Demeter Dear

Am I early?
Curly whirly Sue...
Created me and
The Redhead too.

Sunshine the line,
Her fingers typed,
EnterWine d eLight.
Return to fLight.
On the Right Time.
Founded.The Kind Time.
Love on.Time.

".....Demeter is easily confused with Gaia or Rhea, and with Cybele. The goddess's epithets reveal the span of her functions in Greek life. Demeter and Kore ("the maiden") are usually invoked as to theO ('"The Two Goddesses"),..."

Thanks. Too.
Paper mache plays a big role in the Mexican version of Christmas, which goes under the name of Navidad there. The traditional festivities involve a so-called Piñata for the children. The piñata, which is made of paper mache, is crammed with a variety of goodies. The children have to break this paper mache piñata open while they are blindfolded. Once this is accomplished, the children dive to collect all the goodies they can pick up.

GoodeeS GoodSea
as what it can be!
matter. only
ever changes....


Whirly bird...
Early birdy...
Little BaTMitten.Kitten?
Catches the worm... but SHE never ate it.
Ophi, you see, said wait til Three.
Merry, this Maiden...
energized.... ;)

Like in a code of MorshMores...
~DeMeter is THREE.d;

Gratitude, the Attitude, for Healing our Waters. Inner, Earthly too.


My Fantasy

Seven draws and a scene is seen,
Eleven drawrfs and a wicked Queen.
Told the tail of a Cat un.been.
~And where have you Been???
Chest.higher proud kitten,
Grinz fire and Winds all giggling.

Suppose it's right, just like Light
and like the light it shines, right on!
Never fear, no sandmen here,
Just fun in the sand at night!
Sky falling? Who.ya.kiddin'
That story's just a myth.See...
People don't read it, if they can't feel it
and the best way to play is BE!

And you've been. My fantasy.
Story.In Full Color. ;)
Remember me?

Why couldn't I, just now figure why
my rhyme seemed so un.mine....
There you are, near my jar,
you freak in the frank.ness.Ein.stein.
SherLock you say, her Spock is day
Light in her flight and here's the right
Knight looking back and forward she say.
~She's Lefty too, by the way....
Swaying is only while playing, but Bobby
Fisher, knew him well, played his
chess in the day and tell. Then her Pen
and tell her again, while she sway in her den...

Don't move. Until to see it.

There's a groov.E
Way to be, it.

Sum it up and you'll know it's right.
Slowing down, speeds up the light.
First flight...when the fingers write.


I share with you, what I know.
I learned away, my love did show.
In times dis-pare, Frustration stares.
Anger builds and minds are filled,
With thoughts... and like the wind,
Given room to begin again.

Pressure builds the blood flow fast,
The ride is on... hold steady your last,
Breath of air. Know your heart...
And what lives in there.

It feels quite right, insight to hear.
But know your heart...
Where you've been in there.
You'll face it straight.
Never hesitate, take time to know.
See yourSelf, head on to grow.

Navigate, express yourself,
Your heart will cause your move.

When the Winds are on, all things are.

~We've Reached.The Operator.
~One upon a Star.T

~All things.WANaFeASTAble!



Reach for me,
Two each,
In story.WE
are HIstory...
Who's hurry.
No worries,
Life is here,
in the onside.
What a ride.
Special in heart.
Twice as smart,
Discovering art.
Do you hear,
The Wind there?
To each... teach.
Share yourself.
Give your know.How.


I've Ben

... I'll say, AGain,
What might.T big eyes you have!

On the Quarter, there is a dollar.
You saw that there my darling daughter.
And on the dollar, there is our Father
and In the Trust, we did do.
Look at you.

...To the Mountain, she said,
To the Mountain you lead,
My eyes which are A.hew.
...To the Mountain, she said,
Near Vally, River Bed,
Red Rocks, she said,
They turn Blue.
Know, She said too...
A Bolt in the air,
Can you hear the hum there?
O.My.Ears, can turn the Tun too.

I've Been... You.

BoSon, in the air.
BeSun, I heard there.
Dare One, I did DO
Mr.e, I've been You.
You saw through.

Vine, see?
There, near the Sea?
Know, in the Tree.
Duh, the Vine I be,
In the Mountain, Tranquility.
On your Canvas,
You've been ME!

DragOn! Naughty song.
BeGon! was heard on.
Never beg, She laughed,
at the dawn.
My pet.
With My Name.
You bet, you can play.
You've been...
Playing ALL.O.Long.!!!