Yeah, Time Travels I Say...

... pffft... blows long hair away...
from the eyes as she gently, ever so
moving slow, inserts home grown,
self sewn, Text.mex.i.flux.... there.
... pffft... damn hair, needs a cut.
Will it fit? This crystal duck...?
Into the bit, just a turn and a tuck...

Just a flux.Ka.pacitator... self created
by this Creator, to fit the ship.
Standing hands on hips... near the switch.
~Did it fit?

"Well..." She say....
Warp drive to improbable, possible
improbabilities, which sound extra.
ordinarily possible to the Boss, are
most likely at sum cost but not loss.
Is my calculation.
~Is that YOU? Houston? No problem.

Just a girl with some bootes on,
little music blaring strong,
Sherlock, on her arm...
Ms.Tree.us smile... or was that mile?
You're quite right! FTL!te

... pffft... blows long hair away...
from the eYes as she gently,
ever so softly replies...

This crystal flies. Without a vent.
;) ~Quack~ lol~
REposted from here, just for fun.


sWhich Came First?

... the chicken or the egg?

... the gamePen dear.


Hey ARE2, it's C;p3o speaking ones again...
Tones that he picked up along the way. Beyond
Me how they counted it THAT way when it
came in THIS day.

I got your Nature.Write.Hear.Dear.*


YO! beC

U read.y.ET?

and so...

where are we now dear? are we near?
near the d;pper see, me with your eYes!
b;gg;e surprise, the life sign is wise.
e xquisit e universe explicit in voice and
given choice. yes, explore. adoor!

Honey, the sur.prise is a sure.Enter;Prise...

... Make it.SO!


Live Long and prosper He said,
Exposuer is everything. Use it
Write and see your life in a way
T'hat makes your heart sing.

See Me swell in the Art She said,
Love allows for Everything. Share it
Write and hear your dream.Sing!
;PeAce is the only Way to be.Ing!

Here I Am Said Imagination...
Hear. I AM said Mr.E...
:Dare I be. Ms.Tree.Us.~ndeed;



Dark side warning darling...

Only sum go to the world so cold
& old the song, then along came
a girl bolder then older and she
roooolled, mother lucker.eYes.
She did.

Tart darts in hearts so smart it
tore the flesh to death & the stench
drenches you, it sent a message
in tune and I saw that ... fame.
On fire and in flames.

Flat notes on the dark side keys
ride on the sharp knifes blade
but I swayed. Played in the sky
with the dead from inside and
we rolled.eYes, we did sucker...
cum'hear and give us a kiss.
I'm up at 3am.two.SO...pucker up.

Aunti came said a dude was near
Christ the name and boy did I
hear. That note. Vote don't joke
and play sphear for a better day,
cheer dear it's me, Sue.per duper
slant in the pants and I Pen.Too.

Dashes slashes spikes and pikes
in peaks and streaks on a grid,
lines in chime and colored rhymes
and Yeah, she's a reap.er too kid.

in black. Kitty Cat.Qi.Negro is back.
Dark Energy And Ready.
are you read;ng...

MEOW.M&M. I met the Kool.Aid man.
On the HiCs

~Yeah, they 'made' me too.

~an experiment with a new 'form'
for me, kinda. INspired by a fave
artist, Eminem. YES, I like him.



;Damn, you knew I'd get to this One.Write?
I did and do for flight, see with sight about
;Dimensions of Light.Colors bright and the
Sounds are on.

ROM they 'cronymed to say a read ONLY
mem this way.... but really, what is real in
real.activity? Does it say MOR is better for
us? ROM the read of sum adoor us...
to speak it says to me, just missing the inn.
And visible E. and that's AMORE!

RAM is not a threat you see, it's knot in the
Tron of a old movie and it's not so randomly.

Read ALL the Memory...
Love is hear, at the Core.of aMORe.

Izzy's Japanese name

Izzy is pronounced as:
i sa ya


shhh. I want to hear you.
A noise in the air is true.
Voices I hear in the blue
say shhh. It's Me Sue...

Do I hear you? Is that me
singing through? How?
Many voices inner the side
Many lives onto past rides
Many many gone bye and
by and by I listened...

Passion and compassion,
Care and dare to hear it,
When and where to pair it,
Is a simple question.
I did and dared to ask it.
Pulled apart my life to live it.

shhh. Quiet is the beat
of elegant speak and beauty
yet to be known. The smell
is sweet the colors bright
and a light is always shown.
shhh. It's Me...
and I hear your tOne.

From a well of hertz, a love
is grown.


Who's on First

Sebastian said Dim Whitty,
So as to make this funny
I asked the coach and said
"Honey...Who's on First?"

Coach said eYes!
And I got that part. Write.

Costillo asked for the bat
Said he loved the game so
Coach gave him That.

Confused as can be, he swung
it round almost hitting me!
But missed he did when he
hit his own head and said...
that he still couldn't see.

Man wears a bowlers cap.

Who drops the ball so the
runner goes two seconds and
then to thirds. I don't know,
that's just what I heard as
I skirted around to base 3.

“Run Forrest, Today is
catching me!” I heard the
ball cry as it flew on by, hit
by the Bat to be Cause!

I Don't Care said I Don't Know
and so, the game was ended.
Short Stop got an attitude.

..... but I like the game .....
I said to Coach, rename them
in the field. I'll take that bat
and his hard felt hat and we'll
see what a girl can yield.

