"Check.My Flow"


Acrobatic Math.e.math.matics???!

She protest with a turn and a scoff.

What does a man know any how
who's a freak of the books with his brow,

I'm so sure it's just your poor
Rat of tat.4.TIT.rut.e.cut.e.cus
Making you a bear to this platypus,
But ding dong, I swim in the air!

Your Tacitics need some work
in the facts.faticus.platypus...

I sent you a memo on a note in Time
that was twice your dial.a.Latte ON
MY dime! even. But still you heard
Leviticus with a phone that said HE
was to call? Then you took my ball?

URr ridiculous. I heard the call.

My dates and my rhymes might
puzzle you, Confucius and fiddle
your fuzzle too, but that's just becoz,
You're a nerd in a doze with a formula
of arrogance up your nose. So there. ;p

~You don't really think it's ME I'm
talkin' about do you? lol

I'm the scribe.... she bats in a lash...
while twiddling her riddle of cURLs...
It's the Joker who's playing the Girl.
I never even finished college! :D

~and your name is Ford, Write?
~ Yes Perfectly SO.
But I'm only on page 69
And since you didn't wait for my
rhyme, I made up my own Time.
\@@/ rolls her eyes...
a Man was to call? Yeah.right.
As she skips thru invisible light...

"you just wait. til I get back..."

~Hey, do you got the remote for this
MindStorm? Trooper?


Mary Anne Gruen said...

"Acrobatic Math.e.math.matics???!"

Indeed! Without a doubt.

Perfectly Twisted said...

lol! Hugs you Mary Anne, I can't even believe anyone read this! Who makes up words like that right??? ;)