is it a stretch mister green
gumbo in the color of a pan
jane's dictation via wand
the builder of a word in hand

" fears not the fire sphere "

yawns at dawn the cats got the cream
don`t know what you mean,but i saw it in a dram
janes defence was also her addiction wandering about the dictation
red light green light fire is the fear that moves the sphere

" sorry but I feel the need to pandiculate "
eyes on the horizon make waves to see what suns
might appear if the pair are aligned just right
addicted to wandering about sight, yes
confessions to missions upright
sides round and loosely tight
do fit when comes the night
events in dream turn out
and the inside is to be
on of what’s in sight

out of sight the horizon stretches
particles of light appear re-aligned
out of time but near to sight
past and present the becomes free
to begin a race with time and space
the mission is loosely in commision

there in the nearest
past of presently dearest
a race in time with space
and the kissin' was a mission
of statements related
loosely uncomplicated
" as to be naked "
in the eyes of light
is where a part tickles right

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