never guesses

... while some just need SPacE


the human

the human race...
to wHere?

we are

we are not alone
we are not all.one



it’s an order
of a sort clutter
a distorted luster
on a contorted user
an amuse
of the best guess
or was that a guest
whose prose was less
and more desirable
in the condemnation
of a plate
the mention of higher
in the color of slate
a state beyond fire
shows in the glow
of a heart felt desire
the air of a star
shooting far
now as loud
as “wide”
is to bar

a domain named


"...the devil knows..."

…how t.row

“so which, way’d she go”
the devil looks
and feels for gold
in faces of the crew
a pale lady knew
what she saw
in the glen
on the land

an isle once lay
on the shores of man

“water water, every where”
knot a drop for drink
and a want for care

“what she sees…”
the devil stares

and the question is
of a nature unseen
and a leap unknown

four the rimes
an ancient came
appearing on time
making sounds
the same

you can “here”
withe me now…?

“on the bridge, number one”
we’re moving the moon…

devil in the details
made a midnight, noon



the mayan
the mason's monk
sat quiet
at the base of a tree
he watched four seasons
making note for reasons
of what in the future might be

a message
in the eucalyptus
a flying bear
a ship in the ecliptic
and a temple
at the base of aware

the mason watched
as the moons went by
making note of a meaning
as to blue in the sky

and a cat in the hat
read that as she cried
the purpose of found
in a heart untried

the owl......

sights to see
what he sees
in her eyes

their pages began
... with a how
to say hi ...

out of time

"she's out of time..."
out of her mind
seventy two are
a number sublime
and a twelve
by itself turned

water to wine

"she's crazy"
is not about lazy
a summer haze
and the days
gone wild
springs a sprocket
and the storms
are mild

a magician sang
to catch me
if you can
in the isle of man
there doubled
are the sounds

"... and the she
is quite
all around"


new jobs

a fix in the mix
and it works
this time

"be well"

watch dog....

howls a corn god
the owls on fire
a sirene sang
for words desire
so the games began

the axis fundid;
is one and the same

a match date mate
requires a flame
"an amaze"
is just but a name

clear form

cryptic a dialectic
this script is
in it’s specificity
it’s electric
and a test
of the manifest
to be destiny
in it’s mention
of intentions
and becomes some
and when some
of the intended
are around
it detects us

selected found
the nominal
echo comical

“… smile
you’re candid; …”

and laugh

we’re in good form

“quadrants clear
... I think "