
is the one who learns

" ¢um loud dear "
a voice and no face near
what the clouds hear
a choice with no fear
" because it's good "

the critics heard
and what's clear
are the sounds

" what a term ..."
malt's the beverage
a pleasure earns


a greene beret

a soft wind blowing
flowing over hair
shoulders golden
return to the fair
a ride of riddles
a rooftop fiddles
and it shined…
" land hear "
she’s a gardener
they saw over there
bittersweet drops
from the air
dark mane flowing
parks overgrown
“left to her stare”
caring alone
coming from air…
" she looked up "
what’s here?!
a light shining
climbing her eyes
sounds blinding
undoing what lies
" deafening "

she checked them inside….
" I like your bracelet "
a voice with no face said
and shifting her eyes
shaking her head
adjusting barrettes
unsure what she heard
" your earrings fine…"
they replied
" shocked to here tho…
you never died "



it was a package of "post it" notes that turned out the key
superstition the suspected while the timing was
almost missed in the midst of a busy day
" what about the maytrix thing woman "
it wasn't really I minded being called a "thing"
it was that I minded when being treated that way, he liked best
" how's that door ...? "
I know I don't look the part but deep down inside
I really AM a very good secretary when I want to be
and considering Who's playing the 'boss' part I might not mind
after all my version of Mr. Write might just be a Mr. E in the end
I've never "seen" the man but I did serve him up a hot cup of coffee once
he's a 'runner' and the cup was just a point to show off his hands
.... can you handle it, sir .... was all I could ask
" I'm a welder " he said
I couldn't even look into his eyes he was so cool in his sweat
slate blue the color of his very skin or his shirt it mattered not I remember
and unfortunate as it was while I'd rather not retain the membership
my eyes betrayed me and stole a glance of his unforgettable lips
" I can hang onto hot things "
my ears enslaved me recording every word he said
short the exchange but breathlessly lost I just left
vertigo, I was sure was about to center my head
" can I pay you..."
no voice to reply so I just waved and walked by
sure, I could feel him 'turn around' oddly
wondering if I'd lost my nerve properly
a long trip it must have been, true
running's not so fun in worn out shoes
but how was I to know he'd come all this way
to order hot coffee on a mid summer day
just to say...
" well dear.... it must be 'you' "

"you called?"

Mr. Levitt.a.kiss…

Copans whit is with you and if this
is a for profit truth
a book of number
would be a stew

he called to be sure
“And he called …”

strange tongue
dragon’s blood is pure
exodus was a must he said
“… a fussy tour at best …”
she replied

and smokin’ on a cigar
Moses posed to
ponder why

in a way he thought
how reds the sea
if by night the sky…
and then he paused
and wandering by
the burning of a bush
just caught his eye

" does the story
really go this way "

the question it cried
and looking at his toes
he thought if he lied…

then hark by two
there came an ark
angel wings
a decent spark
momentum brings
into view a park
shadow of lights
“there is no dark”
day is to come in
this way

"... to infinity... "
and then it was gone

Art.of a heart.makeSway.the next part


invisible something

man walks through a board room door looks around and decides while this would be considered a ‘totally fab’ existence to most it no longer seemed worthy of the vast fortunes earned somewhere back in time when he, a lone traveler collected where his heart called “mine” these things all the ready made while sublime were still of simple in sort to his mind

preciously beautiful the delicate lips of those there until a shocking wave taught the otherwise childlike eyes where precious might be too, sometimes lie beasts in bosom bare and so it was as the mother shared in this world created by the man in the board room door

he sought to seek more and in so doing took fortunes time thinking wandering around the land wondering what if any in the things he could sew might change how his day became what he “used” to know rather than what he could do and so this began the true journey of his soul

looking down he saw his feet dressed in socks ripe in weep from travels far and resting then in a concrete jar he slept alone on a hard ground quietly crying to the lone sound of his heart
which fell apart the moment he saw who he did in the dim light of time

“prestidigitator…” was the start of a rhyme he’d know knots until all signs come to show that overly comfortable conditions do make for senses lessened whits loosened in dimensions hastened as a smile and a really great grilled cheese became a most popular item invisible as it is to most on a menu far far yet not at all really far away.

