Kicking and Screaming

Two awake within dreaming
First nudge undemanding
Third tug understanding and
A meaning.
But what from my pocket
do I trade? Got a nut, got a
bone, got a chair and a spade,
put together with a tone from
A Blade.

And now I'll ask from between
rooms, how many more of
pretty balloons?
Do you want?

As I pick up my little broken strings
I think to myself, God's humor stings.

~have the steak.


Lola D said...

Hey chicky poo! How are you doing?

Perfectly Twisted said...

Lola! I'm always doing better when I see you. :) Love and hugs dear, all is well... even when I don't always think so. lol! How are you???

Mary Anne Gruen said...

I love this latest group of poems! Especially this one. "Got a nut, got a bone, got a chair and a spade..." But the final line is the kicker..."God's humor stings."

Ain't it the truth!

Perfectly Twisted said...

God's humor does sting MaryAnne, but it is what it is and so ... :) We cry a bit, learn a bit more, move on in better ways once the dust clears. Hugs and much love my friend.