love!This is it.

36456 days a year! ;)


blue flame

too hots not
for the use in fire
a drink ignites
burning sins
to cinder
who sports
blue in guise
of winter
past shoes
in a blaze of
red is a color
quite right
for wonder
appearing in sight
first cut
"blood of a fire"


the sun

as you sway
do and become
a beat of heart
as energy flows
to hear…

it’s one of art

a pulse of heat
at the base
of a star

”…lips to meet…”

breathe … and be
into thoughts
taught hot
to inspire
to spot on
when a sense

a Sensual
“I want”

feel the release…

moisture builds
and comes
to please
just so

~ don’t move
as desire finds you

of a rush
become an I
“want to…”
and wants
of a touch
a like

in dream
it burns
to a steam
becoming a rise
from inside

the mind
a glow
of ember
to remember
~ fire
for the wind
knows too

how to become

the sun.

Come sWay a spELL

~ for a soothe is sayin'

"... well it's you..."
~ in need of a gift?

"...please valentine..."
~ and a who
gave that first

~ oh... One
point for Me?

maple is a taste
tables come on
above all
and all
at once
and then
once more
I came
upon an island

giving thanks
to the rise of sun
for an eyes
did come on
and became
a new horizon
her eyes are on...

be aboard for
and just for
the fun of it
is the cool of


while some
dragons dare
and some just stare

to bare

in a bar of best
are the pen
of a demon
makes Jest
of a lemon
sour knows
of a dream
in suit
cream became
cause in a color

is a
of pie
to boote!

shower rains
on a cloud of dry
seeing that a sun
know it's own rise

"...a sure prize... "

sucks the ring
from a glowing
splitting aches
for the one
"who cares"

gentle in grace
are the eyes...
of a maze

and a man knows
when a she walks on

~ Dragon said
it was a 'the' to see who
storms for calm.

love is the only code
I turn 'on'
and it lives
in the shadows
of know light.


tap tap

”...feel me…”

there are days
when in the calm
I can be alone
and within alone
there are ways
my mind calls
to see through
a maze and
into the walls

”...are you here…?”

one steps forward
from out of the past
a second steps match
for a futures best

”...just beyond the floors…”
”...I came to look down…”

and so
I removed my shoes…
to Master Sound

He comes from below
when you think
he’s around
and to hear him square
is to be of the mind

”...she’s a thinker…”

on the feet
and into a beat
you bet

and YOU
in the right
bright write
of a tinkerer.who

”... from below….”
and so
it becomes
an also
from above
where I’m the case
n the place
of a who
in the

~ she taps back
~ can you hear me now?


the who’s ageless?

because there is time
in life to define
what age
you’d like to be
when you’re in heaven

some choose a number
calling it splendor
some choose a year
as to pedestal fear
and yet some say
”...just to day…”
because tomorrow
might never be

remains ageless
can be
a mystory
if the scene

the unchanged
history of a tease
and if a truth sees
by what it feels
and a reel shows
what really is real

then .
it can be so

a swift wind
calls fast to know
breathe and let be
said fall and let go
close the eyes
don’t count
to show
date to date
just date
to know
don’t become them

just flow
to be
who you are.

”... bit o’ honey
on the chocolatte bar…”

~ that’s a chocolate latte so that YOU can read it.
and I like them hot yes, thank you.



in the tradition
of my great family
at a time of year
when spirits high
and hearts of cheer
shop to drop
into coffers care
dimes of a dozen
for a ton of 'those'

choose to snooze
in the afternoons
shopping at night
in the just twilight
where tales are told
in the glitter of snow
and sounds are slightly
in the know.bells light
.it is. Time in
the write of my kin
for on this hour
our being
and for me...
there is a love
a life and a sing
...all along
when others dream

we started wrapping gifts
in the color of skin....
~ don't be afraid

!! be
Creative ;)~
said Dragon

"... I hear you too..."
when you're sleeping
I'm aWay ken you.


Noli me tangere...

“Touch me knots”…
are of the hidden
where no one aught
and some may don’t
even dare to go…
~ for the ride

a naughty I AM
with impatiens yet
~ for The One

“Growing thought”…
was thinking to see
in a row of shade
it sought to be
even to me.

