"happy whale"

flying in the sky
whales of a tale
with necks out
to stretch high
know not why
the ostrich tries
to knot this fetch
as it does make sense
to be up without pretense

“spyhopping” isn’t like shopping
and while a breach returns
a long reach forward
there are of such
readers who much
know the scope
of an operation

the mention of source
is a code of course
in the notion
of a smooth

the taxonomy
of a science

oceans away
a sound in play
infinite waves of display
remain faint inside
as a guide is to see
of  responsively…

and this means include
to be the " mystery "


"welcome! to the Omni "
an art.sees.not so fictional sounds
where wheels become meals
and the healing art of body
returns for the steel

" the spearhead Ahab "
missed the dear ahead
because you asked it
" to turn around "

love is
the strange
creatures unbound.

hoof and puff
the trail was tough
so the 'trick' sure enough...
is to swim

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