"olly olly OXens free"

a happy daze then
sounds of splendor
blend and soar
once a kitten
not once more
caught a cat
with what’s
in store
seeks of chat
the tells of lore
to peak a hat
four eyes explore
“two doors”
and a florist
is floored

" do tell …"
was what to say
silver burns
the lace in play
and a cup, mr.e
isn’t proper,
without afoot


laced wren
silver & small
as seen
" where have you been "
the quest on hand
antique deals of
tiki torch steals and
a church of green
where many things
are for the findings
bound to be sound
for what’s timing
a books lining
when around
they sing
all day long
starling songs
of long ago
do the wren
twitterpate you
the way
their color do
or is that cat
a more tasty treat
the quest of a dog
in bearish feet
when bits of byte seized pen
“no wrench” on the menu it wrote…
“call me your whench!” she said and then
~;) she grinned

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