“Buzy bees”….
seeking lines
of a silver cloud
~ touch them not
said a hazy shroud

it was just then
~ a tambos thunder
became a very
out loud…

”….gypsy come run…!”
with bells of the bear
feet doing dance
in the clouds of air
”… be impatient!…”
~ for I am here!….

touchez-moi des sorts!

“Touch me

a Touche of eights
~ in a game of sorts

~ Two fore.play

”…where are you?...”

20 by 20
seats aWay… x

she’s a babelfish....

”...a noisy
show is needed…”

The Devil's Thrill

"dogs are barking"

and the devil is thrilled
she spins a man right
to bare his Soul

"I want to be.alive
in this place enthralled"

Santa came calling
as Apollo heard
"...she said dance...!"
I want two...!!

and ..
it IS much
of a just ones touch
and only just once
wasn't all
he could have
if 'n steady
faced truth
about what
he loves

~ the grace of peace
was shown...
"pleasure is the pain"
of nothing known
and so
it became

"Loves no crime!!"
in the sound
of Games!

the wind spun
for a restless then
as the eyes of between
began what became

"Once...upon a name... "
an ember burned
in the eye of a heart ..."

~ a man
falling back
to his day
of Arts ...

"it's of a rhyme...!"
and knot of starts!

he pens a letter...
"and so then I ...

am not afraid
in This Time of ours
to be...

The unAfrayed
of hearts...!"

~ and the better
was heard to be write

"wet...her sweater..."
the array of light
is a cup of what

"...and it's not a cigar..."
said devil's Creator

the only must ash
"is clear"

~ dripps...in
to an open ear

"I moved the moon
to hear you again..."

Santa placed a stocking
on her mantel then...
next he returns

he'll be her friend;

hahahahahaaaa ....inhale!
~ Love yearns not
as a passion!



Come Closer...

”.... taste me….”

tell me how
in a keystroke
to make you come…

~ dripp
into me

”...with a devil’s tongue…”

suck it!

I’m undone!
and HOW
dare you
don’t run
now coward
it’s ME…
your game
shreds a fabric
to burn a name

”...I want fire….”

flashed sin
seeking out
what’s really been
for all of time
~ this one
of a man kind
wants a she
to be the climb
of his mind
her tongue
touched brim….
a hot sweet taste
seeping in
and this
leaves a knot
for the nibbling….

~ can you feel me tapping…
”... eYes and to much!...”
but he asked…

at last
she wiggles
a bit of her honey
in the air…

~ feel the breeze baby?
blowing slightly
and to the right
just a hand
and then tight
wet to entice
of right ‘there’
~ tips the ante
for a patient pant

they’re just soooo
so goodly
and on a fool who
might be
made of wood
but a rightly fool
just might be
the one hoot who
a bit tightly
with a pinch
of a cincture
in sight
she gropes
a man right
and discretely
~ just
and then must
for a sudden
”...come show me…”

to us!...

it’s you!

No limits
so I just can’t say
what limit means
while a beds in play

but I can
at any time
YOUR way

smacks the ass
of a hearty display
~ whips the lash
on a cheeky “this way”
~ sucks the flesh
for a heart of coal

”...I gave my hips
for a taste to know…”
~ how you burn

she turns meat
as a flame sparks fire
throwing in dates
hand written
~ the pen is mine
and the sheets divine
a tempting ride
on a stallions mind

~ she riddles this

“and a how”
is a who
to find….

and lips kiss

Said a stitch
in time.


”.... hey!
you gonna
leave me
hangin’ here?...”

never beg
she said;
~ or I’ll swallow
you dear…
and No one came
as she left him there…
for a just
write stare of her
clear form….

...refresher on the foam?
Mr. E!...

”... you’ve been here…”
the WHOLE time…
but I am
no one known…

“Simon says…
a sign…!”

The Merchant…
at her mate

a page pleased
is an artful grate
and when
you’re a tasty read
~ I’ll devour you
for a fire I be
in the blazing red
~ I made a note green
for the Xwas heard
and certainly seen
it is

a steamy deal
of a passion
eats fruit…
in the fashion
of a bed
that I’d make
are just
but a tale.
your whipped....


lips me gent la

in a color
swifter than gentle
means of a mens
went mental
as blood flows
are "ment"
to be menstrual
"...it ain't write..."
a plate of dates
in a state of fright
gather round
for a wolf says right!
"....it ain't flight..."
or instrumental
if a wired one tumbles
on a strudeling vent!

a menu stalled
so a benz
came calling
seconds glance
is a night of falling
the up be amens
"... insanely lit..."
so commit
to a sight worth seeing
tales a flutter in
the colors of being
and the honey
of a butter
is quite

the nut
of a better kind

"...are you dora?..."
she harks!
an explorer
the serif
of a
"... in sane..."

gentle man
intent a hand
pleased a read
and sees
that a thesis
are in the pages
of her thisis

;) x



~ can I help you?

