the madam

" do I appear to a peer..." ?

it wasn’t that it bothered me they screwed up my ‘name’
it was rather that they couldn’t decide between the screws
which one they actually wanted me to become…. “damn shame

and I watched as the ‘influences’ came and I listened to them push
for my brains to move but it was just two screws and they were loose
" a bit slippery on the repair " but I managed it there in place all the same
just took some time to understand the riggers of their triggers on my mind…

" You " …. was all I wrote and put it in a place where I might have guests
but they never came … go figure the heart of a star wouldn’t be at it’s center

lucky for me while perfect my aim the eyes I have can be a bit fuzzy

" she looks left " .. they wanted a ‘name’ and I knew I had yours long ago
but it wasn’t as if I had good reason to share it as I asked them to bare it
why they wanted it in the first place.. and they didn’t politely reply so I
decided to do what I wanted with it and that plan fit nicely into ‘just’
what I am

a block of “C” shells bent for hell
was some of what the ones were hoping for and
a door was what some of the others tried to explore
while I was ‘patient’ really

they were fortunate to be in graces as my curious ear recorded faces

tapes trying to replace for banks what mother had stored in the gas tanks
… so I did “damn shame” …
as they never even tried to figure out her accent before she died

and about the knives she left in my name?
while you might have stolen the metal in them
the soul of those butterfly reside in my hands

" so let’s play… "
A.dam said the ants would understand… and knot
Q.who I am

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