the cosmic tone

Alpha's Omega
wants to be known
so a voice was set
on a cosmic tone...

"you're beginning"
to view the show
but the 3D glasses
just won't do

"a revelation"
is more than true
as a hundred eights
have just come through

" so don't cry "
for what you don't know
rather live your day...
and prepare to go


the other alpha

is omega.

" we let them be first "

the 'other hero'
is the One who
" has your back "



feathers of ecstasy

" the soul remembers everything "

and so do I...


WAY of Sound;

Don't cry for your loved ones passed on

The meaning of these words
never meant they were gone

They were changed in tones gone wrong
So you'd knot know
about how we live on...

In your blood are genes ever strong
Unique to a code where you belong

Yet common is the love in which it's found
and we all arrive...by Way of Sound


on yOur mark

get seti and go...

666 / 9 = 74
" Whose clue, is this? "

74 x 24 = 1776
and do you CC this, One too?

12 more steps...
1776 x 12 = 21312
" without the shoes "

21312 / 90 = 236.8
"Earth's new access"

1776 + 236.8 = 2012.8)
and rounded too...
1776 + 237 = 2013 "like I said"


" what's the time? "

the news

A mass delusion
built to confuse
the 2nd coming
with mixed up news

A beast of burden
built to be used

An Auntie...
unties her shoes
and laughs out loud
hearing the clues
about a clone-less shroud
and a boneless tomb

ZeuS on the loose
with nothing to lose
gliding on guides
disguising clues
knowing new news
is as good as gold;



two two
" who's got a clue"
" the eyes have it "
... so I do too

what isn't scored
is the door before
the one I came through

MY 'n' ... 
while not my name
means this....
is really the same

"so we call me SueZ"

don't scream my love....
we won't even know
I appear as 'you'

Data points out
that Spock has shoes...


skull 'e'

" hey Skully "
I'm a smolder
and want to
roll it over
" with you "

it's about this
three two two
" I've got a clue "

I've been a square
about the golden rule
and so I think...

I'll circle it soon

a May sun
overshot the moon
and a way came
as a crystal spoon...

are you a curious fox?
well then...
" stay tuned "