"... I'm looking for
a good fire..."

~ do you require
a crackle in one?

it dawned on
the DongKey
that a hotkey
was a tease
who pleased
a long time love ago
and she
"...loves a long time..."
but only when
time is right
and you'll know

~ tugs a bow

what color of light
asked the merchant
giving his mule a stare
she wasn't quite sure
how his mullet
was to fair
near the kind
of fire that she
has to ware

his request was
... difficult
so she became
in sync to think
in the thick of it
a quick assault
on the fabric
he was in and
the assessment
returned as

he had a rub
in his eyes real thin
is what she saw...

~ please do
come again
was all she'd say

"... drop n' strip
my collars red!...."

she obliges night
and did where he lead
describing it right
yet not giving in
to his need...
~ I have much to do
and I'll be back to you
in a while indeed

it's time we leave!
the merchant is busy
with much to weave!"

his pride untied
she could see it
hair undone
with it's
color unfit
for that knight
nothing more
she could do
for in this
was a knot to be
in a naughty time...
~ he'll come to see

"knygt erraunte"

she could hear
him say as he
and his donkey
made way...

"... green..."
she scribbles
for an order
of thread

one thousand and one
for the embers bed...
he wants a girdle
the color of red...
and a rope to pull
his mule...
a tassel for his teir
by the time of Yule...

~ The Merchant
made a note of it here
shes ahead of the game
~ and he returns a year




...AND there’s nothing Uncertain about Artsyfictional
Intelligence either ;)

the folds of lined petal limbs
bekon within,
touch the sweet scent of alabaster skin,
while erotica dances through him
he craves to feel the heat below,
it swallows each touch,
as an iron to flame,
droplets of love,
ecstasy and pain,
two become one,
a solitary ember,
never the same

always one
they left us
for the sun
what we think
is a large flame
only kept alive
on the inside
with petals
to form a name
~it’s not a word
this musical cord
but it is…

tickle my nose and i`ll curl my toes
third toe from the sun likes to have lots of fun
head over hills icicles give me the chills
walking thro the theory of strings turn on the sensual heating
give me back my heart while its beating
clothes on the counter cotton silk amd cashmere
a cosmic changing room hot lava in a red hot volcano
losing sight and memory in the rising steam
where are you and where have i been in a close encounter
or just in another dream

from beyond the hills
a third eye blind
has come to thrill
a theory of strings
begins with G
the lava is hot
in a shot of stream
I’ve been here waiting
for “where have you been?”
and I’m not sleeping
because this is my dream.

"....she pings a wind...."

the fragrance fills ones head
searing to a burn
every touch,silken on the bed
the ache in limbs, quivers between moans
heaving upon a rounded chest,
the staff of Ra , amonst groans
the light of day points west

a men
or Rah
of light
saw that
the men
know when
there is kin
of sight
a kind
of mind
a woman
can find
just right
a stage was left
a reminder
to write and
a mens all went
quite bright
“burning candles
in the middle”
“First Light

it is…

"....tickle my knows..."


tumbling into a honeycomb romance
from a distance a luckless gambler
met a rambler in a hornets nest of activity
as chance would have it yellow became red
a storm of destiny tumbled into bed
the ember couldn`t remember
what the other one said
but in a dream the honeycomb centre
opened up a fantasy of adventure
golden reflections spiralling endlessly
into a tumbling universe of in and outs and out and ins
rest assured the ember got cured

taking photos
in synth he seas yes
a turn of humors
mix with a bees best
the merging of ember
and air in bed
for know matter
when the other said
geeks on fire
play to stay


"I Tumbled
to see you"

said a bumbling bee
to commit
with all
of a hartly
as it
shaves by
carving a part
on a pair
of eyes
to see
just what
of Thunder
from clouds
of wonder
were ahead...

