laughing bone china

" .. . not a joke
nor a talkie. .."

but a walk
and a talk
in a dark place
we call life

" . .. so delicate
and so real .. ."

it wasn't what
you think
but rather that
you didn't blink

" ... it just wasn't me
to let it be ... "

and so rather
I choose to learn
and earn the pleasure
by "feeding" on you
for a change

feel good?
and oh good god
did you get
like a bad chip

yet another wonder
where not a snicker
came from down under
his collar
the 'pure' bread
and a jelly spreader

I don't think
he likes to holler
yet I ... do like
to sink
and by instinct
when earned
what surely
can be read

the dish
can't seem
to spoon

"... and so fine ..."

the question iz

what humours my mind

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