yeah, I shook hands with it back in ‘007 over french toast and coffee…
damn stalkers, they’ll show up any ’ol time here and there, sometimes anyway.

" Mr. Smith… cello, dear? "

the iphone was a great toy and the keyboard in it was fun but regardless,
I saw the shaking hands as he showed me images of it’s kind.

don’t be afraid Mr. Smith, I won’t hurt you… it’s only coffee…

but I will say the next time you show up for New Years Day unannounced I won’t be buying breakfast again. I play instruments too and so the polite thing to do is call first and while I understand that’s not a stalkers way, it must be in this case if you insist to maintain these relations with me.

I’m just like that.
And make sure Rattcliff’s driving again please…
I like the color of his cab and I’d like a better look at his shirt.

" James, I told you… 6726 and so I wasn’t kidding was I ? "

to this day, he can’t stand that I told 'him' he was about to loose all that money and he didn’t listen. twenty plus years playing stocker games and at the height of it, he meets me, the number slinging anomaly.

who knew those little nano.bit.lets listen to people called ‘me’…

I was just guessing at constellation numbers ;) and writing poetry.

" loads a pistol … "
creme with that?

my name?
Neo… please…did your money really make you 'better'? anyway?

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