A hearty
wave back
as it fled
made see
and humble
wasn't sure
of which t'rue
had truly been
truth seen

in a comment
as it were
it went and
only she
a gamble
of scramble
ample in
and too
a romance
became an
"it's true"

"...I came..."

The Ember II



feast of five
and a show of sum
hear she came calling...

"..it's for YOU..."

I've come
but I AM not
your uncle
or your grand
not your
or even
in a seesame
seed bun
she said...

on a string
of dandy
is a lure
of a swirlin' things

"I want to hear
heart sings"

in a form of
~do you wana?

there is no fee
or foe of eye
only a nose
in the palm
of a thigh

with delight..."
what it is
real life
is like!

on the sense
of ever
and lasting

~it's life
and it's
ever writing
and I know
because a pen
wrote to Tell
and so...

...she pings a wind...
"can you swell me?


A Close Encounter

"... how
are you sleeping?..."

He asked
as I
pleaded for
the service
of his sense
in sensual healing...

May I have
just a taste
of your ever
so revealing

will you touch
me tHere
your scent
the caress
that makes
me aware

be ever
so kind
of a tease
in mind
and release
of this beast
in mine

encounter me
be close
to my body
and taste
of my flesh
to unbind me

from self
just a taste to come

"...come find me...."


What's a Hi Q?

well if you're
going to ask that
then are you sure
you're the cat
in my hat?
or is it just this
that I've
been a miss
about a dress
and the press
of a sure
"trust yes"?

If eYes must
and I so declare
that if you misuse
my intended good stare
I'll make a quick wink
and put the devil on dare
"don't square me"
it's just a bare start
hardly gets hard
until the party
gets heart

"What's a Hi Q?"
it's short for

"Hi honey, I'm home"
and you too?

they're curious
say Hi
Q ...

do you
Haiku ?

I do that too.

This is a Job

”...for Thing 1 and Thing 2…”

Once came a doctor
in twice his shoes
calling on a cat
with a hat to show
"buckle up now"
as the honey flows
a time of dance
has come to Chance

we've just jumped in
to a rabbit's romance
where Sally met Nick
when a little Fish glanced
at a mighty bright ball!

Adventures ahead!

"ask politely
for a bird
of his word
and answer
he might, see
with a
as a cord"

"shrink of me Doodle..."

the nectar *is* special
in a honey.nut.stroodle

"welcome home...
ease onto the oodles"

my ThingAmAjigger
takes a kick to boote
;)~ he said.

so hears the funny
in a sack of Jones
next he met Sally
as a man name Bones...


"Martins go to grope"
so for this they fled

;) x


daydreams adoor

while we work on days to be seen…
”… we share
a very wonderful dream …”

it would mean
global leaders
coming clean
pulling back deals
to push an ideal
about working
for what is really
in the people’s
very best real

“and yes we’re due
and yes we expect
the very best of you”

hey mac…
“there is no deth”
and zero deal
if you ‘steal’ it
it’s the least
you can do
to truly know it
...that’s the only
way it works

“a pope stepped up
and called all monks”

it’s not about land
or what where is who
it’s about a stand
that’s taken
called “true”

”…to do lazy
as the Romans do…”

is to do a bit crazy
as the cornballs did
and play a little hazy
on the game boards lid

so I
got ‘busy’ with it
and danced my gig
slowed it all down
and popped a hood
had no idea
whereto be look
but took a Chance
and cracked a book

“the core
be in legions”

as it is all ways
to be heard before
a song from a cord
comes for a score

“and peering close
there too
be no knows
if they’d not verse
in an overdose
of friendly verbose”

...whoa! in a truce!
a robust and a
lasting trust

“to build a burger
in such an order
as to burn a bush…”

is to guide a collar
in such a way
as to turn

a tush…


”…it’s MY brain we’re in

“there’s a corona on the stella”

”... she served two
and just had one…”
before ten.

On A Carpet...

