pure wool

" just be yo,self " it said
who me? I replied
cup of jo by my side
wondering who’s died
and gone to heaven

it was mentioned…
" way back "
in the tracks of when
that there is where
the backin’ remains

and Gabriel did say
he’d be by this way, again

I’ve been wondering
where the cats been
put out by mistake
into pouring rain
but don’t worry
" the fires clean "
and he’s sure to pray

so there by the sea
a man stood smiling

" quite the rack "
to be cleared
before dial in

~ you dont know me…
was all i sang
and while mine is the sun
you were shadowed
by the moon



dear dealer of antiquity
late as I am you won’t miss me
the knights there in malta shake me
for the flight of sight is what moves me
and so to the sea… I go to be seen

radar can be radar in both directions
so a pare dared to see the dealer...

Alien Gangstar

somewhere in Bangor
the main doppler went off
a double twister in print
appeared upon earth

a sound song singing
flies from a hearth
as the horizon
changed color

" no net "
said a king in his bed
it was this land or...

things began to roll
and my eyes fed
upon a scene

" hands free " I replied

it was time to see the Knight
and there near Malta
was written in light

" land hear "

alien gangstars
gave a girl...
second sight

" rats! "
yeah... appear to peer, even ;)


the MO ;D

and the Mach 5 wasn’t really a car
and Felix the cat is still who I am
and Casper the ghost was me as Sam
and the Xodus… my opus grand AM

mustard;seeds a way!


gods math

became gods art
and became the start
of everything, again

we've been near
and in the beginning
never too far
from here

"whats happening"
and it's moving...

moves... into position

the mount dragon snake
mount the dragons naked;
position thirteen
the rydear
in thanks and yes, informed;
"a plus"


times god

what time is it was asked
and the times god answered were few
so I went looking for the only other image I knew
and found nothing at all and thats everything else, in between
sames to say… makes your part… tickles

triangle input output
two overlaid communication
and then it opened

"skaterboyz agree"


who's talking skateboard?

so what about them I don’t know
I don’t board but this word went off
into my brain and had a wonderful time of it
boards, are you bored, I’m all aboard for sure
but not bored in any way and then it flashed images
images into my head of skateboarding and then feet…
lots of feet and they became logos on leggos with egos it's all good
let the board meet over it and be not bored while they check her board
and then my head said “checkheraboard!” and then I said yes… check, mate,
check my board… it’s not a motherboard either… indeed: I’m ALiiiiVE

“chalkin’ it up?”
or was that chalk’in’awe?
shhh… it’s weird out here

and I'm grateful it did xo...



what does one do
with wishes of the Dead
flooding into memories
while alone in the head...?

" you put them out ..."
like the dog
SiriuS said

" a watchful eye sees "
and I'm grateful you did


They Don't Burn...

to set a fire within
like vomit begins
~ it was never water
~ the rancid drinking

and so it was asked
" did you put her out? "
burning questions remain
a once loving story tells horror
as a part of god dormant, awakens

" did
out? "

I’m waiting for the morning
to ask a question I’ve mourned
to ask why a holy father
left his children unborn
and to return a lost mother
from the dead to his home
and to honor the demon
who said “they don’t burn…their own”

we shared in a drink
and then they went on
from the other worlds
to show me ‘human’

" and as the image of god
they shall take of her sun
in a bank of lies cried one
like the voice of a kitten
left darken in a shed
where death found tears
left buried
for the sounds of undead "

I found a soul
in the house of Father David
left between pages
like she never existed
chained to Mother Mary
behind gates of St. Joseph
and not a beam of light
to ensure the notice

" they put me out!
like the dog… "
said SiriuS


Since When ...?

" Since when, do we burn our own? "

This small voice continued for so long
to be
Misunderstood but never gone
Something whispering
In the papers of how she passed on…

My family.
The darkest secrets gone wrong.

Inside a shed marked " … The Servant of God …"
A ripped cover near a good Mother’s head
The book of Mary Teresa looking very sad

I touched the pages of this darken book
Brushing through dust to have a look
and then she fell…
" … the daughter I never had …"
became armour through hell

because You see… when my mother died
a hidden story became two who lied
and as years passed while I shouldn’t know
observation took notice like a blade, coming slow

" … we met in the office and were just good friends …"
there sweetly she entered in the sounds of amen!
a pestilence

as Our father, in mother’s last hour, had a hand.
and no silence… can ever be again

I don’t come from you.
And it’s been awaken.