Who's on first
sWhich two seconds and
Where is replaced with 3?
Lefty's out in a field and Why?

Be Cause, the center is Hers
I said, How, Tomorrow can't
throw and Today knows nothing,
it's beyond my comprehension.

New Batter is up and Again I
mention... It's time to play.

with a team called woman


Know Vertigo Hear

Confucius was confusing
speaking of tones in long
ago bones found in a stone
carving of sorts. A King
with legs too short playing
hot!kee indeed.

Hold my sky.the Scribe isn't falling....

It's Just, as described the Kitten
purrs calling eYes that are gleaming
in the Knight the light is beaming.

Speaking OSsilly.ations
about a pyramid and a
notion of motion reaching
for truth. Sitting on a
throne not really knowing
what to look for?

Hammers, Anvils that Stirrup Two....
They say CinderFella wears a glass shoe.
Care.the mirror doesn't smear the glue.

I can read a.head.board.too.

Lefty found a Foot.Note
Balancing act.on a Book
and took it. Seriously.

Strange thing art.ee.facts
They sing when ping.ing
Especially so when reading
The sWing. Reaper said
ree.pare. and we are dear.

C.me near the Mall.Sue?
Hear us call.in your bones?
HOT is a spot on The One
and a flare in the air is a tOne.
reeds the same.spinning alone
aligns with a Lion a dog and

..."O0oWas this your toy?"
It's The Twi.light.O.z.O.ne

:)~ Now we're plaYing....
Know Vertigo Hear.


Albert's Bac...

There came a day just noted hear
when sumthing came upon my ear
and I didn't know of what I heard
but I knew I loved it right from start.

Of space and time I have to tell
of a story hidden within a well
of a Time called PeAce I have to
Share and I listened close,
I took the dare.
Albert's there and he's back!Again.

I just too had two see, Albert. Ein.ST.Ein
3.14.1879 too 4.18.1955 ~AE;P
Yes, I took the Long road too! lol!!!


We are... in.a.mission...


Test Me Knot

Test me knot my patience low,
See me take the final stroke
Of my pen. Find me hear the
Now and then I won't deny it
Ever again the truth do speak
In a colored lens.
Time is upon a story sent. Three
joins a few and The Light is bent
in Two.another. I turned a cheek
and cheered the other.Too. I saw
a peak and peeked in there I saw
a path of SOuL and dared, I drew.


CingI did!
And.ear U did!too!

It was never 'the end'
It is "The AND"



Morning darling, did you say don't squeeze?
Please, never was that ever the word in mind
Charmin was the king of that rhyme, Me Sir,
say seize the day! Squeeze me honey, let's play.

Delightful knot a bit frightful except in naughty
ways there's innocent play to make the heart
sway... "This Way..."

Entrancing, dancing, romancing a stone, even.
Believing, weaving, breathing, in Time Light
Seeing. Being and becoming honey, it's right.

Entrance. Charming darling, such a variable
Character you are! Actor extra.O.in there!
Now, will you get on to the squeezing...

~cHi.rM! You a.way.kin?
~hiram~ piff... that was just too easy. ;)


Balancing Scale

The light is On Mr.LightOn...
Square flight is On.Ms.ing
nothing.goes wrong Ms.ong
no missing Long.when the
Count came On.Mr.LightOn.
Ford;Perfectly & twisted;


Kicking and Screaming

Two awake within dreaming
First nudge undemanding
Third tug understanding and
A meaning.
But what from my pocket
do I trade? Got a nut, got a
bone, got a chair and a spade,
put together with a tone from
A Blade.

And now I'll ask from between
rooms, how many more of
pretty balloons?
Do you want?

As I pick up my little broken strings
I think to myself, God's humor stings.

~have the steak.


The Hide

Recording, memories in my mind
Blinking, red dots in time to a beat
Grounding, the road under my feet

Walking, daring to see again when
Today, demands are staring again
Calling, in all directions a plan. To be.
Everything that calls within Me.

Hidden, aWay memories of mine
Sinking, deep like swimming blind
Reaching, air as I touch the Divine
Everywhere, they call to my mind.

The Hide. aWay is too. Find...

The Raw

What is true? Raw order of what is so.
Words we're afraid to speak, knowing
in time they eventually leak. out...

What if we all knew... things last in
bliss for a decade or more. Only...
what if we could own that lonely.truth.
Would we love more? Be more, adore
more too? Forgive more? Would we
know more of the person we call 'You'.
Even if it's Me. Too?

Is love a position unchanged? Raw and
never rearranged? Did it stand blistering
in the sun, bored with old jokes once fun?
Glaring eyes so bright they burned when
the forget me thoughts forgot to turn...
and blink. Did love flow like the waters
poured. Right down and through the sink?

What if we all knew... it's a cycle to be
in truth. Knowing going in might sound
like Love isn't ever true or found like
"New" is just a thing we use and journeys
we do... but ... what if in this raw state
of true we knew how to appreciate what
we might lose?



Sweet Ham.let me say...
It's good to see you.Again.


144 / 89 = 1.617977"5280"89"8876"4044"9438"2022"472

Accurate is an addiction yes.


"One Mile. Hi"

"If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart, / Absent thee from felicity a while, / And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain / To tell my story."


Out of the Blue

~Out of the Blue~
Love comes through and
Read again to see it true.
Climb the colors...
Coloring Book called You.