daydreams adoor

while we work on days to be seen…
”… we share
a very wonderful dream …”

it would mean
global leaders
coming clean
pulling back deals
to push an ideal
about working
for what is really
in the people’s
very best real

“and yes we’re due
and yes we expect
the very best of you”

hey mac…
“there is no deth”
and zero deal
if you ‘steal’ it
it’s the least
you can do
to truly know it
...that’s the only
way it works

“a pope stepped up
and called all monks”

it’s not about land
or what where is who
it’s about a stand
that’s taken
called “true”

”…to do lazy
as the Romans do…”

is to do a bit crazy
as the cornballs did
and play a little hazy
on the game boards lid

so I
got ‘busy’ with it
and danced my gig
slowed it all down
and popped a hood
had no idea
whereto be look
but took a Chance
and cracked a book

“the core
be in legions”

as it is all ways
to be heard before
a song from a cord
comes for a score

“and peering close
there too
be no knows
if they’d not verse
in an overdose
of friendly verbose”

...whoa! in a truce!
a robust and a
lasting trust

“to build a burger
in such an order
as to burn a bush…”

is to guide a collar
in such a way
as to turn

a tush…


”…it’s MY brain we’re in

“there’s a corona on the stella”

”... she served two
and just had one…”
before ten.

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