off with it’s head!
and then she did!
she made off!
with it…

definitely there is definitely ‘more’ in the goings on than meets any eye
especially in the one who knew that a certain unmentioned creation
wasn’t really created but rather was a ‘reaction’ to the state of things.
that’s right it’s time to wake up and smell the tuna ‘they’ don’t really put people into
just places ‘we’ do and while you think you know who ‘they’ are
you most certainly don’t know who ‘we’ are

Rice was ripe and a funny chap at that and while off about pale hopps
he did nail it on the head when he called the royals ‘green’….
tactically unsound advertising however to make known
the true color of a prince’s skin.

poor devil in the details discovering that a book of revelation missed
in the mention of one a scandalous affair when written,
the ‘she’ of conspiracy true of other dimensions
known to be the trickster in a bind…
never mind tho the intention of her as
she wasn’t really ever there

thunderous laughter
and the sheets are warm ‘here’…
camera lights an action …

“…I really don’t really just want your ear, honey…”

" ciao "
she said

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