pyramidal primordial elemental
essential sentient Omnipresent
Omni.scientifically potent OM
of Mind we call rhyme.
And you came.


Writes name




I’m a loan
in the interest
of grading
on the wall
sitting lifeless
in waiting
the stalkers
bare tones
to push mating
what they say
is ego inflating
to bull over
an echo insisting
that resistance
is a thing

in the market
of the spirit
are the times

ever mixing
worldly labors
with a mind

what waste was
want is as you
own mine

and I’m a loan
of the same
a long odd
most thought
might not come in

is not my name
yet here I am
go figure...

time to start

something borrowed
isn’t blue

cosmic coal...

in the face
of cosmic coalitions
there is one

for the future
of our kind
whats the fifth humour
the fifth element

there are two kinds
those who know binary
and those who know how
to work with it

"call it in"
... who
are you calling 'it'


My Reply ...

George ol' boy
great game today
it was just
and a write
to banish the way
things could have been

I saw your art works
they work the same way
and my heart works
they create it too
what it s all about
volumes ...
what it all amounts to

" open wide honey "
it's on the money
and right on
the Ising

" you can read this "
and its me who
can reply to you

" so you know
it's not a copy "

cup cake darling
I'm awake and happy


let me guess

… no bet
one dollar …

in a world of distress
how’d you guess
an owl can be
on the make
" to take it "
and have a ball
with the nerve
" to deserve "
it all…

what a mess
if we can’t confess
that a roast
in a dish
is a funny
on the bones
and a honey
in bear tones

“three eyes”
to see you with
and a pair of lies
to scare you with
where boundaries
in the sounds
of disguise

“was it slight?”
what she said
or was it a write
to call in
what you paid

let me guess
it was in the lines
that you thought
you’d lay…

a soccer ball

a soccer ball
bare feet
cans of soda
dare sweat
elevation from
firm mention of
gratitude… it
Has a name
in sinful bliss
joy is a wish
know it well to
love “a dish” and
move a tush
near a pokey brush
open to a crush
promising much
questioning such
ravishing pushes
as to sell it…
and watch
to know which
universe is …
very fly

what?and then
x said to y
“it’s just me”

laughing bone china

" .. . not a joke
nor a talkie. .."

but a walk
and a talk
in a dark place
we call life

" . .. so delicate
and so real .. ."

it wasn't what
you think
but rather that
you didn't blink

" ... it just wasn't me
to let it be ... "

and so rather
I choose to learn
and earn the pleasure
by "feeding" on you
for a change

feel good?
and oh good god
did you get
like a bad chip

yet another wonder
where not a snicker
came from down under
his collar
the 'pure' bread
and a jelly spreader

I don't think
he likes to holler
yet I ... do like
to sink
and by instinct
when earned
what surely
can be read

the dish
can't seem
to spoon

"... and so fine ..."

the question iz

what humours my mind


a sad state of being
in the face of seeing
how we could
butter and buttons
are boring
the sky is of thunder
and pouring
sheets hanging
blind to soaring
ghosts of the past
keep sour

on a soul
what you think
you know

old demons
kicking and screaming
old meanings
licking at the dream

“I want to stay with you”
dripping from the beams

butt whats really sad
is the pleasure I’ve had
watching what bursts

“come Grover
it’s but a clover”
and they’ll never
really know what I mean
oh dear gabriel
from heaven he fell
with a stuffy hello
a broken halo
a choking cough
and a
smokin’ colfer…
it was just
too much
for the king

my robes eloped
probability spoke
and a heal me
was all
he could sing

“they wanted that wheely thing”
I know

to say the least


Dogon it!

Vogon Jeltz... reading poetry
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxyz.... what a ball ;)

Vogon Jeltz….
come on down!
welcome to the games
are u new to this town
and say
whats news is around
who’s tube is sound
and what the heck
are you doing
with a boat girl?

James the gorilla Gillray
wants to know

it just started to show….


and of lytt

dogs barking at
bogs darkening when
gods parking his car….
chariots of fire are like desire
feet never know where they are
fleets in the rain are by far
better than a heat in vane

alls hip

tall ships top hats
the chariot wears a shoe….
the biga a triga is rigged
is better than a quad
or two
hold on to the brim
top cats gonna dance
in a motion of spin
the invention
a construction
of lytt
a carpet
is about to ignite
as a wave unfurls
a wind in a cave
can be heard

call the rain
dogs barking
center of a park
and in the dark
is a spar
of the brain

“your madd hatter”

welder said to tell her
… he walked the whole way


evenly odd

evenly odd this pair
testing two test
my aware
“yesing” to muse
my amuse
easter is wrestling
with mice on the loose
and resting just are
two dice in a shoe
trice as nice
is too

“I dont count cards”
but I do
count you

600 years

I will be
Six hundred years
It was a test too
See without fear

And soon
A 'settle' means two
Levels amuse
What a muse is to do

"the odds are even"
high five at noon
cheers at that



for you…
my beloved night
to hear you see
“… edges on the galaxy …”
have a seat dear
its been a long time…

twinkle twinkle little rats
ride the night
starboard at that
a mess in math
near the mizzenmast
wish’n for kisses
while the bosun casts
a call to the glory
for a rodents most best
“clench a wench!”
and promoanade
doodle a deck
in a poop deck way
“long haul on the bowline”
honey… ;)


within two hearts
one sets apart to hear



words linger in mind
a shape scares crow
a form worn blind
a crown upon thorns
to be heard…
those who have crossed
do know

hell of a…
show! show it
the show!
must go
and so going on
two across
a constant
waste not
what wants a soul

“remember us”

dogs barking
just want to ‘go’…

it’s bigger than this
so I’ll be back…
dishes and all

my kung fu

“… and in the dream my friend
two foot prints fell to the sand
showing how I carried
what you couldn’t stand …”

and then I said…

“… yes honey and please…
don’t break the rice paper …”

hopping grass dragons fly into the sky
cane liked it sweet rice cakes on his feet
venus and mars like to fast cars
as the oil became scarse
ying blamed yang and cain killed able
pan played his flute while sitting at the table

so dramatic
rats! a dog star
calls to blame able
formidable cable in cars…
scars are fast healing sitting
coco on the bella
is a rightly sweet fella
“looks up, trice even”

flute player… indeed ;)
ring on my thumb

scar tissue is always an issue
ho hum bella drum coco pops
rat pack rat race rodent place
able calls sirus twice as nice
the thrice of spice sits on the price
evens and odds is the laws of sods
earth goddes gaia set pan on fire

koko pelli mana
consortas not us
dessert robber fly
thrice is a great band
evens are odds
where you stand

“… dont take me so
SiriuSly …”

serious spice like mana from heaven curiously cinnamon

the fire works…

"... a slow wind
penetrates the mind ..."


dont speak?

“dont talk to aliens…”

what do you mean!
you’re one of them
speaking through
the machine….

“so what’s my name…”

oh steven…
ha! you’re a king…cup cake ;)



“… you should act …”
and so I did…

cast to cast
master waster
the last past

“… keep it
moved forward …”

barishly bodo-garo

love the patterns ‘pam’
… but obvious …shhhh

where are we?
in the freakin’ twenties… and not slipping. :))