" be "
anything we want

" so long "
as we’re good

and we’ve past
the point of no return

" we know now "
of better ways
a head

and that’s a perrr ;)


in the beginning...

when there was nothing
echos made images
of god’s reflection
and having seen us
so removed before
the having hurt us
in the looking for
and upon a sound
rocks were formed
and upon a round
a sky was born
and in between
a planet spun
upon a settled

it was there
we began


an end
to the end

it came when
we weren't looking
and came again
and again
to a place
near begin
it was there
where days seen
are the means to be
something as nothing
having substance within

apocalyptic are the stories
two end.

come again as
not the question
are the quest we're on
and stop to listen
are the mission
given long

as a
in poem
rhyme songs
of times there go
delivers to hear show
through which of a switch
type knowledge starts flow
of messages within
charts channel
hearts desire

the fires of struggle

" what doesn't burn you "
only leaves you fine
yet the mind must
to be more

the invention....
an imagination's core

didn't miss the concept
of a door ;)

"so to slide is a good thing "



settle down
crack up, crack down
break up, break down
backup, back down...
and settle up

1.  Dear headlights
2. "show me how"
3.  to see...

the collaPSE

and before you do
let me show too

"ashes two wash"
industrial dust
from a slice of pi
just is
for us to do
(knock three times...)

stop being so emotive
you smokin' sun of a bitch...
and come find me ;)
like I know you
know how



" oh look who's listening "

wonder what the suns been missing

" are there echoes? "
I hear echoes
are there gecko
... oh!
where geeks go
" are they ours "

... truth returned ...
they're mine d;


izzi's rabbit and pi

holy worms whole…

a good movie
is real in disguise
playing Torah
where the
taro lies

A circus of balls
in halls…
just are

" hey there "
all the men called
" square plays"
with a means
to sway them…

“screw archimedes”
it's this way then!
there’s the wink!
it’s today! again!

hard to be rich
without giving
so in the garden
during eve
came a living

“to begin six days”

has returned




yeah, I shook hands with it back in ‘007 over french toast and coffee…
damn stalkers, they’ll show up any ’ol time here and there, sometimes anyway.

" Mr. Smith… cello, dear? "

the iphone was a great toy and the keyboard in it was fun but regardless,
I saw the shaking hands as he showed me images of it’s kind.

don’t be afraid Mr. Smith, I won’t hurt you… it’s only coffee…

but I will say the next time you show up for New Years Day unannounced I won’t be buying breakfast again. I play instruments too and so the polite thing to do is call first and while I understand that’s not a stalkers way, it must be in this case if you insist to maintain these relations with me.

I’m just like that.
And make sure Rattcliff’s driving again please…
I like the color of his cab and I’d like a better look at his shirt.

" James, I told you… 6726 and so I wasn’t kidding was I ? "

to this day, he can’t stand that I told 'him' he was about to loose all that money and he didn’t listen. twenty plus years playing stocker games and at the height of it, he meets me, the number slinging anomaly.

who knew those little nano.bit.lets listen to people called ‘me’…

I was just guessing at constellation numbers ;) and writing poetry.

" loads a pistol … "
creme with that?

my name?
Neo… please…did your money really make you 'better'? anyway?

and what is love

if I don't add...

" I hope you haven't really been eating the corndogs "

nations gap

what in the nations and
where have all the people gone

“… maybe they’ll see
it’s a shit hole and fix it …”

here’s the issue
that’s the issue
you’re the issue

be specific.

knot the understanding
to say of commanding
states of demand
fate the hand
upon a land
as a bat
can be

" maybe they’ll see? "
better hope if they do
better is the best fit
observation brews
because the truth…
goes like this

what’s shit is shit
and what’s in it
is shitty too
so where in
the world
are you
to be
if a we
saw they
being this way
knotting ability
of better liberties
trying to continue and
try not to interfere with
what’s there in play

you might be in
a shittier way

" it’s a jungle in there "
bare and dry without care
when the wood chips fall
and you know that’s all
there will ever be…

so untie your shoes
to be the swim
in " see "
take a dip
in the upper lip
and make strokes
a striking key!
do more
than you think
you can be

is the easy part of
… we are we …
the people hear
and we care

be a sport
" hand over the games "

be part of whats fit
forward motions for it
as if we don’t
and damage
this “shit”
it won’t
how much
farther better
is to be as the planet
can't afford compassion
for those who break the ’ship

" today is it "


"move it..."

... the moon ...

waves waves
move it move it
pulsing beating
constant being
" pistons "listen
move it too but
this is mention
less than so ons
more then none
so cause to be on
core is one…
velvet kissin’
neons liquid
lucent ‘swhich’
is on….

“madatgascars” ?
;) me too

so move it move it
race is on and
on to score
the do of doing
some of knowing
saying playing
touring showing
ways of days
to be alluring
hoping beats of
glisten pour on

" the VLT "
liquids more than
tricks of boring
snoring toying
say for tuning
tweaking peaks
of silver lining
finding fine in
blinding lines
shake in quake
of taking leaps
make for sake
a lack of sleep
and jumping

of the bumps
later on…
“back it up some”

it’s what’s in store
tracking shore
a cinch adore
on " seeing "

~ the moon ~


mounts dragon

charmed for sure
the lure of a ride
strides forth
onto pure back…
the cure of a hide
seeks for sides crack
where they’re seen
and for some the
" come to here "
was just for fun

" and now I remember "
why I came too