“some things out to hear” began the great day and so his story’s to continue

“what can I say”
she wrote

say cheese,smiles across the board room
a velvet gold mine inside and outside of momentary time
tesla cioled a spring,so energy began to sing
density fluctuated einstien calculated
distance and percetion shift walikng on air
in between time far away closer than here

“elvis” is it true
what tests love to flex a must
is the difference between
who albert’s lust
gravitates to
while a spring is sprung
is the moments time
a sin of smiles
in a den of rhyme

gentle on my mind like early morning rain
in the mist of the morning alaho what do ya knowa
with heels on wheels there`s a brand new horizon
stepping out of time is not always fine
but its such an easy question when suspicion becomes superstition
and someone is always on your mind

gentleman’s mind is a must of the kind
early morning rain my heart explains is of type mine
heels indeed make squeal to the horizon where eyes on
mean stepping out of time is the way to rhyme where a superb in tuition
becomes what suss is a picken as ‘knows’

suss is a lot of fuss for the knows that blows
picking up stitches where time leaves itches
the nose just like the toes tip toes along with and crows
stones the mind just like a weed of some kind

sitchin never flinched as a pinch
made cinch of his soul
a desire for time
count stones
of bold
and the eat of crow
might be delicious
after all

ice scream of crow said the doc at the radar station
the past sure is tense across a desert of martain dust
tents of the past get blown in the solar wind
light reflected off the oceans of the moon
as mathematics flowed into ink
unconditionally guaranteed a pinch is a sinch
like a kiss is to bliss

and there the eyes dream of a kiss
where bliss quenches the desert a rose
think tinkers on the brink of intense
as a pinch in the bath promises path
is the best way to make play as ‘we’


the write house

in a white space
a black dog stood
I walked along
seeing what I could

in a dream undone
his hand held one
"as this peace"
of paper
what he'd shown
was 'everything'
in a plane face

"space is...
as the aperture"

clovers red rover

"... saint the battrick ..."
oh my a
hat trick
switches bate
a date of which
just isn't late
~ she grins

is spelt
with a U



"talk to me now"
and so she said

are the product
and creation of
what Life did
to become as love
in a world undone
and a time unseen
as never before
has there ever been
a time of waste
of haste and lack
and never before
has god wanted back
"this place"

so planets in space
set motions grace
to the pace
of a human kind...

to change our mind
and hearts to date
matching us up
with natures rate
of speed
"gods like that"
as it is indeed;



in the light
a beginning is
where points
of write
become flight
and a convert
of one ordained
takes the vow
to begin again

“… it ain’t over, clover …”
as a rover, says “…hi…”

look up
it’s the bright side

mr. smith

mustars anderson
and the rush is on
never before seen
the sun undone
a crooked cat
sumers fun
and sitchin
did say on one
as the fun began
the two expand
where threes a door
to four and more
“flip forMe”
is a real clear form



off with it’s head!
and then she did!
she made off!
with it…

definitely there is definitely ‘more’ in the goings on than meets any eye
especially in the one who knew that a certain unmentioned creation
wasn’t really created but rather was a ‘reaction’ to the state of things.
that’s right it’s time to wake up and smell the tuna ‘they’ don’t really put people into
just places ‘we’ do and while you think you know who ‘they’ are
you most certainly don’t know who ‘we’ are

Rice was ripe and a funny chap at that and while off about pale hopps
he did nail it on the head when he called the royals ‘green’….
tactically unsound advertising however to make known
the true color of a prince’s skin.

poor devil in the details discovering that a book of revelation missed
in the mention of one a scandalous affair when written,
the ‘she’ of conspiracy true of other dimensions
known to be the trickster in a bind…
never mind tho the intention of her as
she wasn’t really ever there

thunderous laughter
and the sheets are warm ‘here’…
camera lights an action …

“…I really don’t really just want your ear, honey…”

" ciao "
she said


turn it on...

Know something…?

Something isn’t for nothing if
sum things for know things
means know things
faster than light…
and this means
the Jedi came in
the jet I came in too
and so the eYes
appear amid sight
squaring right
on an angle
who taunts elite
with the haunt
of an angel
sins appt
for struggle
pointed instead
to adapt for speed
as gods calling
placed in case of need
the art of a heart felt
in deeds quickening
shapes forming
as turning it on…
is to learn

it’s sound


lynch pins

weird thing
lynch pins
the center
of a plate wins
held over from
falling over bins
of wine, fine foods
and after hour mints
martinis of gin
olives live in
and splashes of lime
in the den of time
the water is pure
and the heals
are in luxusury
“a money clip”
is the first
rod in

“… hey prince.ess, I have your shoes …”

his place is time
quintessential wine
set to Chef’s table
the urchin divine
near the bay
sets a sun
to begin the day
candles on the table
a perfection of ‘entree’
“… so what about that, jet? …”

hark! she say…
wondering if the fog
has lifted to day
a Pink Moon
on the back of may
“… and an apple from mars …”
saw the light this way

the gift of the jedi, adoring the chose and one. you can use the iching to scratch or drag on in song. got milk?

