the message...

the message
is "this"
hot is a flame
on an inside kiss
so hush your name
and remember
to wish
upon the stars

in abandon
with me
"you really are

my ecstasy"
a fantasy
as real as destiny
whispering words
in sync to be
bodies of motion

efforts less easy
so "let go"
and be a way
with me
set your mind
to the light
as you sight

tranquil and
perfectly free
is a sensual
massaging metal
into flames.......
hush your name
and just be

my game

is to re.move
and kindle a flame
in the groove
of in sane

it's all okay

my hands
have your body
in gentle sway
soothing soft
an ocean away

as know motion

slowly knowing to say
"just be ...."

refreshingly spent
you know my intent
is a pleasure

to melt
the soul
"touch me lots"
I want you to know....
it can be

come as hot
as glowing coals
in a burning stream
of dreams
into liquid means
our bodies dance
embraced in trance
penetrating sound
surrounding around
and your pulse
is sweet

so deliciously sweet
in time to the beat
of mine

so the message is
just be in "this"

it just is.



be still
be comfortable...
and relax with me

"... slow down..."

your eyes gentle
you're in this with me
and nothing matters

I suggest
"I suggest a massage"

as tension shatters
and your thoughts
fall apart

I say yes...... you can
be and just rest
in this
and you can
...... just breathe

your chest rises
as you fall
completely to peace
muscles loosen
as you drift
through a

and then a ripple

at the base of your spine
follows thought
having come
through oceans of mind
lips speak
in the silence of rhyme
.................to carry you
through the space of time

now breathe up
from within
a visible wind
and when nothings left
I'll be the one you find

so go deep
and then deeper
"and be deeper in me"

a light body's soft
you'll come to see

"... let go ...
to be a where with me"

the hardest part
of this flight
is free...

shhh..........into my eYes
on three

a whisper works

in non gravity"


Dr. Livingstone...

"... it's kinkstone, I presume..."

Alice pondered
what about the why
she'd come falling
into a place
from times before
shrinking to think
just to grow some more...

"... it's the hat on the cat ..."

she was sure like that
and all the times before
but couldn't remember
just how she knew

"... rabbit said it's late ..."

is it this to be a date
and if why is a question
so then what is fate
and if this is to be
what it is to be late
then why is rabbit
even rushing to see

"... about destiny
and what of the King ..."

as approaching a moat
Alice hears the calling
standing on heads
unjustly boggling

"...eYes wide..."

she began toggling
a shifting of feet
righting into light
the timely beats
inching to be left
but then in a rift...
she stopped
at the white of his eyes

"... clear form ..."

it's the same
impossible thing

"... it's been read
Queens a wonder
why the white
Queens thunder
came in the guise
of a head..."

something about a raven
who's seen been savin'
some time as he shifted
"she shifted" the eyes
"and the guise"
to be lifted....

"... it isn't really bad for you
if you've been listening..."
said absolem...

"you're so much... muchier"

I had to shift
your vision to be sure...

"I still like your bracelet"
still licking it you mean? ;)~


the dish

is the spoon
and acoustic
is the mirror
you'll be hearing


first of all...

" new world ORDER was not what it said "


The new worlds OLDER
than we think.

" sees the day "
like a light ahead!

U Too to...

YO !

"bet me, the pope's Smokin'"

"you hear?"




~ lefty writes left and righty writes right

"one red and the other blue"
leaves the green lines, all for you... ;)

"who me?"



"turners hot"

It said "legs" ;) yes it did.



picasso en la casa. take 2

Organized collection of data
Splayed open in the meta
I played jokingly Alpha
It was a riot of type Beta
”... Time to test the schemata …”
Painting a picture pure
Tables related undone
Mental re.codification.On
Reason clears the horizon
Sunrise surprise modification…
Interface driver recollection
Spectacular calculation
Stored and passing inspection
Lines designed for flexibility
Waves of water transparent…
Currents of Lito come urgent
”... learn it…” He said…
So Pablo started in Madrid…
Cubist stylist consisting of Time.
He was their favored Rhyme…
”... shields to test the mind…”
"A slow brush, penetrates the wind."



you foul and disgusting human being
fucking madham!
I'm gonna leap... mhmm... that's right.

two test 1

"... you can never ever, not ever, eat my cats, not even the small ones this time...."

mhmm... do what 'she' says, they left a huge fucking statue and three pyramid for desert, what else do we want? "sphinxster"

"swimming" charlie

are you still "winning"?


it came

from the sky...

hot headed I bet
hedgehot at that
moulders boulders
are green
I wrap them in
silver and sheen
they're on me as
skryptactics ;)

"only the very,
very best"


hey, Chicago...