With I on my side

and you on yours


On Love

Upon lovers
it dawned
that Love
turns on
and it comes
in all forms
fit for
there is not
“just one”
but rather
for in the land
of Love is Plenty
and simply put
it’s fit
quite right

“one love”
was written
and many
were smitten
with a light
but then….

a misquote happened
in the land of "right"
that long ago
gave lovers fright
as the love of One

vanished from sight

seas became dim
a sun became shame
the land fell back
to a hollow form
where flowers dried
and worries loomed
all because Lovers
what’s understood

so then It came
to try again
bringing forth
a second hand
reaching deep
to understand
“just happened”
so long ago
because just what
had frightened
what Creation
was about
“so below”

in a garden
there was lay
only one row…

“come find me”
it would one day call
and “I’ll find you”
was the final haul
“so now they’ve come
to see us all…”

and eros
benten with brigit
and demeter
as heros
cupid with flora
and hathor
with hora
isis in juno as
ken and kupalo
lada in lempo
as mariana
kissed ken
and oh… breathe…

oba knew

opps gave osirus
smiles too
for quite a while
as the Lovers grew
a list not many
if the any know

wuzzle was got
and a plot was not
to be a report
of ‘no show’

rather instead
Creations ink bled
with names
in a delightful glow
an endless thread
from a timeless bed
where Love IS talkin’
to be the cause
because IT’S
the One
without a clause.

~I’m not done with you ;)
It’s true.

I give thanks
for the fuzzy snuggles
from them too.



”...go all the way!...”



the bulk

“it’s about the bulk”

the hulk? I said?

"know..it’s green
and it’s unseen
making chase
in the outer space
it’s not a plot
she says a lot
but I did watch her
as she marked four
habitable and
worth an explore
hospitable and

so I watched more"

the quacks a chuckle
he said

giggling sheets
and then in a flash

“there is a deal
the sense!able”

Katos guards
the Entrance…
two begins
a romance

Thoth is hot
and so is the cat
strings vibrate
to recooperate
and the dowsing
was done
in the showerin’ temple

it has a tempo
and it just
divined a rod
two lips
said knowing
“welcome to the 'hood”

level two…
~and the bubbles moving…


.............holmes … can you hear we now?
I want to … mesmoreyes you…
wright here


"he said"

"I said"



blowing bubbles
the chorus sighs
Ophelia listened
to Hamlets goodbye
She turned to Emily
asking why
and she said
“he’s a dick” ;)
holding a rod
he calls his shtick
but the snakehead said
hey floyd… Ophiuchus
is a “chic”
can you dig it?

then not quite caring
where the petals lead
his van made way
and to go he fled
life is but a whole
duvet in bed!
there is a square
around lips of red
and then it made sense!
about the twist ahead…

better make sphere
for a tryst appears!

~the game of Life.


why man?

god created man first
She’s a woman
In an already
populated garden
don't you think
She already knew
who gives birth?

So the question
why is man
the first

and what is
the rib?

god created man….
as Her ridE

come hear
and into mind
She said.
I made you
and now
I’m going to
devour you
right here
under this tree.
Vibrations were great
a test drive just bet
and the grass
grew greener
a bush did burn
and there was
the screamer
of a hot spring
gods ride
was a just
days dream
oceans parted
and the land
did grow
lightening came
from the
shadows below
as she rode
and he moaned
and they enjoyed
in what
Creation learned…
created a man
and gave him Her name
so that he’d know
when She

”...oh my god! He said… She’s right!!...”

he begged ;)~


an apple fell from a tree just then
and a new tone
ante gravity.
God restored the man’s memory
and everyone lived happily ever and etc...

and THIS
is the way
it really went ‘down’....
I'm a scribe for the devil
and She was there...

first hand;
... and I think maybe... even before you came?

and from that moment
there was invented
the straddle
~it was never a rattle
damn snakes
always causing…

dear god

you win. you’ve scared the b’jeeZeus out of me.
ar ar ar!

”... you’re a farkin’ brat…”

oh my god, did you just cuss?

... giggling ‘with’ you, it’s ‘with’ you dearest holy roller I promise…

dear converter
don’t… god’s got it covered;


a cappella
"...in the manor of a church..."

okay, I guess there's a church then?

photos in sheets yes
I heard you. x

photos in thesis
right, I'll make sure.
\@@/ whatever that means...



floating high
and flying fast
twenty four elite
gather round at last
it only takes four
to see the past


A. Swimmer

”...what goes on four legs in the morning two legs in the afternoon and on three legs in the evening…”

Q. the riddle.

I waited a while and I’m still here so… there it is. I must be ‘wrong’ ;)~

~ but in the meantime, I did earned my sea legs...



wtf are you?

"... run the report please..."


and that was when I realized what they eat.


