the message...

the message
is "this"
hot is a flame
on an inside kiss
so hush your name
and remember
to wish
upon the stars

in abandon
with me
"you really are

my ecstasy"
a fantasy
as real as destiny
whispering words
in sync to be
bodies of motion

efforts less easy
so "let go"
and be a way
with me
set your mind
to the light
as you sight

tranquil and
perfectly free
is a sensual
massaging metal
into flames.......
hush your name
and just be

my game

is to re.move
and kindle a flame
in the groove
of in sane

it's all okay

my hands
have your body
in gentle sway
soothing soft
an ocean away

as know motion

slowly knowing to say
"just be ...."

refreshingly spent
you know my intent
is a pleasure

to melt
the soul
"touch me lots"
I want you to know....
it can be

come as hot
as glowing coals
in a burning stream
of dreams
into liquid means
our bodies dance
embraced in trance
penetrating sound
surrounding around
and your pulse
is sweet

so deliciously sweet
in time to the beat
of mine

so the message is
just be in "this"

it just is.


mac-and-me said...

love this one

IzzyGumbo said...

thank you! :) I do too and I love the music... I enjoyed writing it.