"....I'll be back for you...."



bar! fly! my love
with just your arms
in the sky and I'll
shred this fabric
to show you why
you've come...
Shed in my eyes
you did and
left not a trail
for a snail said
tare us apart and
light years of art
was a never intent
the burden of a weight...

heavens mad
as hell was spent
saying OH! God!
it's YOU! again...

carbon credits
unaware of when
a carp on debit
became a deal em
can you feel 'em...
spending thrifty
with the nifty gifts

"shop" honey it's a drop
funny money on the pun

"... you're a good sport..."
courts a cat's cool suit
never mind the car
it's ajar at the door
squares are fine
in a riddle of time
did you crack?
what? or up?

"...you changed a mind..."
it's a compromise dear

"...jaw..." stop gaping
ESP'n wasn't just
"for men"
roll over and say it again...
Sam...i am
the lady who
said thanks
you've just been
here in a week of mine
"sun" sonny side up
ham? ;)


stuck us…
in a cane of chorus
rhymes align
beat in lights
of pious….
“giddy up
the temps are hot
and the service
is porridge
teas in a pod
don’t really bore us
but the able in body
do just adore us
~ gob smacked an ass
and at last amore us!
seen backin ash
is a fiddler’s Horus!
Sphinx didn’t ask
who was ‘winning’ charli…
but it only did ask
for a drink… “duh”
~ nabs on a horse
knot a donkey
gone fool us
flew through the sea
t’see a switch of course
was it a he ever known
as a howl in before us?
or was it a she ever known
as a hurl for sore eyes?
sheens the glass
with a guise on Polaris
and quite a surprise
for the many
who dared us
“shaulk in awe”
~ shall we drink?
lightening strikes
and the shadow falls
would be….
the instrument
of intent it calls
flying into hearts
and vibrating soul
delivering smart
in a spark
called “man”
an agent gone a rye
as it typed back then
~ and then yet again
what of a could
in the woods of
in the oceans of the wind!
floating black coals
on the plume of a mind
Ons why!
not a try
A “Poof!” said sexy
so go on man cry!
and say it again
and again!
for what
echoed then
not of a snot consuela
gone mad, Quinn
was rather
of a lather in things
and OH!
it’s GOD!
and HOW!
e gads!
not really and really
it’s true and I swhere
it’s just a dog in hell
and I saw him there.
;) oh swell…
hickory’s dickory
is a dear ol’ doc
so riddle me this
and I’ll twiddle your talk
”...not exactly a mouse…
winding up this clock”
I got a sprocket
if you got a pocket
and a big sh.tick
pop goes the fizz
Spock picked 1
glass of champagne.
beta that was
really great game.
twitterpate me hear
then hand over
thy name.

....keep reading....

"cuppa shaket!.... if you're able"




there you are

please sit
take comfort
in a thrill
look above
sight of line
if you will
pay attention

to my feet and legs
and relax with me
now lower your gaze
you are syncing

a sensational
sensual display
a simple mention
eroticas way
to suggest
“I suggest”
that you play

while relaxing
on my mind today

just breathe
and feel quite right
you’re doing well
nipples hardly
and tightly
just right
now reach
into trance with me
to dare embrace
a darken space
in this dance
with me

it’s very thin

the color
of my blouse

my finger pens
softest words
from the motion
of your mouth
my tongue extends
leaving trails
and they’re hot
upon your skin

can you feel me

as I suggest
"I suggest again"
biting slightly
and to the right
of your chin
that you play

my chair

can you feel me
the outside
looking in
when wet
if you care
to begin

I’ll count to three
and you’ll come

again to a where

It’s you and me
the oceans of air
we’ve been to see
and now
we're back there again..........

"just you and me"
in the open
on a notion
of our pen.