wtf are you?

"... run the report please..."


and that was when I realized what they eat.


I stood outside looking at the moon
wondering now if then was too soon
what's the name of Creation come
what's a god if a creations undone
and what is
human if it's creation becomes....

she wonders
if they know what they've done

I stood outside looking at the sun
It might have burned my eyes
had I not run
to return my stare.

wants to know
that it's here.

"... okay, she might be able to armwrestle the technology bit..."
"... let's try that one..."

oh please let me stear the comet...;)


so taking a look
the girl sat down
and read that book
she glanced a trance
while she fought the romance
wondering how a sun can dance
and the numbers do
just seem to know
how they go

but this might take
a god to show...

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