"Check.My Flow"


Acrobatic Math.e.math.matics???!

She protest with a turn and a scoff.

What does a man know any how
who's a freak of the books with his brow,

I'm so sure it's just your poor
Rat of tat.4.TIT.rut.e.cut.e.cus
Making you a bear to this platypus,
But ding dong, I swim in the air!

Your Tacitics need some work
in the facts.faticus.platypus...

I sent you a memo on a note in Time
that was twice your dial.a.Latte ON
MY dime! even. But still you heard
Leviticus with a phone that said HE
was to call? Then you took my ball?

URr ridiculous. I heard the call.

My dates and my rhymes might
puzzle you, Confucius and fiddle
your fuzzle too, but that's just becoz,
You're a nerd in a doze with a formula
of arrogance up your nose. So there. ;p

~You don't really think it's ME I'm
talkin' about do you? lol

I'm the scribe.... she bats in a lash...
while twiddling her riddle of cURLs...
It's the Joker who's playing the Girl.
I never even finished college! :D

~and your name is Ford, Write?
~ Yes Perfectly SO.
But I'm only on page 69
And since you didn't wait for my
rhyme, I made up my own Time.
\@@/ rolls her eyes...
a Man was to call? Yeah.right.
As she skips thru invisible light...

"you just wait. til I get back..."

~Hey, do you got the remote for this
MindStorm? Trooper?


Earth's Heart

... is what we hold in our hands.
And this is the message.
We're to Hear it.




Albert E was clever see
I sleep right by his books
Complex to read indeed

They are but in a dream
They spoke....

"...know dice..." he said
while in my head as upon
a pillow I lay.

"Worlds in Time, share a center door"
were the next his words would say.

Leo.Leon held back a song
but just and for a while.
I saw him there but knew
as care a means within a
smile. So I waited a while.

"Head Count"
was heard
and then they laid out in
beams I said were pairs
and no doubt...
"KNOW dice"
IS what he said.




I remember...


a Kiss...

Written there in the stone of light
I read a line that changed my sight
Near my worst of deepest fears
Eternity whispered into my ears
~and told of a kiss. instead

Sounds of breath and locking eyes
Intense exchange of soothing sighs
Rhythm moving hips into thighs
Lips part and wet tongues glide
Reaching tasting passionate eYes
~it said this kiss, could stop a mind

Cheek to cheek in a sensual speak
Sharing secrets of where to touch
Daring teases of a mischievous kind
~it said this kiss, even stops Time

Forget me knots whisper hot spots
In rhyme and fluids move the wind
Nature thrills in waves over skin as
Delightful feels from deep within
~it said this kiss, was real then...



tell the tale of all our lives
and while some things change
some remain ever the same
smiles shine through revealing

seeing the believing of a thing
~where do I know you?
sparks of hidden doors inside
the echoes of time in a line of

exposing the feelings meaning
always there revealing a truth
~ the same in age and youth
deYes... the eyes are

Ever staring caring loving eYes.


Secret Garden

Behind the gate my garden grows
where it hides can be only known
to those, who choose the finding.
Release of mind leads to mending
in the fence near the walls ending
can be found a key to be true.

I share this with you, be.Cause it's
knot the way there, is a clause in
the finding, is a path narrow and
winding vines grow slow and low
to the ground around trees of such
size. Memorize the way, know the
sounds and clear your eYes...

Enter tHere near the new bee hives
know, they'll make know noise of air so
listen in heart and care as you dare
approach the Way.

NewSeoL grows Here in the Day.
And lightly steps through quiet tones
Make the budding bushes shine and
in the beams of sun that appear, is a
Stone written from aGo, in rhyme.

Feel too for the sound of ChiMes
in the wind they'll scent the path.
Go below and beyond the glass, of
Time, be.Cause there is motion from
know motion in the Mind there.
Hear is the way, to the Garden.


To When...

Where do I go when I sit at night
Eyes closed and in sight the dark
Between two folds of a glowing arc
Eternal light it seems of a dream
Living loving caring beams breathe
I believe and carry on to sea
Feeling knowing Love, it is true
Eternity lives in the eyes of You.
Later on...
To when I've gone and come again
Water filled towers of Time and then
Over the mountain a crescent door
The valley opens to the ocean floor
And sounds are tHere of a When


Thank you...

