I said purr kitten….
the power switch is ‘on’
come on! what’s wrong?
no hum on the main.frame
strange, it’s arranged just right.
ancient antique of technical technique
tweaking geeks turn up the strobe…
probes and probes of robes flick
flick flickering licks of pix, can you see?
hearing in the clearing of the keys?

X marked a spot but the box didn’t talk
She sat to hear why and then she walked
This way… out of the flame but a
Shattering light just hit the right frame…
So she pulled the blade. Lights fade
yet the bLinking LED remained.
”...its the same, as it ever was…”

if you’re bored then explore sum more
oddly open is a door in the floor
just under your knees…
can you feel a breeze?

;peer said the kitten
in her kitten ‘geek.can.ease’


DAO of Su

... those who “no”, don’t speak…
... those who don’t “no”... can do anything…

A mechanism persistent
Expose machinations consistent
With hidden truths…
Bits of Data Access the CRUD
Breaking it down into fluid roots
Morphotic frame.works to reboot


in the cloud...

is a place ”...just right…”

She reads the Primer, Rhymer…
You’re sub.lime.me again!
Storage is a porage of peas and
Oats are for goats he said to me
Any to any ARE many to one.
Simple complications abstract your fun?
;Delivery…Visualized… you see…
an Open Source is truly free.
and available immediately.
Sauce it up! It’s becoming to be.
You’re a flow of type object .IT
Helps the self to self.discovery.


Strange Talks


Yea, it’s like a BLT.


... know, they don’t pay you to be acronym…
”... you have to sling plates if you want to talk to the boss…”


Things become strange when the Strange become Things…


”... in sans of time, stands a soft truth…”



Can you hear the harp sailor?
A song cast to the sea where
Vibrating strings created a Me.
Eternal, and energetically free
Oscillating Springs a force of course…
Tell tale paths to a choice of Source.
The chordophone sings a newly tune voice,
Harmonic keys ring in a Summer of hours

”... fourPillars open…” four blooming flowers
”...and Trumpeter, what of the Lady’s pearl?”
”...her String my Lord, is a knotted jewel…”

”... they speak of Me, as if I’m not hear…”

“McAllistar… I can see your ear”
The Lady’s maid made a letter appear
”...she paints! I must have missed her stare…”


Perhaps in the member of our branes,
we come to exist by each others hand…
Matter isn’t so until it’s seen,
waving on by otherwise ‘undone’...
Inside my mind it appears you’ve been
Riding the waves of my hidden winds
I’ve watched you walk my corridors
I’ve felt you touch my walls and floors
Secrets play in the color and form
Recorded in places of a time before
Will you find them all…?
My lives are long and I know you see
Secrets of my birth before eternity.
Cradled in my arms… you exist in.Me.
“Welcome” said the Tempest, She.
"Do you know, where you’ve been?"



Kin, I am but one by the fire
”…U are in all…” came a Chime of Wind
”…Two complete a circle…you must begin…
We’ve crossed and we’ve crossed the Great a.gain.”

A girl stepped forward and out of her mind
Spinning moments to minutes in days to find
Positions are relations in Super Possibilities
i make know sense and as I do, we’ll see…


IF grapes are wrath
and grail are cups
IF arcs are boats
and tales have pups
IF stars have stripes
and striped are coats
IF funny rhymes
and money floats
IF popes wear hats
and bees make honey
IF a cross to bare
is One to Many
Then a Ms. Contraire
has got your ear
and the question here
isn’t from ‘Above’.

IF to live is to love
and peace is a code
Then ala is a cream
and becomes ala mode

IF to mind is obey
rather then wind up for play
and a feather can fly in the Wind…
Then a Ms. Contraire
has got your ear
and the Question dear…
is where have you been?


Sticks... the Tombsmen...

"...sythe up... 7..."
"... ys the down... L..."

"swing batter batter"
"at the puck duck!"
"and duck Jack!"
"they play LaCrosse"...

"the NativeSport"
"updated, flexi poles"
"grow your own"
"if you know it, then they'll come"
... wouldn't you like to know...? lol!
I'd liked; to know too!

"pass the ball" ... dear. ;)



It’s my mission and I’ll go to battle
Combat the ideas of total destruction
Senseless statements cause desolation
Isolation and psychic depression
~Shake it off and see what’s missing…
Hear the Love of a Cosmic intention
It’s my mission and I’m here to mention
The story was twisted, shake it off and see
Growing in the Mind is a Cosmic Unity.