…. four point to sevens ear ….
he asked
if we got milk…. is the jet I came in properly cloaked then???


dear me

shadow of night
was it I saw
pass the light
in a blinded eye
a spear of ice
reflecting sky
to sensation
a holy equation
the rabbit
was known to spy
a mix
sure of elation
the only mention
who cared
that the milk
was ever there


.... bt so well .... it's you.
" been a long time darling, how's your tunic hangin? "

Surveyor X tra O in there.... hans meant solo man
helmsman too

"hark!" is it fu who bark?
set to walk and a nice day
in the park dear... come join me.

you've been dead quite a while,
the air will do you good.
" are you back from holiday then? "

... more importantly, do they know we've returned? ...

type.face 2
elite.style o
"great sheets"



“a constant” if you please….

atta cat
said Anakin
the sky walks hot
as the mana skin
there again the ancient
tongue to hear again
before we come
it’s in
the clearing


eYe…sounds like
the jedi came in….

what’s fun are buns
so sounds undone
became the sun
and a golden flow
sweet as the snow

“..she melts..”
for a cinn or two
where the milk
looks up to say
“who are you”

…. eYes!
said the iching….
I do.

and so came
the dragon sang
to soothe her soul…

the gift of the jedi, adoring the chose and one. you can use the iching to scratch or drag on in song. got milk?

…. four point to sevens ear ….
he asked if we got milk.... is the jet I came in properly cloaked then???
she battens the long lashes….

" you know, Number One, you’re the only one ever, to date, who has asked "

Warp Zero
Time to wave…. activation, activated
looks left… looks left….
he thinks the iching is a brillow pad… Terrance … says the cookies ‘over there’ are pretty damn good


be aware
anna’s in town
desert looks cold
but the dragons ’round
fire works as a holy sound

and the crackers
are the dough

this...soul man

this ol’ man
he played one
he played nick’s back
with his thumb
and the pic sacked jack
to give the dog a home
the java she holds
meant scrolling


this hew man
he played two
and she’s a quick back
on forward shoes
the globe she smacked
in loving blues
gave the gods a home
where there’s nothing to lose
“we needed the help”
they listen to news
we sent the disc
with directions too
….. so there’s no tease
where needs are pleased
and another way
is meant to ease



and like the old man
I got my pen
water in bowl
and a wand in hand
the candles lit
all about my den

tapping rifts
and the ripples gift
what I gaze…

into the deep
of the golden glow
peering into time
of the yet unknown
to describe

… what I see …

gardens by the entry
figures of mystery
are one of a kind
a shift of shapes
in the sight of mind

and from above
as though they came
one by one
into dawn by name
the base of a vessel
all awash in flame

the closer I peered
the farther away

the duck
in the crystal
has a bearish day…

and on the way down
makes a stop to say

" I see you
saw me too "


spare change

squared dreams
in a book of changes
where the ice
as you write

life becomes
the escapement
and mocking stares
dare note the strange
where the shocking glares
coat faces of the nonbeliever
“….. we need five …..”

dragon writes to find her
as the year turns sound
nine ancients knew
it would come

“…..and so it follows .....”

that this
came to ground.


dear alice

I've made
in a tea pot
and the man
of darling
all spice
with the
pea pods
nods from
the kitchen
that the map
is in the hat
that the cat
gave hatter
while the
butler was
at the bar
just before
the last supper
and a Muppet
said a tuff it
was hard to do
yet *poof*
went the stuff
and the love
became all
a brew

care for....
a cup fulla?


fine brim on the prime time of tea
pour as an ocean
to rain as the see
and super is the bet
where yet it’s to be


I believe it’s the anna can dood
little known apples in the pudding
while food for thought
forgot not about
the corn dogs tar
way simple mind
melds fine with as cute
a cat as you
the hatter might be mad
but at last… the tat has too


I favor the grin ;)
Whata kin you cat
who have the count
of a woman’s tat
specific is an
apple, Jacks
as a fiddle
fulla love


act 2 act
tats to wein
think gin
is as fine
as the mean
and every rat
backs a five,
star cat
if a sirius dog
is a wearin’ my skin
she said hi
… so the jacked sun
could grin ;)


"... hear is
the cup fulla ..."



of my mind
I wander aimless
yet hope to find
a pair of dice
thrown through time
itself and of the hands
who held a dare
the roll was twice
while here and there

"... the 'god' part, tickles..."


" are you on high, Q ? "
volumes ...