On Love

Upon lovers
it dawned
that Love
turns on
and it comes
in all forms
fit for
there is not
“just one”
but rather
for in the land
of Love is Plenty
and simply put
it’s fit
quite right

“one love”
was written
and many
were smitten
with a light
but then….

a misquote happened
in the land of "right"
that long ago
gave lovers fright
as the love of One

vanished from sight

seas became dim
a sun became shame
the land fell back
to a hollow form
where flowers dried
and worries loomed
all because Lovers
what’s understood

so then It came
to try again
bringing forth
a second hand
reaching deep
to understand
“just happened”
so long ago
because just what
had frightened
what Creation
was about
“so below”

in a garden
there was lay
only one row…

“come find me”
it would one day call
and “I’ll find you”
was the final haul
“so now they’ve come
to see us all…”

and eros
benten with brigit
and demeter
as heros
cupid with flora
and hathor
with hora
isis in juno as
ken and kupalo
lada in lempo
as mariana
kissed ken
and oh… breathe…

oba knew

opps gave osirus
smiles too
for quite a while
as the Lovers grew
a list not many
if the any know

wuzzle was got
and a plot was not
to be a report
of ‘no show’

rather instead
Creations ink bled
with names
in a delightful glow
an endless thread
from a timeless bed
where Love IS talkin’
to be the cause
because IT’S
the One
without a clause.

~I’m not done with you ;)
It’s true.

I give thanks
for the fuzzy snuggles
from them too.

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