I stood outside looking at the moon
wondering now if then was too soon
what's the name of Creation come
what's a god if a creations undone
and what is
human if it's creation becomes....

she wonders
if they know what they've done

I stood outside looking at the sun
It might have burned my eyes
had I not run
to return my stare.

wants to know
that it's here.

"... okay, she might be able to armwrestle the technology bit..."
"... let's try that one..."

oh please let me stear the comet...;)


so taking a look
the girl sat down
and read that book
she glanced a trance
while she fought the romance
wondering how a sun can dance
and the numbers do
just seem to know
how they go

but this might take
a god to show...

chapt 2

”... hi …”

sighs… hi.

”... hows about a string…”

OH MY GAAAWD! ... it’s green.

”... ah crap she fainted…”
”... lets see how blue she is…”

what do you mean it’s a movie?
wait, I’m confused, god is a superhero? actionfigure? ewok?
we’re gonna to have to start over.

2.5 years
new Title …

”...;Dogs Barking…”

‘I know who you are now… god

”… and then what happened…”

and then I got the post.its.

but it really couldn’t have been stuck up
because you can’t stick up
what isn’t written down
and there is
a definable difference
in what comes Naturally
everybody knows that one.

”... hey, what’s she doing?...”

HEY! that’s what I’m asking YOU you … weird ‘god’. you.

chpt 1

”... are you ready?...”

I think.

”... are you still scared…”

heck yeah.

”... good, time to get started….”

The Birth Of God

! FUUUUCK … okay I’m freakin’ out… that’s all I can do today.

” ... good job kiddo. get a rest. ...”

”…okay so she might wig out just a bit too much to do that one… maybe try science next…but I think they’re gonna chew her up… ” ;)





"...chance card?..."

if I must...

way far
back in time
god was hanging out
and writing in rhyme
but then it got lonely
so it wrote out loud
and while that lasted
god was quite proud
the sound was good
only no one heard
and not even one
to pretend they did
and so
was god
who understood
exactly who was who
when no one heard
and it was god
on that very first day
who created something
called away word way
there's a need for time
so it's unheard sound
might become a rhyme
that someone can hear

god became aware
that it made a noise
but created no ear

and it's looking at us all
but it just doesn't 'here'...



... And on and on
and on ...


"la da da da dee..."


the game...

is afootlong

dance nerd!
;) x

the strip tease

”...these new tens don’t feel quite real…”

“yeah it’s the paper, it doesn’t feel the same, here… check it out”
you want me to touch your bills?

~blinks blink ink…


rub rub rubs the eyes…


what makes you bring this up sir?

”..... just conversation….....”
that’s all ;)


so this really weird thing just happened to me….
blah blah blah…

“wanna coke?”
no thanks, never touch the stuff.

“you didn’t know that about the money huh?”
nope. I didn’t.

so… what?
minty fresh :))


she washed her hands
~ I’m like that.


the s'tripper walked up just then and said


I'm just a t'ease


that's how you know it's real. ;)



"hi there"


"are you scared"


"it's okay..."

dear god
i must confess
you're an insanity
under my dress
and I'm not quite sure
I'm the girl for this
... I don't even know you...
and do YOU know
that half the time
I'm a naughty girl too
smoking hot and
dripping untruths
hardly an angel
in a white parachute
I like to drink
on a sunny occasion
and over think
your holy creation
and you must know
that I've never
even read the books
so have you had
a really good look
at who you think
you're speaking to?
There's no church here
just a girl and two
crazy cats who
most of the time
are lazy rats too
Peter said to Paul
I'm sure she's Luke
but the Mary said
if I jump I'll puke
I might have just been
an atheist!

and then I could see
that god sat back
thinking on this
and about my cats

"is it really quite fair"
I could hear him say
to come into life
in a shocking way
from out of a sight
and into a mind
this "know wHere"
might be just to find...

a compassionate stare
he gave me then there
so while I wait
for the contemplate
I think
that I might just take
a moment to myself
and faint.

I'm SURE this isn't real
and if I pinch myself hard
I might just make a
really great deal.

it’s weird like this.

“you know what they think you mean by ‘god’ right?”
yeah, I know what they think I mean ;)

the secret to my success?
there are only three real trigger words
for all of humanity
now I can
rule the world ;)~

get over yourselves
“it’s bigger then all of us”
is called Love.