My Okra.sKin...

Hi biscuit, you’re mighty and cute
So acute in hearing that I’m spearing fruit
Perhaps you didn’t know, I’ve lived in the South…too.
Entertained a name in the halls of high school
I thought it was cool, even back then
We were Rebels

Trivial this trivia of mine
Confuses many versed in sublime
My Confucius IS confusing
As are my rhymes butt
So what if they are
They’re just in my mind
Xposing me in a Leonine wind
(out of the skillet and into the…?)
bhindi, also know as a gem

... we banter in Bantu, know?... KinGumbo?

Layers of players in a game of purr suits
and sLayer the Dragon thought I said suite
So he booked a room and waited for treats
Derelicts were there as centurion scribes
Bricks they made while recording tribes
Bows they carried low and to the side

... On a long coarse
I watched the hoarse-men ride.

Primus asked and the filly said hey…
Ask again in the proper way
Cute doesn’t cut it, the Cupid had to say.
Especially, if the gravy is grey.

”...oh look Vincent, it’s your lobe dear…” ;)


Creature Comfort

a creature i am
hidden far away
darkness around me
in the guise of day
swimming in matters
of colored chatter
viewing life
in a form of water.

“what can turn the water to wine”
“a current flowing from the base of your spine”
Creator’s comfort
returns from sublime…
Created a creature
that it called Divine…
yet what have we done?
but labeled it ‘mine’.


"... and the Indian Sang, but we heard no song?..."
What have we done that could have been so wrong?

Good intention paves a wave but
Knots a great notion which we enslave.
What can we do asked the red and white shoe
"...Let them loose, they belong to the Blue..."

Oceans are aware that we are here
Holding captive what they consider dear
Precious voice comes from the deep
Speaking songs while we're in our sleep

"... you think you understand..."
Orca sang in the distant lands
Poor puss of a man...
Purpose came from desert sands
It really is, out of our hands!
Don't we get it?
"... we don't own this place..."

entry. 1248



The answer said Dancer
is a dash in the EAR.
Included and counted
all around with great care
Cherish each other
is the message in stone
Written in Space and Time as One.
North said to South
WE love in between
South said to North
It's time we be seen


Compassion with passion
is a curse of choice
Wearing thin
by each burning voice
How do we ‘win’
if we choose to ‘whine’
And where does ‘begin’,
Begin at the vine…
eyes cried out
and hands went reaching
searched the verses
for deeper meaning
desperate stares
in darkly places
replacing smiles
in once bright faces …
how far do we go?
energy exchange
of the mind is game
doing for others
as yourself the same
but what of ‘them’
when the smart do teach?
what of ‘them’
who refuse and beseech?
what of ‘them’
who feed on care?
what of ‘them’
who pretend it’s fair…?
... stand up, I agree.
repairing yOURself,
doesn’t being with ‘me’. ..



why they asked…
for a certain number
did anyone compare
it made me wonder
why do i hear
is the primary question
how who didn’t help
created the answer
writing far and wide
with my eyes inside
seeking help i did
from tribe to tribe
... including my own
but it wasn’t their song
and so I search on
“can you read this?
only 55 percent of people can…”
the eyes assume much
of what’s in between
did anyone ever ask…
where the letters have been?

Ms.chievous Banter

Ms.chievous Banter, my mentor
has various suits and of one is Centaur
sent as a.line in the form of She
light as the sand they came to be
watch carefully…
Horizon aligns and a Lion is fire
The sun wakes up a hidden desire
Past and stow they cracked the bell
Passed on last but it’s not to tell. William said…
Ms.chievous Banter came then to my head
she woke me up from asleep in my bed
whispering words she knew I’d say
noting notes she knew I’d play
gentle one, her lips began….
lent on two, all across the land…
gents of three, on a mountain stand
enter hear. For rivers dance….



who are you that are in my mind
better step up or i’ll buck sublime
entertaining now for short of three yar
pretending and tending to the numbered car
built a burger with a bundle of bones
the lion go neon calling Nicholas home…
was it a cat i saw or a question mark
how many Indian were in the park
did I find a pebble and was it sound
were the red balls square or were they round
what is the coil around my arm
and the shape of light in the eye of Storm
k, you. tell me when I was born…


love your anamana gram ;)



redder and clear the letters came
same as before yet changes name
leaving dates to mark the time
lines across a cross of course!
sips from the hips of a love never lost
reading the lips that glide on frost
can I build a carpet and say we’re late
or drive real fast and land on a date
the eternal brew of a tee quite right
is gentle when we can see the light
per and pur the kitten asked
making sure she’s heard at last
i scratched a patch into grains of sand
turned a quest!on mark to form the bond
i see your lines have crossed with mine
i’m the inn between degrees of sublime
and i’m testing your best with the least
of my mind.
come forward and put forth your rhyme.


Yo ;Doctor...

Snaps Dragon, to open the door
"What time is it" ? Said two short four
Got the crystal so I can see you duck
Decoding the names wasn't just my luck

... I'm Brilliant! she said...

As the lights flickered on
Stone angles moving angels
by a River's song
And saved to disc
Before she was gone...
His name on her breath
To prove she'd been found.

North of the pole, don't stand in the light
When the shadows cast two, the world isn't right
Earth was her name in a woman's form
"So time was moving backwards" but not any more.

Smart said Darth but you're not the same
"...it's Time my Lord, the time has come..."
Take the watch that's not been open
Name the face that's not yet spoken
Make the bond that's never broken

"Hello sweetheart" ... it's You, I reckon.


Buddhandmade Themaskus

Roads that lead to Damascus
Crossed the Buddha and asked this…
What would make of the mind
A change to peace over time?
And what would make of the wind
To change from an end to begin?
Jake’s awake and riding the rails.
Silent flight in bright details
Reveal the real has cleared the veil…
A Buddha made a mask for us
Ask… and it speaks a riddle.

Six Degrees

Degreasing pans can be so time consuming…
I learned to view the lats and longs
singing in the ping of the iChing songs
my platypus is ringing…
altitude seems to be rhyming
gratitude is the road to knowing
that latitudes are there for showing
what there is to be and hold.
I see the old plots of gold
and they bore me…
stories of destruction deploring
so much so they’re rewriting
and if you’re naughty yet nice, inviting
.... but it takes a big ego….
don’t get lost. ;) when driving.

Sing a song of six sticks
All lined in a row
Flip along with three pix &
With three we’ll know…
How to Be Good.

Broken spoke and shoke the rhyme
Toaked a bowl and squeezed a lime
SOLids came and the EyES did open
She picked the six perpetual notions
Motion came and the Oceans calm
Spacific remains where it always belongs….
The First Book.

Dear pipE
Little Ms. Long Stocking…
wearing stripped socks darling
a dear in this color of red
stripped socks go well in bed
White sheets in the brightest smile
Warm feet in the longest mile
sweet treats from a tricky girl
who can fly a car all around the world
...chitty chitty is not a shitty shitty band.
bang on that gang.
Ganges angels build with seven angles.
Norma measures normal MOtiON.