The Raw

What is true? Raw order of what is so.
Words we're afraid to speak, knowing
in time they eventually leak. out...

What if we all knew... things last in
bliss for a decade or more. Only...
what if we could own that lonely.truth.
Would we love more? Be more, adore
more too? Forgive more? Would we
know more of the person we call 'You'.
Even if it's Me. Too?

Is love a position unchanged? Raw and
never rearranged? Did it stand blistering
in the sun, bored with old jokes once fun?
Glaring eyes so bright they burned when
the forget me thoughts forgot to turn...
and blink. Did love flow like the waters
poured. Right down and through the sink?

What if we all knew... it's a cycle to be
in truth. Knowing going in might sound
like Love isn't ever true or found like
"New" is just a thing we use and journeys
we do... but ... what if in this raw state
of true we knew how to appreciate what
we might lose?

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