the bulk

“it’s about the bulk”

the hulk? I said?

"know..it’s green
and it’s unseen
making chase
in the outer space
it’s not a plot
she says a lot
but I did watch her
as she marked four
habitable and
worth an explore
hospitable and

so I watched more"

the quacks a chuckle
he said

giggling sheets
and then in a flash

“there is a deal
the sense!able”

Katos guards
the Entrance…
two begins
a romance

Thoth is hot
and so is the cat
strings vibrate
to recooperate
and the dowsing
was done
in the showerin’ temple

it has a tempo
and it just
divined a rod
two lips
said knowing
“welcome to the 'hood”

level two…
~and the bubbles moving…

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