This is a Job

”...for Thing 1 and Thing 2…”

Once came a doctor
in twice his shoes
calling on a cat
with a hat to show
"buckle up now"
as the honey flows
a time of dance
has come to Chance

we've just jumped in
to a rabbit's romance
where Sally met Nick
when a little Fish glanced
at a mighty bright ball!

Adventures ahead!

"ask politely
for a bird
of his word
and answer
he might, see
with a
as a cord"

"shrink of me Doodle..."

the nectar *is* special
in a honey.nut.stroodle

"welcome home...
ease onto the oodles"

my ThingAmAjigger
takes a kick to boote
;)~ he said.

so hears the funny
in a sack of Jones
next he met Sally
as a man name Bones...


"Martins go to grope"
so for this they fled

;) x

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