"Way back in time, before writing was even invented, it was measures and counting that provided the armature, the frame on which the rich texture of real myth was to grow."

G. De Santillana &. . H. Von Dechend, Hamlet's Mill.


"I .... kiss the tender inward of thy hand"

~Shakespeare, Sonnet 128



Do You Remember...

Do You Remember...
What it will feel like to love Me?
When we touch what we'll see?

Where the stars will come to rest
Upon their place in Heaven's den
And all of Time will begin again.
Do you remember?
Do you remember Me?

My voice I set to travel Time in
beams of light I left a rhyme
and then I waited. Eternity past
and came again when the stars
at last returned to Then.

I walked a park upon a Spring

I felt you there before we began
And then I saw you. On a tablet
of stone I found know crickets
and the sound...

The Sound.
"...what's your question..."


My Name...

"... do you have it..."
"... it's broken in two..."
"... give them to me..."

Away through screaming light
Air brushed eyes blinding sight
And the earth moved.

Over the shoulder of my Mother
A doorway shrinks away as I look.
Trees moved the sounds of Rock
and the green leaves parted.

There at the stream we drank
and rested before we moved on.
My mother cried as she said his name.

Then she called me Ford and said
"Your name is Long."

I'll Call

"...where are we going mommy..."


Through crowded streets past fish and feet
Around the hen picked up near men
Under the awning and around the fruit
Past the begging blind man's suit we went.

"... Doctor..." she whispered.

And set me down my feet to the ground
Then all I could see were shoes.
Mommy has boots but the doctor has none.
Just ten dirty toes shine through the sun...

"... please..." she whispered.

Picked up again and away to the dark.
On a rooms cold floor that smelled of bark
I was set to sit down. But my head hit ground.

"... do they know I'm here..."

The light angled back and shrank to small
as two knees moved the shadowy wall...

I looked on and heard.
"... I'll call..."

Near Dragon's Shoe

Barely two and I saw you
Down below near Dragon's shoe
His eyes were dark and yours too
Reaching between the bars to see
I stretched my arm between the steel

Elevation of determination was true
Almost through the bars to you...
But then...You looked.

So did the sun the blinding one
and I swayed and the air went thin
and I prayed reeling between the bars
there and barely aware that I...
was falling.

Through the stars between the dark
and into the center of your eyes I fell
Yellow flames burned red the smell
and a tender voice whispered tales...

When I awoke to my Mother's tone
My back was upon a hard cold stone
And there you were...
Still.Near Dragon's shoe.

A Long Time Ago

.. in a Name where do we come from.
... who gives the Name before the Day. Was it mother who called me this Way?

The love in her eyes as she cried and said a Name... Left it burned into my memory for all of Time.

Compassion at cost is not a fair game, she said...

"... your eyes ...are his and you mine..."

They never made up and the story not told Of how a Love was born in a summer of cold.

Dragon came and sang my Name...
A Long Time Ago.

Eyes of Stone...

Traces in the lines of a face
Carved in stone to mark the place
Left in Time is a sacred space
To be found in Rhyme.

Yesterday I went to there and
Saw the eyes of an Elder's dare
Drawn in rock with Chaac and care
Were the echoes of a Time we hear.

Old with dust and yellow the glow
Where desert sands were once the snow
And water spoke the secrets shown...

I saw faces in the eyes of stone.

Come Find Me...

Time past and past forgotten
Seasons changed for the wanting
Then looking over the Mountain
I saw you...


In A Space

... they left me.

Tore open the fabric of a tree and they left me.

Quiet in this place in the soft wet silence of another race they left me. Hidden between a Time and place between the legs of youth's embrace they left me.

Bore the pain of Lightening's sting as the fabric came open then. In blinding sounds my life began in air and here is where they left me. Given Name and path to go between the Years and Times to grow they left me.


"... I'll come find you..."

Make Up...

They never did so there was I
Left so young to wonder why.

Asleep doesn't mean we don't cry.

Where Are You...

"...I came from very far, a little known star..."

And I don't know what to do. Searching.
Always searching for You.

Stepping lightly past each Avenue,
Reaching deeply through.

Allowing eyes to peak inside, I expose the Me.
Come feel and see.

Wake up.
Where Are You?

Drawn. Last Knight.