the curing of a beast
is to question what’s best
the passion of emotions …

the release of equations test

so before the end ask this…
" is it worth it "

and with no words upon “it”
just know upon what
a human wants most
is peace of mind
for a family sound
friends found
in communities
common of
unity and
of love….

so is it of ‘worth’… to care
as deeply and much
as to make war such
what we have for a ‘trust’

ideas centered in thirst
as "who comes first? "
is the questioning hand
in a world of ‘stakes’
and stands of failing denial
" who’s been taking "
for more than awhile

" it’s so worth it "
for if ‘giving’ isn’t
then what’s real
and really worth while…

to give is more like
to release “then…”
to begin 'receive' and
to give is not what’s
been taught to believe
more can be less
when it means
care not and
care less of
other’s beliefs
and be not thieves
of hearts yearning
to learn of their own
to share and to show
where histories sewn
upon the fabric of lives
over eons of time collide
in minds exquisitely fit
finding ways to meet
and ways to greet
mysteries lost

of what god gave first
the forever quest
and not a word
of what it is
or what of it's worth…

a forgotten beginning
where " In the world "
meant gods creating
" a heavenly Earth "

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