Mason told the Monk dressed as the Mayan
Put your eye in the sky and look to the Lion
Midsummer sun and we’ll see the day come
Put your Love on friend, there’s a fear undone
Stories will change, but then we’ll return.

Maya said to Mason who came as a Monk
Stories will be changed, but then we’re home.
Know the monK… there’s a peace to come.



Three to one five Equuleus
Delphinius waved to Me
Took a long time but glad to see
You ride the horse, finally.
On seventy two in a point degree
Under a cloud and on the Mount
after the calm came due a Count
near the palm they did agree
destiny strikes on a round of 3.
Infinity found a swan to see
Hydra spun a Six
and the Lynx is free.

Can you spell Delphinus properly?
With both IIs please. ;)

Light means Lit.

HiGGS... seriously...

5125 + 155 = 5280 :) smiles

155o x 1200 = 186000 SOLoCity
o55o x 1200 = o66000 MeccaHertz
156o x 1200 = 187200o MLC



Easter April Eight. tw.Entity.Twelve

Challenge knots this song I sing
The Jesus came, saying ”...this way, come…”
Thinking thoughts that had come undone
Changed the game of Many to One.

Fates of Date are standing defiant
Gates await but they’re not reliant
On the bow of my ship, is indi.pen.dance!
A gift of Source and so I listen.

Come through the two, within dimension
Sees to the three who came to mention
“Use the Fours within” the inner intention.
Easters came and the Team is on.

”... the system is binary…”
inscribed on a tomb.

12.21.2012 Winter Solstice
04.08.2012 Easter
08.13.2012 plus One to begin. A.gain.

08.13.13 X 3113.80


Twelve Tw.Entity One Twelve

Fates of date, three stand defiant
Put your mind out there, be independent
Planisphere, a.round torrent of current
Twisted the plate, said an apparition.

Get a.board mate there's a mission
Hostile attacks make insecure intention
Blindfolded backs do labor to mention...
It's not at all about to end.
The Begin began and we've crossed,
and crossed the Great a.gain.

Three in the sky as Venus burned
Speared the eYes as a Twin returned
Boiling the points at sea we learned
Misunderstanding is a blend of kind.

A binary system renders the mind
TWO, they said, as a spiraling wind
TWO, they said as a pair, will come.
A zeon light at the Lion's thrown.



Terrific switch of moods  
Illumination of the Day Flame...  
Long stroke, Destiny.



...that knows I know you're talkin' to me.?

see.... X

Xtra care in the Rocker's Lair
Exotic, intoxicating elixir there
Slinging sweetly, words of dare. ;)
Everlasting, I can see and hear.



The outer edge of my mind is brooding,
Steaming, bubbling in ways not soothing.
Outraged at the mistakes unfolding
Out of range yet an anger growing
And better to have you listen….
‘Cause, the message I mention is potent.
Delivered to those in the notion
The outer limits of Source I reckon
Are poised to deploy the great Oceans,
If and if we don’t hear…
There’s a Care we forgot to endear
Watched from the outer most sphere
Burning hot with their spots in my ear.
So heed and make speed to attention…

We owe it the Clean of a loving detail
We’re held on the Means that we prevail
Bread to make right yet wrote that we fail
Spreading fear over years as a ‘no reveal’
OutrageUs! they staged us and hid the Real.

So let me flow within the stream of a wolf
and let me show what dreams can expose

“Four those… there came four more”
“Exposure through the open doors”
“Make it right” They said,
at the close of a Night and a wake…
“Make it write” They said,
to begin Second Flight before the break
They said… entourage... clean it up!

entourage… ‘enter.our.age’ a better place we should make it. less mistakes like the ship that breaks… over the coral… it’s not okay.

entourage ...2. surroundings or environment


written 3.16.2010

”... are you the Reeper?...”
Know, keeper of the reef rather

”... a school of fish, taught me to see…”
1000 days in the Milky Way

Koi you are, coy, the realest deal by far
Buddha with a tale, sun kissed by a star
Hidden in the Mangroves of a Mango jar

”... is this better butter honey?...”

”... it’s your play.mate…”

”... check the coral…” they said.

...this hurts us.

Sometimes, there are just no words... and this is why I 'listen'.

Great Barrier Reef rammed by Chinese coal ship
“Australian officials are attempting to minimize the effect that oil leaking from the vessel might have on the world’s largest coral reef….The 700-plus-foot vessel leaked oil into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park near Great Keppel Island off the east coast of Queensland state. (Australian Maritime Safety Authority / April 4, 2010)"